Season 1 Episode 8

Suruga Monkey - Part 3

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Aug 28, 2009 on Fuji Television
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Araragi takes Kanbaru to see Oshino who reveals that her left arm is an oddity known as a Rainy Devil that will eventually consume her soul. Although the most obvious solution is to cut off Kanbaru's left arm Araragi decides to try and defeat the oddity, preventing it from fulfilling its contract. However, in the end it is Senjougahara who ends up saving them both.moreless

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Aya Hirano

Aya Hirano

Shinobu Oshino

Recurring Role

Chiwa Saito

Chiwa Saito

Hitagi Senjougahara

Recurring Role

Eri Kitamura

Eri Kitamura

Karen Araragi

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Title cards in this episode show Kanbaru's oddity to be Romanized as the "Rainy Devil." In the previous episode, however, the term was Romanized as the "Rainey Devil."

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Araragi: (narration) In that paulownia wood case was a mummified left hand. It was given to Kanbaru by her late mother. The first time she used it was in fourth grade.

    • Araragi: (narration) A monster assaulted four other students who were in the race with Kanbaru. The next day, all four of them were absent from school.

    • Araragi: (narration) At the practice for the next day's race, Kanbaru ran with five others – all different from the previous four.

    • Kanbaru: It wasn't love at first sight, but after being on speaking terms for three days, I began to like her. Senjōgahara-senpai healed me.

    • Kanbaru: In the end, I didn't use it. At that point, I understood that my mother gave me the mummified paw because she wanted me to become a person who could overcome any trial with my own strength.

    • Araragi: She may have been able to solve Senjōgahara's problem by wishing on the paw, but she didn't. But a year later, Kanbaru learned of me.

    • Kanbaru: W-will you save me?
      Oshino: I won't save you. I'll simply lend a hand.

    • Oshino: First of all, there are two ways to handle this phenomenon. One way is to let the Rainy Devil kill you, Araragi-kun. The other way is... to lop off that beastly left arm.

    • Oshino: "She just wants to be with her?" Don't make me laugh. You're really too kind. So kind it makes me sick. Seriously, can you believe those sugar-coated words about "just wanting to be with her?"

    • Oshino: A Rainy Devil is a lesser devil, but a contract is still a contract. If she wished to be fast, it'd normally just make her faster. Does beating down her classmates make her faster?

    • Oshino: Araragi-kun, you're really soft-hearted, believing in the assailant's excuse and all. It wouldn't be surprising for her to be jealous of the man who swept away her beloved upperclassman enough to want to kill him. When she attacked you, it wasn't her wish being twisted. Attacking you was what she really wanted.

    • Oshino: You're close to your limit, but I still don't think you have a good chance of winning this fight... even if your opponent will only be using her left arm.

    • Oshino: If the devil can't fulfill the young lady's wish, then the wish loses its effect.

    • Oshino: Of course, even if you power up by giving Shinobu-chan as much of your blood as you can, I don't think you can manifest more than a tenth of the power you had during spring break when you were a vampire.

    • Oshino: Why do you want to save someone who's tried to kill you? Even if subconsciously, the young lady's taken you as an enemy of love. When you realized that it was her in the raincoat, why did you decide to listen to what she had to say? At that point, you should've blown her off and come straight to me.
      Araragi: Hating people is a part of life. I'll pass on getting killed, but if looking up to Senjōgahara is the reason Kanbaru hates me, it's forgivable.

    • Oshino: Just to tell you, once you go in, you can't go out until everything's over. The door absolutely can't be opened from the inside. And of course, if anything happens, neither I nor Shinobu-chan will show up to save you. Don't forget that.
      Araragi: Sure. And sorry to have bothered you.
      Oshino: It's fine.

    • Araragi: (thinking) Not only does the Rainy Devil's left arm want to attack me, but Kanbaru too?

    • Kanbaru: Cut it off. I don't need this kind of left arm.

    • Senjōgahara: Looks like you've been enjoying yourself. Having fun without me, are you? How unpleasant, Araragi-kun.

    • Senjōgahara: I shall certainly deliver ten thousand deaths unto you.

    • Senjōgahara: If you died, I'd kill Kanbaru no matter what it takes, right? Araragi-kun, are you trying to make a murderer out of me?

    • Araragi: (thinking) Man, you saw right through her, Oshino. You... even compared to a devil, you're such a magnificent bastard.

    • Araragi: (narration) Even though I of all people should know how greedy and how much of a sore loser Senjougahara Hitagi is, if it's something really precious, there's no way she'll give up on it.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Kanbaru dunking the basketball at the beginning of the episode is in reference to basketball superstar Michael Jordan's iconic slam dunk pose.