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  • Just watch the first season!

    The first season is awesome but after the first season it went downhill too many new characters. The rating is for the first season only.
  • It's not too bad, though it kinda went down hill

    I really liked the first season of this show, it showed that you can make something simple as toys and cards and make it a real life game.

    However the show went downhill with the extra amount of characters in the series. Plus some of the characters (especially Dan) were completely out of character.

    Again not a bad show, but the appeal kinda wore off...... I'll just stick with the first season only.

    Also no it is not a Pokemon/Digimon/Beyblade ripoff at all- same genre but different setting
  • You've got to be kidding me...

    The first season of Bakugan was freaking awesome. you have these six regular kids who are literally thrown into saving the world. They have no idea how or what's happening,but it's not good. you have this badass villain who turns out to be one of the female protagonists and than you have these bakugans with different personalities and quirks. It's fun, it's cute, and it's direct. You have a solid ending. Then it goes to Hell with the second season. They threw away some of the best characters. Alice? Oh come on she turned out to be the major villain last time! Runo and Julie-they were one of the six strongest people. There ranks were literally 1. Dan 3 . Shun 4. Marucho 6. Julie. Then they went and took 2,5,and 6 out the picture so some boys can come in and take their place? Ace? Mira? Bard or whatever his name was? No! Then the next season and it sunk deeper. Alice doesn't even appear and I don't think Runo does. By the fourth season I was done, I was like How dare they? So basically watch the first season and nothing else, maybe the season season because it's not as bad as the rest.
  • Gets worst every season

    When I watch the first season of this bakugan show I thought it was OK at least watchable. But then the next season and afterwards were terrible. What I thought of is bakugan gets worse every season. It's stupid to hear some random bakugan names what like colosis dragon what the heck name is that. The whole plot messes up season after season. Just one word terrible.
  • It takes "bad" to a whole new level.

    The heroes of this show can stop time. Sounds pretty exciting, right? It did, until I realised that instead of elaborating upon that (and the implied ability to walk through practically any substance), they make a lame Pokemon rip-off.

    The characters are one-dimensional, the story makes little to no sense, and there is no action, and even when they try making it exciting, they fail miserably.

    The writers clearly didn't even try, the whole show is basically a very long toy advert. I mean, I know it's a kids' show, but so was, say, The Last Airbender. Overall, this is a 1 out of 10. It would be 0, but I appreciate all the work that's probably gone into animating this otherwise steaming pile of sh*t.
  • Eh...

    At first, I didn't give the show a chance when it first debuted. I watched for awhile but just thought it was too stupid. Needless to say, I decided to watch all the episodes and seasons on YouTube last year to formulate my own opinion.

    To start things off, I'm not going to say it's a ripoff of Pokemon or Yuigoh. Yeah, they are similar but I just throw it into the "collectable toy anime series'"

    Anyway, the problem I have with this anime is just how poorly written it is (at least the dub anyway). I've seen a lot of shonen anime so maybe this is why I didn't care for any of the characters but I digress. I didn't like how one dimensional the characters were, especially the main character Dan. Also, the voices. Man, a lot of the voices were pretty bad. My least favorites were Runo, Julie, and a bunch of the villains. They just were bad in my opinion. Also the creature designs. Some were okay but they all looked like Yugioh/Transformers rejects (lol0. I just couldn't take them serious.

    Another problem was that the plots were way too predictable. Okay, maybe I'm reading into it a little too much but seriously, in like 2 of the arcs, the villains fought within each other (betraying and whatnot). The heroes didn't have to do anything because the villains would be their own downfall considering all the betraying and whatnot (most prevalent in the New Vestroia and third season).

    The only good I see from the show was that the art style was semi decent. Not all that good but not so bad. And the only characters I liked in the show were Mira, Shun, & Baron. Oh, I also liked Keith/Spectra when he joined the good side. When he was a villain, he was a total Vegeta wannabe in my opinion lol

    All in all, I only recommend this show to those who absolutely are addicted to anime and don't mind hyper cliches'. Otherwise, I wouldn't really recommend this.
  • An obviuos Pokemon knock off

    The show is clearly a knock off. It`s all about overdeveloped monsters and people fighting battles that really dont seem to be any more threatening than your next door nieghboor. There`s just barley anything original about this show when you compare it to Pokemon.
  • i love this show!

    i really love this shoe its different from the other shoes like pokemon or yugio if i spelled that right talking bakugan awesome and the twist that alice is masgurade thats awesome!!!!!!! i dont know what other people are saying you guys made the best show ever my favorite character is shun and plus i watched the whole seris its the best show ever
  • "From another world..." I really don't want to go to that world, then.

    Bakugan, in two simple words, would be: RIP OFF. The caps were necessary. For starters, the theme song stinks! (Not taking off points for it though.) Though I like the cut scenes that go along with the words, the actual lyrics are deafening. The premise is that 6 kids, Dan, Runo, Marucho, Shun, Julie, and Alice form a group called the Bakugan Brawlers. One day, cards and balls fell from the sky, and using those, kids invented a game called Bakugan. There is more to Bakugan than they know however. A evil Bakugan called Naga wants to rule both the world that people live in, and Vestroia, where the Bakugan live, using the Infinity Core. It actually sounds pretty good at first, and I was sold from the way one of my friends were talking about it. So I watched the first few episodes and got bored fast. Though I sticked around to watch the rest of the season, the plot sequences were executed terribly and it was incredibly easy to tell what would happen next. Also, it gets even more old when the first quarter of the season is just Masquerade's recruits trying to beat Dan and his friends. The plot in each episode is always boring, and I got the feeling that no particular effort was put into this show, and was just to promote the Bakugan toys, another one of CN's methods to rake in cash when they already have more than enough from Pokemon and other shows. The characters are terrible. Though the character designs are fair, everyone is shallow and one dimensional. Dan is the leader, Shun is the "cool guy", Marucho is the smart one, and the girls just scream a lot, little that separates them apart. And though I didn't particularly like any of the girls, (except Alice, who had a cool alter ego) I've heard that they get tossed aside for new characters. That's not cool. Even if the main characters do stink, you can't just replace them. One of Yugioh's best factors were that even though they introduced new characters a whole lot, they were still able to center the spotlight on the main characters. And the monsters. They don't look much more than Yugioh monsters recolored and slightly edited. Also, why do they stay in marble form? They're freakin' monsters! And for some reason, they can move and talk while in the marble form... why is that? And the so called "action scenes." There's barely any action in the duels at all, and drag on as pointless filler. It was okay in Yugioh because the duels were actually interesting. But here? Nope. Nothing about it is tense or dramatic, and mainly just shows what the character is thinking, and their next move. The few action scenes there are are boring, but still beat the dialogue.

    Ultimately Bakugan is not worth watching. Bad plot, shallow characters, and dismal action sequences. Don't watch it.
  • Rips off. BIG TIME.

    It's obviously a scheme, from CN to get more money from those toys. And this rips off the three famous monster battle anime, Yu-Gi Oh, Pokemon and Digimon. This show needs to be buried underground and be forgotten completely. Maybe it was made by an fanfictional addicted kid.

    Plot: Bad, cliche. Trying hard to be good.

    Characters: They're exaggerating most of the time.

    Action-Value: Since this ripped off the three famous anime, no action value at all.

    Art: Better than Chaotic.

    Overall: -1. It's like Johnny Test. It rips off shows.
  • This show has gone straight to the dogs.

    When I watched season 1 of Bakugan, I was so happy. I had finally found a show to replace classics such as yu-gi-oh!, beyblade, and pokemon!. I loved the concept of two worlds, the two cores, and the simple story of a boy and his friends who, with help from their guardian toys, manage to, against all odds, defeat evil, set the two world's straight, and learn about themselves on the side. Bakugan confronted issues such as insecurity, love and fear. When I heard that season 2 was being made, I could'nt wait. However, when it came out, I was starkly disappointed. The season premier was less than optimal (and I didn't like the poor scripting style with which the writers signed the death warrants of Runo and Julie's playing key parts in any future episodes) and there were more plotholes than I care to mention. I will name a few. Angelo/Diiablo was never seen in this season and it was never explained why he was not captured along with the other master bakugan. Volt's original bakugan was never found or heard from again after Gus discarded him. It was never explained where the vestals were teleported to by those dimension grenades. How does battle gear form from pressiing a watch? Where did the six ultimate traps that Dan and Spectra battled with always materialize from in time of need? How were five of the original bakugan brought to the base stat of 500 or 550 when some had less or more points than that at their base stat level. Why would the ancient masters choose to give their powers to all new bakugan (except drago) rather than the ones that had already proven that they could save the world? If Skyress said that she and Shun would always be partners, why be so quick to abandon him when he had a new friend? I also did not like how Runo, Julie, and Alice, who had become fan favorites and had proven themselves time and time again in season 1, were thrown to the curb so abruptly for newer male characters that were not given nearly as much development. (Also, the Masquerade that I know would have never lost a fight to an idiot like Shadow Prove). Season 3 marked the end of the bakugan era. Rather than use the good old ability cards and strategies, everyone resorted to the use of machines for power. Even Drago, who had for so long advocated individuality and natural evolution, readily used his six mechanical bakugan traps as well as mechanical battle gear to defeat a foe. Rather than the focus being placed on natural enemies and self-discovery, attention shifted to an unbelievable alien war story and fighting enemies inside of a far-fetched Bakugan Interspace dimmension unbelievably created by a sad little boy with far too much time on his hands. If you ask me, bakugan should be aborted, re-booted, and turned back over to the far more capable Japanese writers.
  • they get rid of toonomi and replace it with this

    ok so what do you get when u kok off yu gi oh beyblade pokemon and many others this. u get this serisly what is this firt off its a complete knock off of yu gi oh magick dule cards life life lessons on freindship with high school kids as in pokemon transforming robots that roll a in beyblade and many others. so these kids find cards fall out of the sky and make a game out of it. like for instance they like freeze time and they gamble these transforming balls ......oooookayy?. so how is bakugan in general well unlike yu gi oh and pokemon in yu gi oh and pokemon u it was more complex and the story line is deeper and more fun to watch. overall the premise is a ripoff and the show itself just sucks thats all i can say.

    plz rate and comment
  • Yu-Gi-Oh was great, this is not

    I want to know why anime these days seem to rely on Yu-Gi-Oh so much. Pretty much any anime now is a rip off of that show, and Bakugan is just another one of those rip offs. The show is based on a card game (gee where have we heard that before?) and is about a group of kids who use cards and marbles, which fell from the sky, to play a game. One kid named Dan and his friends discover an evil in Bakugan and fight it to save the world. All the characters in this show have annoying voices and a lot of them are just flat characters with no personality to them. The girls are the worse though, for they scream a lot in this show. Dan is sterotypical hero, Maruchio is just spineless most of the time, and so on. They are just bland. The animation is pretty smooth though, but it gets repetitive. The monsters themselves seem to also be blatant rip offs of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters and there are no creative monsters at all. Also why are the monsters marbles? They also can move and talk when they want to. It makes no sense at all. All the plots are rather boring and the main plot with the infinity core and the evil comes off as just uninspired and seems to have a lot of cliches. Most of the time though, the plots drift off to other unnecessary stuff that just serves as more filler. As for the duels, they are not exciting or tense at all. Most of the time, the duelists do a lot of monologing in their minds about how they plan to win and giving reasons to keep fighiting that are cliched. Whatever action scenes there are, they are just boring and lifeless, but considering all the stupid monologing, I will take it. To make things worse, the duels just keep going on and on. Yu-Gi-Oh did the same thing, but this show keeps dragging duels on and on. It's just pointless filler is all. This show was just another toy series cash in and was not needed at all. It's an uninteresting story, the characters are one dimensional, the fights are not interesting at all, and the plots themselves have trouble staying on path. Go see Yu-Gi-Oh instead of this uninspired garbage, believe me you aren't missing anything at all in this show.
  • nice anime

    i love this anime it is almost like Yu-Gi-oh! it is about Dan Runo Marucho Alice Julie and Shun they are called Bakugan Battle Brawlers each of them have talking Bakugan excpet Alice she does not play Bakugan together they have to fight off Masquerade and his doom cards which send Bakugan of the opponent Bakugan to the doom demision forever and never come back. This anime is getting good every episode. I hope it stays good all the time. I am on episode 16 waiting for next episode. i don't know what else to say now so i am done
  • Rips off Yugi-Oh? Check. Anime never heard from since its publishing? Check. Annoying voices? Check!

    It has nearly all the obligatory checkpoints. Ripping off a show that has presumably been canceled, and for what we get in return? This crap. As in, Bakugan. What moron expected kids to love this? Especially when it was clearly designed to sell toys and merchandise? Toy commercials for this show weren't even shown after the show premiered. The theme song--sucks! It does, it sounds like a frat boy attempting rap at his school dance. Damn, I almost missed Tuff Puppy because of this stupid show, listening to the 'theme song'. Trust me, folks, you're better off watching that show than Yugi-Dohn't.
  • Just another Yugioh/Beyblade ripoff. Don't see why CN is making such a big deal over it.

    Bakugan is about this kid named Dan who is a "Battle Brawler". What this is is that one night, a bunch of cards fell from the sky and landed everywhere. Then the kidsd who found them made a game out of them and called it Bakugan (Kinda sounds like Byakugan from Naruto, doesn't it 8P) and they refer to themselves as Battle Brawlers. So it sounds a lot like Digimon for some reason. Anyways, this show really isn't all that good. It's not bad, but it's just another "Buy all our playsets and toys!!" show. It's basically a cross between Yugioh and Beyblade and it uses a lot of "Collect-a-thon" cliches: everyone in the world seems to play the game and the main character wants to be the best. Also, I'm very upset that it replaced One Piece.
  • If anyone who lives in the States, Blame Teletoon (a Canadian Broadcast Station) for airing this crappy anime in the first place.

    What do you get when you combine Pokemon/Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Beyblade, Battle B-Daman, & Duel Masters? A disastrous anime rip-off with the English dubbing cast who dubbed Medabots & Spider Riders. Like Duel Masters, they hardly explained the rules of the game or the play by play commentary. (compared to Yu-Gi-Oh!, it has too much play by play commentary.) The plot wise could've done better & just looking at it is just urgh..... Well, I might as well tell you a true deserving nickname for this Anime Series: Baku-Suck-Balls. Whoever came up with that idea of marble monsters with cards (which we all know where they live), he/she had a messed up mind creating this show.
  • A boring story, lame characters, bad action, and a terrible gimmick make this anime rip-off of Yugioh a complete failure.

    A lot of animes Japan has been turning out and porting to North America these days are filled with crappy gimmicks and a lame story and characters. Bakugan is one of them, and exemplifies how not to make a good show.

    I shouldn't be so shocked, though. This has just kept coming ever since Beyblade and Yugioh. Both had a lot of potential, but collapsed under bad dubbing and a lame gimmick. It's the same story here, and each time it happens things only seem to get worse.

    If I had one main criticism of this show, it's that it makes little to no sense to the casual viewer. Half of the time, I'm left sitting thinking "what the hell are you talking about, boy?".

    Just... stay away from this show. You'll thank me later.
  • This show is just an ol' rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Beyblade.

    I just watched an episode of this show just a few minutes ago. I watched it because some people say that this show is good. Man, are they wrong! this show is just a ol' rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Beyblade. The battles in this show function almost identical to Yu-Gi-Oh! The monsters have attack points, and come to life. The Beyblade copied part is when the player knocks out the opponent's ball out of the field. The Yu-Gi-Oh! copied parts are: the cards, the monsters' attack points, and coming to life, power-up cards, field effect cards, and the concept of the story. I do not know if there are any specific rules to this game? It just seems like the characters throw their Bakugan battle brawlers onto the field with no idea on what is going on. The humor in this show is horrible. The jokes are not funny, and are repetitive. The reason why I am giving this show a 6 is because I did like the characters, the battles were somewhat interesting. But overall, a rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Beyblade, horrible humor, boring dialog, unappealing music.
  • Wow another one of these kind of shows.

    It seems that since all of the Yu-Gi-Oh shows have been sucessful there have been many cheap knock offs. This is one of the worse knock offs. It is Yu-gi-oh mixed with bidamon. This show from the first time I saw it on TV I knew that this was going to be stupid. It is not only cheasy but it is hard to follow. Also you dont know why any of the stuff happens in the battles. It looks like one monster is going to lose then it does something and wins. With Yu-Gi-oh you could tell what monster was going to win but the battle system in this one is to hard to understand.
  • First it was Pokemon then it was Cardcaptors, Digimon, Yu gi oh and now this. Pokemon and Cardcaptors were good shows, then it went all down hill. This is at the bottom of the pile.No wonder kids These days like rip-offs.

    There's this japanese kid named Dan kuso, Cards start raining from the sky, So he and his fellow friends pick them up and Invent a rather lame game known as bakugan. They fight to save vestroia against Bakugan Naga and some other funny evil names.

    This is nothing but a straight rip-off of many other rip-off anime. A rip off of Rip off so to speak. There's these bunch of weak Nerds, who Find random cards and for some reason they start battling with each other. How original is that?

    The Eng Dub is horrible, Everybody sounds like a weak 8 year old school girl, There's these ridiculous intro and Ending themes. Let's talk about the combat, Oh.. what combat?, The combat is just 99% lame talk and 1% weakling fighting, i know this anime is for kids, but this is ridiculous. The fight scenes are so tedious that you'd end up Bored before you can say 'Bakugan'. Sure kids will love all these shows, they watch anything these days. this is for kids below 6. There are much better anime like Yu-gi-oh and pokemon. Digimon is 10 times better than this crap. And digimon is not such a great anime to begin with. Regardless of what i think, there will always be millions of Bakugan fans for apparent No reason at all. You could be one of those Fans, So this review is just my opinion.
  • I use to like the Bakugan Anime, but now I think that it is going downhill.

    I was very fond of this show when I first saw it. I enjoyed the concept that both boys and girl playing Bakugan together and the concept that pyrus (fire), ventus(wind), aquos(water), subterra (Earth), Hao (light), and darkus (darkness) unity. When the second season came I was eager to watch it since I enjoyed the first season. I was disappointed of the outcome of New Vestroia in regards to the sexism, plotholes, the fact that Joe, Komba, and Julio never showed up. Every since the nonJapanese writers took over the episode I notice some hint of sexism and it isn't just the show but the Bakugan Video Game as well where you are not given a choice to between a boy and a girl and is chosen to be a boy by default whereas in most video now a days you are given a choice if you want your character to be male or female. Getting back to the show I feel that the writers have done too much injustice to Alice, Julie, and Runo did even let them participate in the final battle. I can understand if the writer let them stay behind temporarily because of their Bakugan, but as I watch closely I clearly see that the writers want just to get rid of the girls and replace them with a predominately male cast. I have no problem with adding more character or replace character as long as it is done fairly and the old character get to participate in at least the final battle at the end of the season. As for the plotholes New Vestroia never showed Joe who is the one responsible for creating the Bakugan Battle Brawlers website. They also didn't show what happened to Volt's original Bakugan who was tossed away by Gus nor did they show what happen to Shadowpro or Mylene's Bakugan whom where with Spectra and Gus. Other plotholes are what because Keith to become Spectra and what was Chan Lee was doing in Russia. I also notice that Dan and the others were eating with forks knives, and spoons when most Japanese eat with chopsticks. I wish that the original writers would write the fourth season that is if there will be any and bring the old character back that were dropped from the series.
  • Complete trash.

    Story isn't even following itself. Somehow Dan created the game and was able to utilize magic and can somehow stop time. This does not phase him. Yet them talking does. How is it nobody recognizes Dan as anything when it was he and shuun* who made the rules? They just keep filling in little things every episode that have no relevance or keep changing what the lore of the show actually is.
    The character line ups are horrible. They have no personality. The English version needs better overall voice actors. The dialogue between them all is horrible and overhyped. Making a huge deal over nothing. They're worse than Scene kids.
    The villains are a joke. They're all annoying. They give NO reason to actually play the game. You could just as easily shoot them in the head and save the world. And what's the motivation of the top 10 players fighting anyways? Oh that's right, there is none other than -they need people to fight to keep the show going-. It's horribly written. The villains are just school kid bullies essentially.
    Now let's review mechanics of the game. Somehow they can pull cards at random to keep using ability cards. Then there's.... Gates to open??? what is this? And why are the bakugan marbles? They can't come out of cards.
    The rest of the story surrounding Dimensia is also very cloudy. It's like it was created there just to give a reason for monsters. It is VERY yugioh gone retarded... if that was thought possible before. The names of the 6 regions were also retarded. Pyrus, aquas, darkus... haha. The only one I liked was calling the realm of the light Chaos as it's kind of fitting.

    The only reason I'm giving this ANY points at all is for the work the artists did. The art and animation is spectatular if you can get around the horrible character outfits.
  • Read this and tell me if you agree and disagree i don't mean to poke fun when i wrote this ok just read and tell me what you think!!!

    Ok so this show called bakugon or i think that is how you spell it. You can basicly take yu-gi-oh cards through them on the ground. Act like you ash catch'em and say your catch prhase everytime you pick you monster in this case it is bakugon stand don't see the point in that but whatever. Then in the end resualt your gonna end up fighting with a digimon like monster where they all have noid at the end of there names where have i seen that before hmm who knows but anyway you cram all those shows together and you got this. I mean not very original at all i mean the girls all look like they could be something out of sailer moon and the guy in this show looks just like marcus out of season 5 digimon. These monsters all talk like digimon i mean come on you have to be dumb not to pick out all these similarities come on now people if your a real anime fan this show is not for you and you probly alredy know that. If you never seen this show before i wouldn't suggest watching it if you like digimon or pokemon beczuse it just might ruin those for you who knows but all and all this show is not very good at all.

    Thanks for reading :-]
  • Pretty Good

    Out of what i read, everyone is complaining its hard to follow. To me its not that hard. I don't even watch it that often, and i get the point basicly. Its about a game a bunch of kids invent for fun, and then it turns out theres way more to it. Its pretty good, not the best i've seen. And another thing is everyone saying its a cheap verson of this or that. To be honest i don't watch this or that so i don't know, it does seem like the overall idea could be off something else. I do recomend checking out an episode or two, but call me crazy, I think it gets a 8.5 out of 10.
  • ok this show has problems.

    now that i saw the show more im saying this makes no sence at all and the characters in the show are so unreal i know its a cartoon but the way they act, talk, and dress is so retarted i mean come on the guys little jacket is so small it would fit my baby brother and he is just a year old jees please now me just-cool is saying do not watch bakugan oh and im still hot and cool even though the show backugan is not hot or cool man this is so jacked up ha ha.
  • Series about marbles that land on cards to appear as monsters.

    I actually think this is a good series.
    I understand that it feels like a knockoff of may others but it is a kids show. This specific genre appeals to kids so there shouldn't be anything to complain about. Sure there are many other shows that are better than this one but it is an interesting show. As long as kids enjoy it that should be enough. When I first heard about this show I thought it was a great idea actually. Also most shows like these are for the marketing side such as toys and other things. It pretty much exists for that purpose.
  • Just another Yu-GI-Oh or Digimon.

    This show is like Yu-Gi-Oh or Digimon and is unoriginal. They have cards like in those two shows and they battle with monsters that destroy the other opponents monsters. I was younger and I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh and I know what the show is about. Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon are original that the creator or writer has done now somebody just stole the idea and it is not original. The show is boring and it is not interesting with cards and I use to watch those shows. This show is just ruining Cartoon Network and should put on the old shows that people loved to watch all the time now I barely ever watch Cartoon Network cause of all the boring shows except for Naruto.
  • Mediocre

    This show is alot like Pokemon, I think. It has a similar story (kids find new friends in "monsters" (Bakugan) and use them to save the world) and the action was pretty stellar. For the first season or 2. Then it suffered from the same problem as it's predesscor (blah) inaccessablity. The plots got crazier, the action was too confusing (why the heck does time stop all of a sudden) too many characters coming in and out... sounds alot like pokemon! I think for the first 2 seasons, it earns a 9, but the later seasons earn 3. 5/10 F+
  • Makes no sense..

    What's the point in this show? Man, this show doesn't make any sense. They never even explained the stupid show. They just went straight to the story. I actually think this is a combination of Yu-Gi-Oh and pokemon. Pretty much talking monsters that you battle with and if you lose they go to a doom dimension. I just do get they're battles. What's this 4-0-0 g's? Does the monster with the biggest G's kill the other one? This game is confusing. Whoever made this up if a ripoff artist who is trying desperetly to make and new card game. Well creator, You Fail!
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