Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Final Fury
    Episode 52
    With the battle against the Alternative pressing on, Hydron shows up to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Prof. Clay receives a video transmisson from a faraway world just as Mira and Keith arrive to make one final appeal. Once the brawlers realize Mira and Keith are missing, they deduce that the siblings may have found a way inside, so Dan uses Jetkor to blast a hole in the Alternative while Gus and Marucho stay behind to guard the rear. Gus and Vulcan are nearly beaten when Hydron steps in and saves him. Shun, having suggested to find the Power Reactor of the Alternative AND having memorized the blueprints of the machine, leads the Resistance through the Alternative. However, they are all quickly caught in a trap against four mysterious bakugan, unrecognized by Drago. While Mira pleads with her father to abandon his evil plans with Zenoheld, Dan and the others destory the four unknown Bakugan as well as the Power Reactor. As they make their escape, Prof. Clay saves Mira from falling debris, but is trapped on the ship and Hydron captures his father, forcing them both to "go down with the ship." Prof. Clay returns to this computer and finds that the video he received depicts Bakugan in war. The Resistance go their separate ways as Keith and Gus thank Dan for showing them the error of their ways. 3 weeks later, Marucho has completely repaired Bakugan Interspace and uses Akwimos to test it while Shun uses Hawktor and Dan sticks with Drago. Then, they are approached by a boy named Ren who asks them if they're the brawlers.moreless
  • All For One
    Episode 51
    With Keith having gone to the palace and having no way to find said palace, the Resistance are stuck. Luckily Alice and Dr. Michael arrive and use the teleportation signature left behind by Shadow and Mylene to back track to the palace. Meanwhile, Zenoheld continues his attack, forcing Spectra and Gus to retreat and come up with a plan of counter attack. The Resistance are saddened to hear that Tigrerra and Gorem do not wish to participate on the assault of the palace due to the fact that they know their limitations (which are lower than the rest of the team) and it would irresponsibly put Runo and Julie in danger. All of a sudden, Dr. Michael locks onto the palace's coordinates and the Resistance - minus Runo, Julie and Alice - head for the battle and arrive just in time to see Helios and Vulcan in trouble. However, the Alternative is far more powerful than any of them could have ever imagined (because despite the amount of damage they did, which was a pretty decent amount, the Alternative still repaired itself with Farbros). Keith realizes that because Prof. Clay built the Alternative, that he must be inside and asks Mira if she wants to confront him, which she does. Then, Keith uses a new battle gear, the Zukanator, on Helios, in hopes that it will even out the playing field. Keith blows a hole in the Alternative and he and Mira enter the machine.moreless
  • Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 50
    Hydron discovers that a fellow prisoner is none other than Gus Grav, who was presumed dead in episode 39. Meanwhile, Runo, Julie and Mira prepare a cake for Keith to officially celebrate his joining the Resistance. However, Keith's mind lingers elsewhere, something that Mira notices but Keith brushes off. Dan suggests that instead of waiting for Zenoheld's attack, they storm the palace. Keith, however, is too impatient and takes his ship to the Vest Palace on his own. A battle quickly ensues and Gus feels Spectra needs his help, so he tricks Hydron into battling so their bakugan can free them from their cells and Gus leaves to help Spectra while Hydron is left on his own. When Zenoheld nearly defeats Spectra, Gus arrives in the nick of time, shocking Spectra who is happy finding out that Gus had survived. The two then battle together, giving them the upper hand against Zenoheld. Partway through the battle, Prof. Clay informs Zenoheld that the Alternative System, a giant airship modeled after Farbros, is complete and targets Spectra and Helios for a test fire. The blast sends Spectra's ship flying and takes a huge chunk out of a small planetoid, with Spectra and Gus just barely escaping the impact. Farbros links with the Alternative System and King Zenoheld declares his quest for intergalactic domination to begin.moreless
  • An Heir To Spare
    Episode 49
    With Bakugan Interspace beginning to collapse on itself, Mira and Keith attempt to save Mylene and Shadow, despite her wishes to die rather than face dishonorment. Before she can change her mind, she and Shadow fall into the Death Ball's portal while Mira and Keith are extracted from Bakugan Interspace safely. Meanwhile, King Zenoheld learns of Mylene and Shadow's fall and blames their lose, as well as the Resistance obtaining the Alternative data, on his son Prince Hydron who he has tortured as a result. Later that night, Hydron has a dream in which Volt and Lync appear to him and tell him to take down his father and take the throne for himself. Though frightened by the dream, it motivates him to fight against his father. Meanwhile, Zenoheld's bakugan Farbros has been repaired and synchronized with the Alternative System. Hearing this, Hydron challenges his father and Prof. Clay transports them to the arena. Though Hydron quickly gains the upper hand, he is no match for Zenoheld's Assail Farbos. He loses and Zenoheld admits that they were never meant to be father and son and has Hydron imprisoned. While in his cell, Volt and Lync reappear telling him to overthrow Zenoheld. Hydron shouts he will defeat his father, while Gus Grav listens from another cell.moreless
  • Mylene's Meltdown
    Episode 48
    King Zenoheld sends Mylene and Shadow Prove to collect the Brawlers' Battle Gear and Bakugan DNA Data so with the data the Alternative could be finished faster. Having followed Billy to Marucho's house in episode 37, Mylene and Shadow have prior knowledge to their hiding place. Once they arrive, they are ambushed by the Resistance, but Mylene takes Mira hostage! Keith quickly agrees to give them the data in exchange for Mira but instead he leads them to Bakugan Interspace. Despite Mira's attempts to change Mylene and Shadow's mind, a battle quickly follows between the four. Shadow is quickly and effortlessly defeated by Keith and MAC Spyder is destroyed in the process. Mira soon defeats Mylene and destroys Macubass. Keith offers Myelene a place in the Resistance but she bitterly declines and throws one of Hydron's grenades. However, it results in a portal opening in Bakugan Interspace causing it to collapse, which means if it continues further causing the Interspace to shut down with the four of them still inside, they could be trapped there forever!moreless
  • Payback!
    Episode 47
    While the Resistance celebrate the success with Drago's Battle Gear, the Vexos begin to finish their plans for planetary domination. Lync remembers how nice Alice was to him and worries that she may be one of the casualties, so he copies the data for the Alternative System and heads to Moscow to give it to Alice. At first he hesitates, fearing that she may still be mad at him, but before he can make another move, Hydron appears and vows to destroy Lync. During the battle, Hydron implies that he wishes to leave the Vexos as well since he is mad that Lync has a choice to leave whereas he does not. Despite putting up a good fight, Lync is defeated and suffers the same fate as Volt. Before being completely dragged into the warp hole, Lync throws his glove with the chip inside in hopes that Alice will find it. After finishing cooking, Alice heads to find her grandfather and sees the results of Lync's battle with Hydron as well and finds his glove with the memory card. Alice gives the chip to her grandfather who insists they must show it to Dan and the others. When Keith asks how Alice found, she replied that Lync must have left it for her, but sadly adds that he may not be alive. Though the data suggests the Vexos Alternative System is incomplete, Keith states they will require the Bakugan DNA and Battle Gear data that they currently have, making them target for the Vexos once more.moreless
  • Volt's Revolt
    Episode 46
    Keith, Marucho and Mira work on constructing Drago's Battle Gear. However, Keith notices that Mira is distracted. Mira admits that she wishes their father would come around like Keith did so they could be a family. Keith doubts he will but offers Mira Gus' robotic bee to contact him. She does so and asks him to change sides, but Dr. Clay angrily refuses. Meanwhile, King Zenoheld changes his plan to destroy any living thing that stands in his way. Volt finds this plan goes too far and leaves the Vexos to return home while Mylene wishes him luck. However, his home is no longer what it used to be. Volt meets some children who still see him as their hero despite the things he did as a member of the Vexos and even promises to teach them how to brawl. As the children leave, Prince Hydron appears and a battle quickly follows and Volt easily takes the victory. Hydron is furious and throws a grenade that opens a dimensional port beneath Volt, sending him into a far dimension (possibly the Doom Dimension). As Volt sinks into the portal, he vows that Hydron will get what's coming to him for all the suffering he has caused innocent people. While JetKor has successfully been completed, King Zenoheld is glad to hear that Volt has been taken care of, he warns the others that they will suffer the same fate if they cross him.moreless
  • Fusion Confusion
    Episode 45
    Keith has easily settled in as the newest member of the Resistance, with the exception of a jealous Ace. Due to failure, King Zenoheld abuses his son then Mylene tries to stand up for him. However, King Zenoheld rejects her until Hydron places the blame on Professor Clay. King Zenoheld agrees to pit the blame on Mira's dad. Professor Clay discovers the secrets of the DNA code as well as where the transmission originated from (possibly from Neathia). Meanwhile, Marucho analyzes the same data, as well as the one Keith received anonymously and discovers they are identical. Keith then suggests to construct Battle Gear for Drago. Drago denies at first, feeling it would be wrong being part machine but Keith assures him that the Battle Gear will be constructed from Drago's own DNA. This along with the lasting Vexos threat, Drago agrees, but must undergo a battle to test the virtual prototype. They enter Bakugan Interspace and Keith volunteers to use Ventus Hawktor and Subterra Coredem to battle Dan and Drago as Spectra! When Dan equips the gear, Drago struggles with it as his body is rejecting the Battle Gear. However, Drago continues to push forward and wins the battle, but nearly passes out due to the amount of power needed to control JetKor. Fortunately, enough data was gathered to construct Battle Gear that would not harm Drago's body. Shun and the other brawlers hope that Keith finishes Drago's battle gear before King Zenoheld and the Vexos do. The episode ends with Professor Clay telling King Zenoheld he has begin making the ultimate weapon against the brawlers and King Zenoheld agrees with his research.moreless
  • 3/27/10
    While wondering where the Bakugan from Bakugan Interspace came from, Mira has just about given up hope on waiting for Spectra. Then, Spectra and Helios telepathically contact Dan and Drago to challenge them to one final match to prove they are the best Bakugan team. Drago uses his Perfect Core powers to locate Spectra and teleport them to his location. The match begins and Drago appears to have the upper hand, that is until Helios whips out his Twin Destructor Battle Gear, which gives Drago a hard time. In their final fight, Drago calls on the power of his friends and defeats Helios. Spectra and Helios admit defeat and admit that Dan and Drago are the best brawlers. Drago didn't care about being number 1. Spectra decides to take off his mask and "work with the best rather than against him." Spectra becomes Keith again and Mira hugs him out of joy, happy to have her brother back.moreless
  • Exodus
    Episode 43
    With the BT System fully armed, the Resistance and Spectra head to New Vestroia to initiate a mass evacuation. Many Bakugan are sent to Marucho's house on Earth including the Resistance's. However, Drago decides to remain behind to ensure that everyone has been rescued, remarking how many lives have been lost to protect New Vestroia such as Nobilion, Wavern dying, and also the six Ancient Warriors surrending their powers to six normal bakugan. Helios chases after Drago, refusing to allow Drago throw away his life while Helios still has a score to settle with Drago. Drago and Helios agree to destroy the BT System themselves. However, their powers are not enough. So, in a last attempt, Drago lifts the BT System from the ground and lifts it up to the atmosphere. Just as the BT System detonates, Drago hears Wavern's voice telling him to not give up and that he cannot die yet. Drago, given new determination, absorbs the attribute energies from the BT System and evolves while easily destroying the BT System. He returns to New Vestroia, greeted happily by everyone excluding Spectra and Helios. Mira questions Spectra on their terms of partnership, but Spectra declares he works alone. Spectra returns to his ship and leaves, but not before Helios declares his continuing rivalry with Drago.moreless
  • 3/13/10
    Spectra offers Dr. Clay a place by his side and the secret to Bakugan DNA, however, Dr. Clay remains loyal to Zenoheld and declares that he and Spectra are no longer father and son. A battle soon begins between Hydron and Dan and Mira, just as Spectra arrives to fight alongside Dan! Mira is quickly taken out just as the others arrive, too late to warn Dan about the Palace sending power to mechanical Bakugan. Spectra brings out his Battle Gear for Helios and easily takes down Hydron, prompting Zenoheld to enter battle. Despite their power together, Zenoheld overpowers them with a last resort power transfer and takes the Pyrus attribute energy, making the BT system fully operational. Unfortunately, Farbros is completely destroyed in the process. With the BT System fully active, the fate of New Vestroia's residents is grim.moreless
  • Phantom Data Attack
    Episode 41
    With the Bakugan successfully rescued from New Vestroia, and the BT System destroyed, the gang returns to Marucho's house and fires up Bakugan Interspace for a little practice session. However, phantom data seems to have infiltrated the virtual world, and as the Brawlers go to check it out, four mysterious silent Bakugan await them. The Haos Aranaut partners up with an avatar version of Baron that Marucho programmed using the virtual world's properties. The battle seems quite even at first. Everyone is shocked when Baron's avatar uses a battlegear boost. Baron and Nemus lose after the avatar's battlegear reflects their attack. Aranaut continues to reflet Nemus's attack and destroys the virtual battle arena. The brawlers start to wonder if the ransmission came form Spectra, who the mysterious Bakugan are and what they want.moreless
  • Ambush
    Episode 40
    The Resistance split up into groups to cover more ground of the Vestal palace. Shun and Baron encounter Mylene and Volt while Ace and Marucho face Shadow and Lync. At first it looks like things are going well but Dr. Clay uses the palace to send the Vexos' bakugan more power while lowering the power level of the Resistance. Shun and Ace are both defeated and lose the Darkus and Ventus attribute energies. As the others race to find Dan, he and Mira battle Hydron with the Pyrus attribute energy at stake, while Spectra presents a proposition to Dr. Clay.moreless
  • Avenging Spectra
    Episode 39
    Spectra upholds his part of the deal to Dan and takes the brawlers to the Vestal Palace, leaving them to find the BT System on their own. Spectra and Gus leave to confront Zenoheld and Spectra tells him to leave the brawlers be. Spectra leaves, but Gus later returns and challanges Zenoheld to a battle to avenge Spectra for being framed and betrayed by the Vexos. Gus' struggles in the battle become more obvious as both Elico and Hexados sacrifice themselves to protect Vulcan and Gus. In the final match, Vulcan protects Gus, saying that his loyalty to Gus knows no bounds like Gus' loyalty to Spectra. The two stand together and take Zenoheld's final hit and fall, dead.moreless
  • All or Nothing
    Episode 38
    No longer able to hide from the Vexos, the brawlers realize they must now go on the offensive. They plan to storm the Mother Palace and directly attack the Bakugan Termination System instead of protecting the Attribute Energies. But without a working Dimensional Transport system or the coordinates to the Mother Palace, it at first seems there would be no way out for the brawlers. But Dan quickly realizes that they can find the location of the Mother Palace by convincing Spectra. The brawlers are hesistant, as Spectra will not likely be cooperative, and they have no way to contact him. Mira adds that there would be no way Keith would trust any of them. Meanwhile, the Vexos discover that someone has opened a portal to Earth from an entirely different universe. As Spectra makes his way to Earth, Dan and Drago admit how similar they are in both brawling abilities and lifestyles. When Runo interrupts the two for dinner, Dan and Drago are suddenly transported to Spectra's ship now that the former Vexos had broken through to Earth. Once there, Dan learns that Spectra needs the Perfect Core from Drago in order to make Helios the ultimate bakugan. They strike a deal: if Spectra loses, he will take the Resistance to the Mother Palace, but if Spectra wins, Dan must willingly surrender the Perfect Core to Spectra. During the battle Spectra realizes that the only way Helios can defeat Drago is by using his own natural abilities and powerful will to survive and evolve. Eventually Spectra's doubt in himself and his previous methods to perfect Helios leads to his defeat. Dan wins the fight and Spectra agrees to the terms of the bet. Everyone except Runo, Julie and Billy are transported to Spectra's ship, since he states that he would only allow the brawlers and bakugan originally bestowed with the Bakugan Attribute Energies to go with him. As Gus prepares the ship for the transport, Spectra thanks Dan for enlightening him, and refers to him as 'my friend'. Feeling humiliated after his defeat, Helios begs Spectra to make him even stronger. Spectra agrees, saying he will use the data he received on bakugan evolution from an anonymous source to bring out new abilities from inside the bakugan.moreless
  • Virtual Insanity
    Episode 37
    Billy and Cycloid return to visit Julie only to find that she is at Marucho's house. On his way there, he is unknowingly followed by Mylene and Shadow. Meanwhile, Julie begins showing signs of interest in Ace after spying on him and Dan working out. After insisting she feels nothing for Billy anymore, Julie practically leaps into his arms when he arrives seconds later and introduces him to Mira, Ace and Baron. Billy is apparently caught up with everything happening after running into Klaus a while back and receiving a gauntlet from him. Not long after, Marucho's preparations for a virtual battle chamber called Bakugan Interspace are complete. The system allows anyone from all over the world play Bakugan like a game by logging on to the web. Everyone is eager to test out the machine, except for Shun, saying he has something important to take care of. Everyone draws straws to determine who goes first and Ace and Billy are chosen. Mira and Runo accidentally reveal Julie's crush on Ace to Billy and Ace, not wanting to come between the two, offers to take them both on, which they accept. As the battle rages on, Julie notices that Billy has become much stronger than before after easily defeating Percival. However, Ace easily counters back with the help of his newly evolved Trap Flash Falcon Fly. Meanwhile, Shun checks the security tapes and notices Shadow and Mylene following Billy to Marucho's house. Despite their advantage in numbers, Billy and Julie fall to Ace. After the battle, Shun urges them to return and shows them the picture of Mylene and Shadow from the security footage. Now knowing that the Vexos know where they are, they can no longer hide and wait.moreless
  • Samurai Showdown
    Episode 36
    Baron's little sister, Maron, uses Klaus' transporter to visit Baron, so Julie and Runo suggest to him to show her around town. Meanwhile, Shun sneaks away from Marucho's house an travels to the Samurai theme attraction in the same park that Baron and Maron are located. Shun encounters Volt disguised as a samurai and a battle ensues. At the same time, Baron activates his gauntlet to show Maron how it works and learns of Shun and Volt's battle. The two easily overpower Volt, keeping the Ventus energy safe. Maron bids farewell and thanks everyone for the great day and departs... not before thanking Shun for saving her and kissing him on the cheek.moreless
  • Elfin on the Run
    Episode 35
    After Elfin overhears Preyas talking down about her receiving the energy and rash behavior, Elfin runs off into the city and encounters Shadow Prove and Hydron. Marucho and Preyas arrive in time to rescue her and a battle ensues. At first, Elfin and Preyas have trouble getting along but they put their differences aside and almost defeat the Vexos, but Elfin shields Preyas from an attack and therefore loses the Aquos energy. Preyas, out of anger for Elfin's sacrifice, easily defeats Hydron and Shadow Probe. After the battle Dan, Shun, Ace and Baron fall asleep during the movie that they were watching(It was a movie for teenage girls that Runo, Julie and Mira wanted to see but the boys were dragged there by the girls). Everyone else did not know Elfin lost the Aquos Energy. The Vexos only need 3 more attribute energies & they can make the BT System also known as the Bakugan Termination System, functional.moreless
  • Earth Invaders
    Episode 34
    The Brawlers return back to Earth and see Shun, Runo and Julie waiting for them. In order to evade the Vexos, everyone stays at Marucho's house equipped with a shield to hide the attribute energies' signal. Runo gets into a fight with Dan and thinks that he thinks that she's not strong enough to face the Vexos. Runo wanders out into the city hoping to draw in the Vexos, but Mira follows her and they are ambushed by Lync and Mylene. Things go bad and Mira loses her Subterra energy, making the Vexos one step closer to activating the BT System.moreless
  • Brontes' Betrayal
    Episode 33
    After Alice's loss to Shadow, Alice teleports to Marucho's house to communicate with the Resistance at Klaus' house in New Vestroia. Alice warns them of the Vexos attack on her and that Runo and Julie could be next. Dan decides to head back to Earth, even though it is likely to be a trap. However, since Dr. Micheal's transporter was destroyed, they at first believe it is impossible for them to return to Earth. Luckily, Klaus has one of his own. As the Resistance heads to Baron's house so he can say goodbye to his family, Spectra appears in Klaus' mansion only to find the Resistance gone and leaves Klaus with a warning that they can't hide forever. When Spectra returns to his ship, he finds Gus has answered Volt's challenge for Brontes. A battle quickly ensue between the two and Volt tries his best to not attack Brontes directly, causing him to struggle against Gus. When Volt begins to predict Brontes' moves and gain the upper hand, Gus offers Volt a place beside Spectra, but he refuses. Unfortunately Volt is no match for his former partner, loses and passes out. Once Gus returns to Spectra's ship he says that Brontes has served his purpose and tosses him out like trash. Brontes lands on the ground, opens and cries out for Volt to save him.moreless
  • Shadow Attack
    Episode 32
    Spectra tells the Vestals that he is trying to stop Zenoheld from ruling all dimensions. On Vestal, Dan and the others prepare to stop whatever he is planning. Zenoheld and the Vexos realize that Spectra has stopped their ability to travel into Vestal by jamming their signals, so Zenoheld sends Shadow to earth, forcing Dan and the Resistance to come to them. Shadow appears and frightens Alice until Chan Lee arrives. Alice is initially hesitant to fight, as she might become Masquerade again, but eventually embraces the fearlessness of Masquerade and utterly destroys Shadow's Hades. However, Shadow then reveals his more powerful spider-like Bakugan and wins the battle in one turn. As a result of Darkus Fortress' attack, Dr. Michael's transporter system is destroyed, leaving Dan and his friends trapped on Vestal. Meanwhile, Prince Hydron plans to travel to Earth to lure Dan and his friends there.moreless
  • Spectra Rises
    Episode 31
    Mira, Dan and Marucho head to Vestal to meet Klaus, Baron and Ace at Klaus' mansion. Then, Volt comes to retrieve the Pyrus energy after being humiliated by Prince Hydron. Volt and Dan are about to battle when Spectra and Gus appear out of nowhere. Gus attacks Volt by saying that he stole Brontes' soul. Volt backs away to let Spectra brawl Dan. Mira, Magma Wilda, Marucho and Elfin Version II join in the brawl to help Dan and Drago. In the brawl, Dan manages to defeat Spectra using the power Drago received from Apollonir. Before Spectra leaves, he warns Dan that they will meet again.moreless
  • 12/5/09
    Klaus, Baron and Ace successfully contact Dan and warn them about the Vexos, so Dan decides to head to Vestal and face the Vexos. However, when Zenoheld decides to test the BT system, Shun heads to New Vestroia with his newly evolved Master Ingram, while the others head to Vestal. Once Shun arrives, he finds that all the Bakugan are missing and Master Ingram is still in ball form. Skyress arrives and tells him that a metal sphere came from the sky and sent a beam that trapped all the Bakugan in ball form. Shun attempts to destroy the device but finds that it is protected by a force field. All of a sudden, Lync appears to take the Ventus energy and a battle ensues. When Master Ingram and Hylash have trouble against Lync's new mechanical bakugan, Shun is forced to call on Skyress for help. During the battle, Master Ingram begins feeling doubt about his evolution and is taken out of the battle. When Skyress begins struggling against Lync, Master Ingram decides to embrace his new powers and enters the battle, defeating Lync. In the aftermath, Skyress disappears and wishes Shun and Ingram luck.moreless
  • Saved By the Siren
    Episode 29
    Mylene goes face-to-face in battle with Ace to gain his Darkus energy. Just as Mylene was going to make the final blow, Sirenoid came up out of the water and joined the battle. After the battle, Klaus tells Ace that he helped develop Dr. Michael's transpoter. Will the transporter work? And, can Ace, Baron and Klaus warn Dan and the others about the Vexos' plans?moreless
  • 11/14/09
    The former prince Hydron faces off against Baron for control of the Haos element on Earth.
  • 11/7/09
    Having saved New Vestroia, the Battle Brawlers were busy taking a much needed break. All of a sudden, Mira shows up and tells the gang what has happened with the Vestals on New Vestroia.
  • Reunion
    Episode 26
    Dan and Drago are still fighting Spectra and Hellios while Mira, Marucho and Shun try to free the Bakugan. And when the Dimension Controler gets broken they have to get out before it's too late. However, Drago and Hellios are continuing to fight to the bitter end. Will Dan and Drago get out on time? And will the Bakugan be saved?moreless
  • Final Countdown
    Episode 25
    Dan and a mechanized Drago face off against Spectra and his ultimate mechanical Bakugan. Meanwhile, Prince Hydron is told to return to his father by Mylene.
  • Ultimate Bakugan
    Episode 24
    With Mira returned, and the Resistance reunited, Dan and the others head for Prince Hydron's sky palace to free Skyress, Tigrerra, Preyas, Gorem, and Hydranoid from captivity. But before they can even get close enough, Hydron activates another dimension controller, causing the bakugan to turn back into balls. Quickly thinking, Shun grabs Mira and Marucho and grapples onto the top of a rising elevator and to safety. Down below, Dan, Baron, and Ace are saved just in time by their bakugan. But before they can think of a way to get up to the palace, Spectra and Cyber Helios challenge them to a battle. As Dan and Drago struggle to fight back against the power Helios now possesses, Shun, Marucho, and Mira have managed to sneak into Hydron's throne room and discover the bronze statues of the five other Guardian Bakugan, just before meeting face to face with Prince Hydron himself. Meanwhile, Mylene, Volt, and Shadow order Dr. Clay to give them an escape off of New Vestroia, as the energy from the battle between Cyber Helios and Drago could destroy everything around them. Dr. Clay at first refuses saying that it would be treason, when Shadow reminds him he works for the Vexos now. Gus overhears their plan, but before he can warn Spectra, Lync hits him over the head and knocks him into a room, locking Gus inside so he can't tell Spectra of their plan. Back with Dan and Drago, Spectra, having underestimated the perfect core's power, has used the mechanical bakugan he has to make Maxus Helios, a bakugan who has all six attributes. Dan tries to use a combination of Ability Cards that tap into the Perfect Core's power, but still can't match Maxus Helios's power. Dan realizes he has no choice but to use the bakugan he got from his battle with Mira to make Maxus Dragonoid, just as Spectra has again used the other six mechanical bakugan on Helios. The two bakugan face each other, preparing for the final battle.moreless
  • Wall To Wall Brawl
    Episode 23
    Dan and Ace engage Mira and Gus in battle against their mechanical bakugan. During the battle, Mira seems to be purposely losing. Baron, Shun and Marucho have beaten the other Vexos and arrive in time to see Dan and Ace win, claiming the mechanical bakugan.(Baron beats Volt; Shun & Marucho beat Shadow & Mylene) Spectra is furious at Mira's betrayal, claiming that they have even stronger bakugan than the ones Gus and Mira used. Mira apologizes for betraying them, but they welcome her back into the group otherwise. They next head to the vexal palace to free all the original Guardian Bakugan.moreless
  • 10/3/09
    Mira and Spectra meet with Prince Hydron, who shows her his collection and later receives a message from his father, who is angered by the destruction of the other two controllers. He then orders Mylene to divide and conquer the Resistance, since she has shown that they are weaker on their own and orders Lync to keep and eye on Spectra and make sure that his new mechanical bakugan is reayd for battle. The Resistance arrives and Ace and Baron explain that the controller is underground and is the most powerful. They all head in but encounter Volt. Baron deals with Volt while the others proceed discovering that Gamma City is not a real city but a research facility. All of a sudden, Shadow and Mylene appear and Shun and Marucho step in to battle. Spectra takes Mira to see a team of special mechanical bakugan that he and Dr. Clay had designed themselves that were intended for Hydron but he intends to make certain that they only obey him. Spectra then orders Mira and Gus to use the bakugan to battle Dan and Ace to collect data on Drago and Percival. Meanwhile, the others gain the upper hand against the Vexos. Dan and Ace continue to the controller but encouter Gus and Mira! Ace is shocked that Mira has truly betrayed them and Gus orders Mira to prove that she is loyal to Spectra.moreless
  • Brotherly Love
    Episode 21
    Mira is uncertain of her brother's intentions while in Gamma City. Meanwhile, Ace is unconvinced that Mira has betrayed them due to his feelings for her, but they all resolve to head to Gamma City for the final controller. That night, Spectra invites Mira to dinner where he asks her to join him because he needs her and cannot accomplish his goal without her. Mira is unsure and retires for the night. Later she contacts Spectra asking to battle him and let that decide her fate: if she loses, she will serve him but if she wins, he must go back to being her brother. However, after Helios has volunteered to become a cyborg bakugan after Dr. Clay had collected data on Drago while he was in Spectra's possession. Wilda and Baliton prove to be no match for Cyborg Helios and Mira loses.moreless
  • Beta City Blues
    Episode 20
    As Dan and Baron safely make it back to New Vestroia, they find their base completely empty with no sign of Shun, Ace or Marucho anywhere. They discover that they are near Beta City and resolve to head there believing that Shun, Ace and Marucho have gone there. Meanwhile, as Spectra makes his return, the other Vexos are shocked to see that Mira is with him, saying that she has joined the Vexos. However, in her mind, she only wants to find out what Keith is really up to. Also, she discovers that Shun, Ace and Marucho have been captured and are being held hostage. She tries to release them but is interupted by Spectra who helps her release her friends, but he tells her that she owes him a debt. As the battle wages on, Baron is defeated defending Drago, who taps into the power of the Perfect Core, defeating Mylene and Shadow easily as well as destroying the dimension controller. Ace, Shun and Marucho reunite with Dan and Baron and they make their leave from Beta City. Later, Mylene accuses Spectra of her lose and the escape of the prisoners but Gus reminds her that she lost the battle, not him. Mira is still left wondering what her brother is up to.moreless
  • Family Ties
    Episode 19
    The Resistance is ready to head back to New Vestroia and Dan wants to bring Runo, Julie and Alice along. But Mira suggests that they spend one last day for Dan to say goodbye to his parents. Alice uses her teleportation card and Lync convinces her to take him to, but he really just needs to meet up with Spectra and Gus. As Dan and the others meet Alice at the tower, Apollonir opens a portal to New Vestroia. However, they are ambushed by Spectra, Gus and Lync and to make matters worse, Mira betrays them and heads into the portal after explaining that Spectra is her brother. Dan and the others miss their chance and Apollonir is not strong enough to open another portal, so Alice takes them back to Russia to use her grandfather's transport machine. But, because Dr. Micheal used the technology in Lync's Gauntlet to repair the machine and only those with Gauntlets can go through, meaning that Runo, Julie and Alice must stay behind. After a heartfelt goodbye with Dan and Baron head through the transporter.moreless
  • Gone, Gone Bakugan
    Episode 18
    Dan, with the help of Apollonir, brawl aganst Drago, but Drago isn't himself any more. Spectra has turned him into a corrupted black dragon. Dan tries to reach out to his friend, but it seems that Drago is unable to listen. Spectra uses the power of many forbidden cards to access Drago's Perfect Core abilities, but it puts Drago under mounds of stress. The legendary warriors conclude that Drago should not have been able to access the Perfect Core's power and change attribute while in his new body, but the power of the forbidden cards allows him to do so. Things look bad for Apollonir, as Drago seems unstoppable with all this power. Dan then notices that Drago is crying and that if he doesn't stop Spectra from giving Drago all that power, Drago could die! Apollonir believes that the only way to help Drago is to transform himself into pure energy and enter Drago's body to absorb the extra energy, however, Apollonir will not be able to attack or defend himself. Also, Dan must throw Apollonir into Drago's chest, but if he misses, Drago's condition could worsen and Dan may end up killing Drago and New Vestroia may turn back into six seprate worlds. Dan successfully launches Apollonir into Drago's chest and Drago falls, defeated, returning to his normal self. Dan and Drago are happily reunited while Spectra doesn't seem that affected by the loss, and only insists that things will be different the next time they meet.moreless
  • 8/29/09
    Dan is upset about losing Drago but tries to move on and think of ways to get him back: starting with all out intensive training. Meanwhile on New Vestroia, Mylene wants to close to portal to keep Dan and the others on Earth, but Hydron orders her not to so as to allow Spectra and Gus time to return, which angers Mylene, who greatly enjoys her new power. Apollonir states that they must retrieve Drago as the Perfect Core is losing power and the other two dimension controllers are growing stronger. While training, Dan faints and develops a fever. He runs out into the park calling out to Drago, lamenting over how he lost Drago. All of a sudden, Apollonir shows up and to retrieve Drago, but Dan regrets to inform him that he lost Drago. Apollonir is disappointed that Dan has given up so easily and suggests that Drago is also upset at himself for losing the battle and letting Dan down. Dan wakes up, with his fever broken, to find that Apollonir has crossed over to Earth! Apollonir, linked to the Perfect Core like Drago, and is easily able to find Spectra and teleport everyone there. Spectra accepts Dan's challenge but brings out Helios to test if Apollonir is worthy of fighting Drago. Apollonir lectures Spectra on true Bakugan spirit but Spectra believes that power is the only way to win and brings out his Bakugan Trap Metalfencer. However, Apollonir easily takes them both down in one hit. Spectra finally sends out Drago, but Dan is shocked to see his friend has been altered in appearance while under Spectra's control.moreless
  • Show Me the Power!
    Episode 16
    Spectra and Gus, stuck on Earth, stay in an abandoned factory. When Gus returns with the new sensational "juice in boxes", he finds that Spectra is gone. While Dan trains Baron, Spectra runs into a fortune teller who tells him that if he stays on the path he's chosen than he will meet his end, but Spectra does not listen to her. Spectra decides to take Drago by force, now being tired of waiting for Dan to join him. He sends one of Gus' hornets to challenge him and they meet in the arena where he last fought Masquerade. Mira, Baron and Runo worry about Dan being out on his own. In the first round Dan take's a major loss, but manages to strike back with Pyrus Scorpion. But then Spectra pulls out his own mechanical Bakugan Trap Pyrus Metalfencer. Helios get frustrated and demands that Spectra gives him more power. Spectra willingly obliges and activates a forbidden card to give Helios absolute power. Dan and Drago are disgusted by this massive power and what it could do to Helios, but neither Spectra nor Helios seem to care about the consequences. Drago is no match for this power and loses, with Spectra claiming him as his prize. Dan is crushed by his defeat and the loss of his partner while Spectra walks by the same fortune teller who is shocked by how much darker his future has become. Once again, Spectra does not care.moreless
  • Last One Standing
    Episode 15
    With Ace and Marucho captured by the Vexos, Shun decides to head to Beta City alone to destroy the controller. On the way he is ambushed by Shadow Probe who is armed with Darkus Hydranoid! In the middle of the battle, Shun and Ingram realize that it is not the same Hydranoid they know, it is really mechanical bakugan Darkus Hades . Darkus Hades was created from Hydranoid's DNA and has none of the weaknesses that Altair had. Shun tries his best to hold his ground but Ingram and hylash are no match for Hades and Bakugan Trap Darkus Fortress. Shun contemplates throwing in the towel out of fear for losing his partner like how he almost lost Skyress in a tough battle, but Ingram convinces him otherwise and that she will always be there next to him. Shun is defeated by Shadow and passes out. The Vexos, having now captured the rest of the Resistance, plan to keep them as hostages while keeping Dan and the others stuck on Earth forever and while they take all Bakugan.moreless
  • Duel in the Dunes
    Episode 14
    Marucho finds himself in a desert with Elfin. After falling into quicksand, he is rescued by Volt who later engages him in a battle. Marucho seems to be doing well with his new trap, Carlsnaut but when Volt pulls out his trap, Percian, things get rough and Marucho is defeated. Back on Earth, Mira and Baron hang out at Dan's, who after waking up from a dream, is still eager to return to New Vestroia in order to help Shun and Marucho.moreless
  • Voices in the Night
    Episode 13
    While Mira and Baron help out at Runo's family's cafe, Ace, Shun and Marucho head to Beta City to shut down the controller, which has grown stronger due to Drago (and the Perfect Core's) absence. Hydron sends Mylene to deal with the resistance in Spectra's absence and states to himself that, when he returns, Spectra will find that the Vexos have a new leader. Later at night, Ace, Shun and Marucho hear the voices of Mira and Dan (respectively) and head out into the night. But it turns out that Shadow is the one making the fake voices. By the time Shun realizes it's a trap, Marucho and Ace fall for it. Ace wakes up in another place and finds Mylene. realizing that he has fallen for a trap. Ace begins struggling to defeat Mylene and her new attribute changing bakugan, Elico. In a flashback it is revealed that Ace is rumored to be a top brawler possibly stronger than the Vexos but refuses to enter tournaments. Mira confronts him and asks him to join her team. After he lost to her, she gave him Percival and he learned the truth about Bakugan. Back to Ace's battle with Mylene, Ace becomes submerged in water and loses to Mylene...and he does not arise, he is lost.moreless
  • Unmasked
    Episode 12
    Stuck on Earth, Dan and the gang decide to show Mira and Baron the best that Earth has to offer. They decide to take the Resistance members to an amusement park. Once there, Spectra and Gus suddenly appear out of nowhere. In order to learn if Spectra is actually her long-lost brother Keith, Mira challenges him to a brawl. If she wins the brawl, Spectra must take off his mask and reveal his true identity. If she loses, she'll be forced to join the Vexos.moreless
  • Gate Crashers
    Episode 11
    Dan, Runo, Mira, Baron, Lync, Gus and Spectra all make it through the gate and end up on Earth. Marucho polishes off Shadow in their brawl and Ace and Shun agree to take out another dimension controller. Back on Earth, Spectra kidnaps Runo and the Brawlers search for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael tries to restore the dimension transporter. Spectra tells Dan that he should join the Vexos in saving the Bakugan. They say that the Vestal Prince Hydron is their actual enemy. Realizing their similarities, Mira believes that Spectra is actually her brother Keith. Releasing Runo, Spectra tells the brawlers that the original brawlers' captured Bakugan are now stone statues. Lync and Baron engage in a brawl in the forest, with Baron victorious. Spectra's true intentions are to team up with the Brawlers, so that he can defeat Prince Hydron, and then rule all of New Vestroia by himself. Alice suddenly appears using Masquerade's old battle card. She uses the card to warp Spectra and Gus back to the laboratory before transporting them back to New Vestroia. Lync is now stuck on Earth until Dr. Michael can fix the dimension transporter. Dan offers Lync a ride with the Brawlers, but he refuses. Alice's kind heart offers Lync a warm meal and a place to sleep.moreless
  • Surprise Visitor
    Episode 10
    The members of the Resistance begin making their way to Beta City. Back on Earth, Runo becomes increasingly frustrated that she's not able to help out Dan and Marucho in New Vestroia. She devises a plan to take Julie with her to see Alice and Dr. Michael in Moscow. Meanwhile, the Vexos decide that the best way to obtain Drago is by eliminating his human partner, Dan. After trying to open up the broken Dimension Transporter, Dr. Michael accidentally releases gate cards into New Vestroia. The Vexos find the cards and relize that someone on Earth is trying to reach New Vestroia. At night, Julie and Runo sneak into Dr. Michael's lab and activate the Dimension Transporter. Runo's transportation traps her between Earth and New Vestroia, in a dimensional gap. The Vexos decide to send Shadow to ensure that Runo stays trapped. Marucho and Shadow face off in a brawl that'll determine Runo's fate.moreless
  • Freedom Run
    Episode 9
    While Ace and Shun stall their brawl, Dan uses Drago to shut down the Dimension Controller once and for all. With the Dimension Controller shut down, the trapped Bakugan are released into their true form. After narrowly defeating the Vexos, Ace and Shun become the champions. The Resistance than explain to the crowd that Bakugan are actually real. With one Dimension Controller down, the Resistance head off to Beta City.moreless
  • What's the Plan?
    Episode 8
    The Resistance decides to enter the upcoming Bakugan tournament, with the goal of destroying the Dimension Controller. The Controller harvests the energy from Bakugan brawls and uses it throughout Alpha City. Ace and Shun team up and become a formiddable opponent for the other brawlers in the tournament. Meanwhile, Marucho sets up a distraction that allows the rest of the Resistance to make their way to the Dimension Controller. As Ace and Shun make it to the final round, they face off against a pair of female brawlers. After beating the girls, they are finally able to battle Volt and Lync.moreless
  • Cyber Nightmare
    Episode 7
    With their new teammate Shun on their side, the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance sneaks into Alpha City in New Vestroia. Their goal is to destroy the Dimension Controller that towers over the Bakugan brawling stadium. Before they can enter the upcoming Bakugan brawl competition, Mira decides to seek out her father for information on her missing brother. When she finally meets up with him, he tells her to forget about her brother and move on. Unable to do so, Mira stumbles upon a surprising secret. Her father and some of the other Vestals are creating mechanized Bakugan! Suddenly, Lync appears and challenges Mira to a brawl against his new mechanical Bakugan Ventus Altair. Saddened that this Bakugan is an invention of her fathers, Mira enters the brawl and wins handedly.moreless
  • Return of a Friend
    Episode 6
    Dan awakens from a nightmare involving his recent loss to Gus. After the rest of the Resistance comforts him, they decide to train even harder. Meanwhile, Mira and Ace argue over trying to find Mira's missing brother. When Dan receives an invitation from Gus to another brawl, he gladly accepts. After holding his own in the brawl, Spectra steps in to test Drago's true power. Luckily, Shun flies in to help Dan save the battle. After reuniting with Dan and Marucho, Shun explains how he came to New Vestroia and why he's fighting against the Vexos. With Shun as a powerful new addition to the team, the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance can only be stronger.moreless
  • Taste of Defeat
    Episode 5
    After receiving a new Trap Bakugan, Scorpion, from Mira, Dan and Drago head out to start training. Before they can begin, a mysterious figure appears and questions Dan's reasons for brawling. Dan tells the rest of the Resistance of his encounter and Mira fears that the Vexos are targeting them. Later, the mysterious figure returns and reveals himself to be Gus, Vexos' number two Brawler. Gus challenges Dan to a brawl, which Dan happily accepts. Unfortunately, Gus' mind games get to Dan and he loses the brawl.moreless
  • Marucho's Mission
    Episode 4
    After seeing all of his teammates practice, Marucho feels like he isn't contributing to the Resistance. Determined to find a Bakugan partner, Marucho borrows a gauntlet and heads out into the forest. After being caught in the trap of a female Bakugan named Elfin, Marucho quickly offers to be her partner. Elfin accepts, but only if Marucho passes a series of tests. Marucho fails most of the tests, but his determination to save Preyas allows him to continue. Suddenly, Mylene appears and begins abducting the local baby Bakugan. Challenging Mylene to a Brawl, Elfin agrees to fight with Marucho. The battle quickly intensifies, revealing Elfin's attribute change ability. The tide of the battle suddenly changes when Mylene uses her trap Bakugan. Luckily, a mysterious figure appears and saves Marucho and Elfin. With a new partner in hand, Marucho is glad to be able to help the Resistance.moreless
  • Get Psyched
    Episode 3
    In preparation for the upcoming battles with the Vexos, Dan agrees to train Baron. He introduces a surprising new concept to the Resistance: getting psyched! Unfortunately, Baron still feels guilty for the brawl in which he lost Tigrerra. Suddenly, Myleene and Shadow show up and challenge the Brawlers to a brawl. Confident in Baron's abilities, Mira suggests that Baron brawl for the Resistance. Struggling to win the match, Dan and the rest of the Brawlers offer advice to Baron. With his Bakugan Nemus by his side, Baron pulls off the win and frees three Bakugan. Later, Dan learns that Mira's brother disappeared on the same day that she formed the Resistance.moreless
  • Facing Ace
    Episode 2
    On the way to her secret headquarters, Mira tells the still distrustful Dan, Marucho and Drago why she has chosen to fight her own people by forming the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. At the headquarters they meet Baron, a formidable Haos Brawler who is a huge fan of Dan and Marucho. Another member of the Resistance, Ace, is not as easily swayed by the legendary Brawlers. He challenges Dan to a brawl, which Dan accepts without hesitation. A fierce brawl ensues, with both Dan's Drago and Ace's Percival giving it all they've got. The brawl turns out to be a stalemate, with Ace accepting Dan, Marucho and Drago into the Resistance. Mira proceeds to tell Dan that in order to free the trapped Bakugan they must destroy the three Dimension Controllers. Their next destination is Alpha City, home of the first Dimension Controller.moreless
  • 5/9/09
    The Bakugan are finally living in peace back on New Vestroia when the people of Vestal invade, turning all the Bakugan into ball form and abducting them! When the six legendary soldiers change Drago back into his original form, he heads back to Earth and teams up with Dan. Leaving Runo and Julie behind, Marucho follows Dan and Drago to New Vestroia to battle the Vestals. Once there, they meet a Vestal named Mira, a teenage girl who's the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. Giving Dan his very own gauntlet, Mira teams up with him to battle two evil Vexos members, Volt and Lync. Dan proves to be a strong opponent, easily winning the battle.moreless
  • Maxus Unleashed
    New Vestroia has been invaded by an unknown group known as the Vestals. The original bakugan that helped restore Vestroia have all been captured and turned to stone except Drago, who is a Spirit. Now Drago must seek out Dan, help him unite with new and old allies alike, and engage in a battle to determine who is the strongest Dragonoid in an effort to free New Vestroia from Vestal control once and for all. This recap episode, made specifically for CN Video, covers the first 26 episodes of the series.moreless
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