Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Season 1 Episode 15

Duel in the Desert

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM May 31, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Duel in the Desert
Dan and his friends head off to the middle of nowhere to visit Julie who lives near the Bukugan Valley. Rumor has it that this is the place where the Infinity Core is. Our heroes want to find it and figure out what they can do to stop the Core from spreading its evil power around the world. In essence, shut down Hal-G and Masquerade and ultimately Naga. After a short trek, they find it, but before they can continue their investigation, they meet up with Julie's friends Billy and Komba. These two challenge the Brawlers to a battle. The twist is, both Billy and Komba are aligned with Masquerade and they want to send the Brawlers' Bakugan to the Doom Dimenison. The battle heats up as Shun and Julie enter the battle. Both Billy and Komba are ace Bakugan players with incredible gaming skills and it looks like they're about to take the victory. Suddenly, Shun sacrifies his Fairy Bakugan to save Julie's Golem and win the battle.moreless

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  • The Brawlers finally meet Julie up close and personal,but sadness settles in when they see what's happening in Vestroia.Julie and Shun fight with Julie's friend Billy,the 9th ranked Bakugan player,and her neighbor Komba,the 5th ranked Bakugan playermoreless

    The episode starts off in a silly way when Dan and the others meet up with Julie for the first in person and decide to search bakugan valley for the infinity core.

    It was pretty boring when Vestroia was shown and was accompanied with the same story Drago had told them and was being shown over and over again.

    Things really heated when Shuin and Julie teamed up(they really made a cute couple) against Billy and Komba.Julie started off pretty badly but Shuin as her partner and all her friends watching,she was just getting ready to rumble with her bakugan partner, Gorem.moreless
  • In this episode, the brawlers meet Julie and explore Bakugan Valley then they have a battle with Billy, the 10th ranked player, and Komba, the 5th ranked player. Can Shun and Julie win and save their Bakugans?moreless

    This episode started off quite silly, but when they find out about Vestroia through Bakugan Valley, it gets interesting.

    When the battle begins, I think it's cool that Julie and Shun work together, but it's still a hard battle. I liked how the battle was won though. Gorem is powerful while Billy's chances at beating Shun were slim at best.

    An episode that shouldn't be missed. There is a moment when you might think a massive cat fight would break out. Runo doesn't like Julie flirting with Dan. A humourous episode so don't miss the next Bakugan Battle Brawlers episode either.moreless
Julie Lemieux

Julie Lemieux

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Stacey Depass


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Stephanie Anne Mills

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