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End of the Line

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    [1]Jan 26, 2012
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    OK, I have yet to watch this, the, gasp, final episode. What I'm writing about, though, is the crappy time it appeared here in Chicago! My trusty DVR noticed it coming on this morning at 06:00 (6 AM) on a THURSDAY! Why? Why couldn't Cartoon Network spare 30 minutes on its normal Saturday morning? On the other hand, they're most likely going to say, well, be gratefully we even took the time and expense to show it to you; you ungrateful viewers who aren't watching it anyway. OK, I'm upset and I really don't know what is going on or what they'd say. I can only see their action, which IMHO, stinks, as I feel the series deserves a better last time, time slot.

    Anyway, I guess we can use this thread to discuss the last episode, as well as, why Cartoon Network played it on Thursday at 06:00 CST (instead of on Saturday at 09:30). OK, for someone who says he loves the series I should know the time by heart, but honestly, its one of the reasons I have a DVR. In this case, I'm grateful to my DVR for I'd never would have seen this episode. Mentioning seeing it, I guess I should finish up here and watch it.

    UPDATE: Before watching the episode, I wanted to see what was so much better this Saturday at 09:30. Well, at 08:30 CST is a repeat of Friday's Star War's and at 09:30 CST is a second Johnny Test. Are those really that better / more important than the last Bakugan?

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    Just saw the episode and while it was a nice touch seeing the return of things we hadn't seen in a while like the power levels, the gate cards and the life points, I gotta wonder why they hadn't actually shown up through the entire season whenever they battled. By the way that the episode ended the series, I really hope that should they ever decide to bring the show back that they now pass the reigns to a new group of teens to take over as the heroes of the show, especially with what Dan and Drago said at the end.

    But on another note, is it just me or does it seem a bit hippocratic that it was preached about the bonds of Bakugan and human despite the fact that the only one who actually kept their Bakugan from the start to the end was Dan while the others either got a new Bakugan every season or just got rid of theirs period?
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