Season 1 Episode 7

Suruga Monkey - Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 21, 2009 on Fuji Television
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After being badly beaten up Araragi goes to see Suruga to confirm his suspicion that she was his attacker. She then reveals that her left arm is in fact a monkey's paw and that it may have been her jealousy of Araragi and Senjougahara's relationship that lead to the attack. Typically Araragi decides to help her and takes her to see Oshino.moreless

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    Chiwa Saito

    Chiwa Saito

    Hitagi Senjougahara

    Recurring Role

    Miyuki Sawashiro

    Miyuki Sawashiro

    Suruga Kanbaru

    Recurring Role

    Takahiro Sakurai

    Takahiro Sakurai

    Meme Oshino

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • The yaoi books Kanburu has in her room are entitled Barazoku which is an actual homosexual magazine in Japan.

      • On the way to Oshino's place, Kanbaru mentions "being ready to take your 'Uke' any time." Uke and Seme are roles in male homosexual relationships in which the Uke takes on the passive roles and traits, while the Seme is the more active of the two. That said, it is rather peculiar for Kanbaru to use such terms, since she is suggesting what would technically be a heterosexual relationship with Araragi.

    • QUOTES (20)

      • Senjōgahara: For you to forget something I've handed to you quite this easily is comparable to capital punishment, Araragi-kun.

      • Senjōgahara: Did you get hit by a car or something? There's something over there that resembles your bike, which is now devastated, or should I say, rammed into the electric poles.

      • Senjōgahara: Think happy thoughts until you're able to move around again.

      • Kanbaru: I'm astonished by your delicacy in feeling hesitation upon entering the room of a girl you barely know, but that's probably not the best time to discuss this.

      • Kanbaru: You completely saw through it, didn't you? If that wasn't the case, then there's no way you'd come to ask about this.
        Araragi: Nah, it was just a mere guess. I did factor in your body build, outlines and your silhouette as well as consider who'd know about the study sessions with Senjōgahara and I. And I based my search on top of considering all those conditions. If you think of it that way then yeah,
        Kanbaru: Hm, I see. Nice insight. They say there are guys who can differentiate girls based on their waists, but is that what you're talking about?

      • Kanbaru: I'm asking if you can believe what you see with your own eyes.
        Araragi: I believe in nothing else but what I see with my own eyes. So, I've been believing what I've seen.

      • Kanbaru: Before I go ahead and talk about this, there's something I need to show you. Honestly, it's not something I want others to see. Even if I'm like this, I'm still a girl.

      • Kanbaru: For you to tell the truth behind this without knowing anything prior is nothing short of a Chosen One that stands strong even against the heavens, Araragi-senpai.

      • Araragi: (upon touching Kanbaru's arm) Don't spout out weird voices!
        Kanbaru: It's because you were touching it weirdly!
        Araragi: I'm not touching it weirdly!
        Kanbaru: I'm ticklish.
        Araragi: Don't raise your voice in a manner that would be impression-altering, though!

      • Kanbaru: The one who attacked you last night was obviously me, but I have no recollection of it for the most part. It was as if I was half asleep, or half dreaming. It's like I don't remember it at all.

      • Araragi: You're saying that you and Senjōgahara are the Baruhara Combo, and Senjōgahara talks about you as "the girl," and she said yesterday that she's never broken up with a guy before... Was this what you meant?!
        Kanbaru: That's not it. Senjōgahara was my unrequited love.

      • Kanbaru: I had heard she had fallen ill ever since starting high school. I had also heard that she stopped track and field because of a prolonging illness. But I didn't think she'd change that much. I thought it was just a bad rumor.

      • Kanbaru: I was hopelessly rejected. "Let alone as a friend, I don't even think of you as an underclassman. Not now, not ever." She clearly said that to me.

      • Kanbaru: You were talking with her quite intimately in the classroom. I've never seen her talking so happily, not even back in middle school. And with a smile, too! Do you understand that?! You were naturally doing something that I really, really wanted to do and had already given up on.

      • Kanbaru: I was jealous of you and disappointed with her. And I was on the verge of giving up on someone like myself. To hell with alleviating pains; to hell with keeping my distance from her... was I seriously thinking that she was going to praise me had I done that?! That's ridiculous! There's a limit to how hypocritical I can be!

      • Kanbaru: So that person is called Oshino Meme? Is "Meme" written in katakana?
        Araragi: Yeah. Although he's not as cute as his name suggests.

      • Kanbaru: Allow me to say something intrusive, Araragi-senpai. I think you won't be able to go into the real world if you can't even enjoy a small conversation with a girl.
        Araragi: I have no intention of going steady with sadistic girls.

      • Kanbaru: Alright, I'll let you continue on about whether you're on the brief-wearing or trunks-wearing faction.
        Araragi: I was talking about no such thing!
        Kanbaru: What? So was I talking about whether or not I wear panties under my spats?

      • Oshino: What's this, Araragi-kun? You're with a different girl again, today? You keep bringing different girls in every time I see you. I'm happy for you.
        Araragi: Shut up. Stop saying the same line every time.

      • Kanbaru: I'm a lesbo... I guess that was a rough way to put it, since you're a guy. Let me restate that: I'm a lesbi--
        Araragi: They're freaking the same!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Kanbaru explains that her "oddity" originates from "The Monkey's Paw," the title of a short novel by English author William Wymark Jacobs.