Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Destiny Revealed
    Episode 39
    Dan and Drago including Barodius and Dharak have encountered Code Eve who have explain the origins of the Bakugan and the worlds. Code Eve declare that Drago and Dharak dual to see who earns Code Eve's power. This became the most intense battle ever and in the end, Drago wins and and the four of them were back in the Sacred Orb chamber. Barodius is corner by the Castle Knights, but he refuse defeat, so Barodius and Dharak headed towards the Sacred Orb and Dharak begins to absorb the Sacred Orb's power, but the Sacred Orb was to much to handle and in the end, Barodius and Dharak were destroyed by the powers of the Sacred Orb. Dan and Drago were in Code Eve's area and she gives Drago the Sacred Orb's power and transforms Drago into Titanium Dragonid. With the war now over, the Neathians begin to rebuild their city. Ren, Nurzak, Lena, Zenet, and Jessie said farwell to the brawlers and use the four Gundalian ships to return home. Dan, Shun, Marucho, and Jake say farwell to Fabia and Queen Serena including Hawktor, Akwimos, and Coredom, as the brawlers return back home.moreless
  • Code Eve
    Episode 38
    With Kazarina having finally been defeated, the Brawlers turn their battle fully to Nethia where Dan, Shun, Marucho, Jake, Ren, and the Castle Knights must contend with Airzel, Stoica, Barodius, Zenet, Jesse, and Lena. With an evolved Dharak the only one with enough power to save the Sacred Orb is Drago, but can Drago withstand the fully evolved Dharak, and can the other Brawlers keep Dan from having to deal with the other Gundalians?moreless
  • Broken Spell
    Episode 37
    Nurzak and Mason return and join the fight with Fabia against Kazarina. The three seem to gain the advantage, but before Kazarina can be defeated, Gill shows up and kills Kazarina. On Nethia, the other Brawlers find themselves against Airzel, Stoica, Barodius, Zenet, Jesse and Lena.
  • Gundalian Showdown
    Episode 36
    The Brawlers face off with the Nethians with the winning side being the only group that can either join Barodius at claiming the Sacred Orb or battling him to keep the Orb free forever. In order for the Brawlers to succeed though, they must find some way to weaken the bond the Gundalians have, and Gill and Kazarina seem to be the two to focus on.moreless
  • Dream Escape
    Episode 35
    Jake comes out of his trance and manages to save Dan, but just as things appear to be looking up for the Brawlers Dragonoid Colossus reveals Barodius us attacking Nethia and has destroyed the third shield. Before the Brawlers can leave though the remaining Gundalian soldiers get in their way and determine to keep the Brawlers there at all costs.moreless
  • Final Strike
    Episode 34
    The Brawlers realize they must all attack at once together if they are to save Dan and Drago from Kazarina, but will Jake be willing to come back to their side, or will he eliminate Dan personally?
  • Jake's Last Stand
    Episode 33
    Marucho and Shun have managed to disguise themselves as Gundlalian soliders and penetrate into Barodius' hideout, but once inside the two get separated. With Dan being held prisoner and Kazarina trying to brainwash him, Marucho finds himself in a one-on-one battle with Jake, but can Marucho get the mind control off of his friend, or will he have to take the life of Jake to save the world?moreless
  • Redemption
    Episode 32
    It's a dangerous battle where both sides can be weakened permanently when Fabia and Nurzak battle Sid and Kazarina. In a twist of fate Kazarina reveals she has mind control of Ren's friends, making the numbers against the Brawlers grow, but the teamwork between Fabia and Nurzak may be what is needed to get them the win.moreless
  • True Evolution
    Episode 31
    Despite the power of Dragonoid Colossus, the Brawlers are separated. Three main battles are formed: Shun and Maruicho vs. Gill and his forces, Ren and company vs. Kazarina, and the main event is for control of the Sacred Orb and Dragonoid Colossus as Dan and Drago battle Barodius and Dharak. Can Drago's true evolutions prove the power of evolution is more powerful than the manipulations of science once and for all?moreless
  • Infiltrated
    Episode 30
    The trip to another dimension brings back some unexpected help- Mason and Nurzak. With these two Gundalians on their side, Dragonoid Colossus agrees to transport the Brawlers to Gundalia where two teams are made. Dan, Shun, and Marucho are given the goal of rescuing Jake while facing Dharak and most of the Elite Gundalian forces at the same time. Meanwhile Ren, Fabia, Mason, and Nurzak hope to rescue the other captured Gundalians from Kazarina and free Gundalia from Barodius in the process.moreless
  • Genesis
    Episode 29
    With Jake now being on the side of the Gundalians, Dan and Drago determine they must go to Gundalia and defeat all the Gundalians if they are to free Jake for good. Before they can do so though, Dan and Drago are transported to another dimension by Dragonoid Colossus. It is revealed that Drago and Dharak are the two descendants of the first two Bakugan the Sacred Orb created, and only one of the two of them can inherit the orbs power. Can Drago prove his worth and evolve to his strongest form to date?moreless
  • Jake's Back
    Episode 28
    Dan determines that he will save Jake from the Gundalians at all costs, but before he can figure out how to go to Gundalia and save Jake Jake mysteriously returns to Nethia. When he begins speaking about technology he has never known about before, Dan suspects Jake has been brainwashed and sets up a test to see if his suspicions are true or not.moreless
  • Into The Storm
    Episode 27
    With Ren now a member of the Brawlers and the castle knights, the Gundalians decide to step up their attack by once again sending children to battle the Brawlers and weaken the third shield. Dan suspects it is all a trap, but Jake can't stand to see the tears and pain the kids are going through. He ignores Dan's orders and follows one kid into a Gundalian portal. Has Jake just fallen into a divide and conquer strategy the Gundalians created, or will he be able to successfully free the kids the Gundalians have brainwashed?moreless
  • Forgiveness
    Episode 26
    After much work from Dan and Marucho, Ren is finally ready to rejoin the Battle Brawlers. But will the rest of the battle brawlers be willing to forgive him and can the Nethians actually trust one of their worst enemies? Will Ren be able to provide enough inside information to show he has changed for good?moreless
  • Dragonoid Colossus
    Episode 25
    Ren begins a full out assault on Emperor Barodius. As he sees the Brawlers begin to fall one by one, Linehalt begins to get stronger and stronger. An unknown energy known as the Forbidden Energy is released, damaging all the Gundalians ships, but it also begins to crack Nethia at its very core. With no other choice the Sacred Orb unleashes its last line of defense- Dragonoid Colossus, but will it be able to contain Linehalt and bring peace back to Nethia?moreless
  • Colossus Dharak
    Episode 24
    Kazarina finishes her experiments allowing Dharak to fuse with other Bakugan. With this new found power Dharak starts to attack the Second Shield, where Dan stands up against him. The other Brawlers are drawn into battle against the other 10 Gundalian heads. Seeing his friends struggle, Ren is forced to make a decision on which side he fully supports.moreless
  • Sid Returns
    Episode 23
    Sid awakens and finds himself trapped in one of Kazarina's tubes. He allows sees all of Ren's other teammates located their in a hibernated state. Sid decides to escape to let Ren know of the truth, but when Ren is sent to attack the Brawlers, Sid decides to disguise himself as a regular Gundalian soldier and accompany him into battle against Dan and Drago.moreless
  • Mobile Assault
    Episode 22
    The Gundalians send most of their forces to attack the Second Shield and buy some time for Kazarina's upgrade for Dharak. Seeing no other choices but to protect the shield, the Battle Brawlers decide to head to the front line to confront them.
  • Divide and Conquer
    Episode 21
    Nurzak decides to put into action his plan to take down Barodius by siding with the Brawlers. However Kazarina turns against him and forces Nurzak into a battle with Barodius for permanent control of the Gundalians.
  • 12/2/10
    Emperor Barodius reveals to Ren that he isn't punishing him because he believes in the potential that Ren possesses. However Zenet doesn't have any such promises given to her. In an attempt to prove how sneaky she can be and how useful her powers are she disguises herself as Ren and joins Gill on Nethia. The two challenge Dan and Shun. After the Battle Brawlers prevail Zenet fears she will be punished, but Gill decides to have her sneak undercover and find out if Kazarina and Nurzack are plotting anything. The secret she uncovers will determine her full future, but how will it influence Ren in the end?moreless
  • 12/1/10
    Mason fears the Gundalians will try and claim his life and decides to flee Gundalia. Jake begins to wonder why the Nethians and Brawlers don't push their way toward the First Shield. When Jake leaves the camp Mason arrives on Nethia. Little does he know he is pursued by Ren and the Order. When Ren encounters Jake and Fabia, the two sides enter into a battle which will determine the fate of Mason and unleash some of the Orbs true power.moreless
  • Curtain Call
    Episode 18
    Jake argues that the Brawlers should work at retaking the First Shield instead of repairing other defense. On Gundalia Jesse fears he is about to be disposed of like Sid was. When these two leave their counterparts and are followed, it leads to a battle in which one of them won't survive.moreless
  • 9/25/10
    Shun arrives at the Second Shield and sneaks into the compound. However the Gundalians soon learn he is there and force him and Drago into battle. With an overwhelming advantage of nearly 30 to 1, Shun and Drago have to hope that Dan and Hawktor will soon arrive to help them turn the tide of the battle and restore the Second Shield to the Nethians.moreless
  • The Secret Switch
    Episode 16
    Dan, Shun, and Fabia are discovered by the Gundalians and forced to battle in the Jungles of Nethia. Shun leaves the Dan and Fabia to battle, and when Fabia appears to about to be defeated Dan enters the battle with Hawktor instead of Drago causing confusion among the Gundalians ranks.
  • Decoy Unit
    Episode 15
    The Battle Brawlers and Nethians decide to try and reclaim the Second Shield. As they are getting ready the Gundalians attack Nethia in an attempt to destroy the Third Shield. Jake and Marucho are dispatched to the scene to act as the main attack force. They serve as decoys while Dan, Shun and Fabia make their way toward the Second Shield.moreless
  • The Sacred Orb
    Episode 14
    The Battle Brawlers are told of a mysterious object known as the Sacred Orb, the very item which seems to give Nethia all its life and the Bakugan their powers. When the Gundalians begin to attack, the Brawlers are forced to dive into action as newly crowned Knights to protect the Orb and the Nethians.moreless
  • Twin Evil
    Episode 13
    Zenet disguises herself as Julie hoping to get Dan to stay on Earth and allow the Gundlians to invade Nethia without any outside assistance. Will Dan learn the truth before it's too late?
  • The Element
    Episode 12
    The Gundalians are unaware they have taken possession of The Element, so the Battle Brawlers head into Interspace to take it back with Drago as their main attacker. Could this element lead to another Drago evolution?
  • The Secret Package
    Episode 11
    Thanks to all the humans they have brainwashed, the Gundalians manage to destroy the Nethians shield and enter into their cities. They are looking for an item hidden within a Bakugan known as the Element. Supposedly the Element has the ability to take control of the entire galaxy and is the sole reason the Gundalians have invaded. Seeing no other option the Nethians take The Element to Earth to hide it with Princess Fabia, but once they arrive in Interspace the Gundalians send their agents their to intercept this package and see why more Nethians are headed toward Earth.moreless
  • 7/31/10
    The Brawlers continue to enter Interspace with the assistance of their Bakugan to try and rescue more kids. Meanwhile, the history of Ren is revealed.
  • Twin Attack
    Episode 9
    After being ejected from Bakugan Interspace, Dan and company must try to convince the other kids that going into Interspace is dangerous and will make them slaves. When they fail to do so, they take actions to shut the circuits down. Dan and Jake then shift into Bakugan Interspace with their Bakugan's help and try to begin rescuing those kids who have been made slaves.moreless
  • Hostile Takeover
    Episode 8
    With the Brawlers finally convinced of the truth, Fabia decides it is time to summon the other original Bakugan for the Brawlers from Nethia. Before the Brawlers can get used to their new communication though, they learn about the brainwashed Brawlers the Gundalians took and are challenged to battles by them.moreless
  • True Colors
    Episode 7
    Marucho challenges Ren to a battle in an effort to determine if his or Fabia's words are true. However he does it without the other Brawlers knowledge. If Marucho loses he could be kidnapped by the Gundalians and made their next mind slave unless the Brawlers can find some way to keep their friend safe.moreless
  • Exposed
    Episode 6
    Shun listens to Fabia's side of the story and decides she is telling the truth. He leads her back into interspace to make the other Brawlers listen and reveal that Ren has been a spy this entire time. However he finds that Dan is about to battle with Jessie Glenn, forcing Shun to step in and stop him. Shun turns the battle over to Fabia, where she reveals it is the Gundalians that have invaded Nethia and admits sending an SOS to other Brawlers hoping they could find some help. Slowly the Brawlers begin to accept her story, all but Marucho, who decides he must face Ren later to find out which side is fully true.moreless
  • Confrontation
    Episode 5
    The Nethian spies begin kidnapping top ranked Brawlers after defeating them in battle, and they take them to meet Emperor Baronius. When Marucho places a message up encouraging Brawlers not to engage the Nethians, they are given no choice but to challenge the Brawlers. Sid and Zenet challenge Dan and Ren with the winners claiming Drago to a battle.moreless
  • Brawler To Be
    Episode 4
    Jake has been practicing with Dan, but he questions if he is really ready to become a Battle Brawler despite getting Dan down to 10% of his life points. During his first match in an arena Jake is booed out after losing to a supposed Nethian spy named Mason Brown. The battle discourages Jake so much that Julie decides to seek him out and tell him not to follow Dan's lead, but instead to find his own style of battling. Jake accepts Julie's words and enters into a rematch with Mason where he wins and officially joins the Brawlers.moreless
  • The Visitor
    Episode 3
    Princess Fabia arrives in Bakugan Interspace hoping to find out if the message she sent off during Bakugan New Vestroia has found strong warriors to help them. However Marucho has used the data Ren provided to track down intruders and has come across Fabia as being a Nethian spy. Fabia fights Dan, but when the Brawlers see she has the original Aranaut Shun begins to question all the words Ren has told them and decides to seek out Fabia after the battle.moreless
  • Revelation
    Episode 2
    Ren finds what appears to be Invaders entering Bakugan Interspace. He shows this info to the Brawlers, and Dan decides to face off with Sid and Leena to see if his visions of a war with Bakugan are true. Ren admits that he is from another location called Gundalia, and he tries to convince the Brawlers that Gundalia has been invaded by the Nethians and that they are desperately needing the Brawlers help to stop the war.moreless
  • A New Beginning
    Episode 1
    It's an all new adventure for the Bakugan Battle Brawlers when Dan's family moves to Bayview City and Marucho's Bakugan Interspace becomes fully operational to everyone, allowing kids all over the world to log on and display their battling skills. Dan heads to a cafe in town where Julie works to meet with his new friend Jake, a young brawler who is only familiar with virtual bakugan. The two make there way to Bakugan Interspace where they meet up with Marucho who gives Jake Subterra Coredem. Jake is excited to meet his partner, but quickly saddened when he learns it is only a synthetic bakugan and not a real one like Dan and Marucho's bakugan. Dan and Jake immediately want to battle, but discover that all the available arenas are occupied. Marucho remembers how Ren suddenly appeared in Bakugan Interspace, having been let in by Kato, and helped the brawlers artificially create synthetic bakugan for Bakugan Interspace. Just then, Ren arrives having been made the Head of Data and Research of Bakugan Interspace ad informs them that Shun is currently in battle at one of the arenas, so the brawlers promptly head off to cheer on their friend. With Shun quickly seizing victory, Ren is scheduled to battle Dan. As the battle intensifies, Marucho is forced to shut down Bakugan Interspace and Dan is knocked out. Before coming to, Dan has a vision of Bakugan at war, something which everyone, except Ren, brushes off as a hallucination...moreless
  • Duplicity
    Jesse, Mason, and Zenet are targeted as the weak links by the Gundalians and are forced to battle to prove themselves. However if they fail, they could become the next subjects for Kazarina's experiments. Can they finally find a way to defeat the Battle Brawlers? Find out in this special abridged episode made specifically for Warner covering episodes 18-20 of Gundalian Invaders.moreless