Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

GyaO (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • To Go Towards the Sea
      Akizuki strives to defeat Enomoto and the Conquerors head once and for all but he must first take on both Kakunojou and Soutetsu to do it. Will he suceed or is the power of the head just too great?
    • The Pentagon Castle Enclosure Surfaces
      With Akizuki closing in on Enomoto he utilises the fearsome power of the Conquerors head to defend his castle. We also see some of Akizuki's backstory and learn about his difficult childhood.
    • Irohanihoheto
      Episode 24
      Hijikata finally starts to realise that Soutetsu is up to something behind everyones back. Enomoto is also begining to master the true power of the Conquerors head.
    • Hakodate is Red
      Hakodate is Red
      Episode 23
      Under the command of Kanna the english knights launch a daring raid against Enomoto but they are no much for the Japanese forces. Even Knight is cut down by the swordsmanship of Hijikata.
    • An Encounter in the North
      Akizuki finally manages to ctach up with Enomoto and the conquerors head but once again Kakunojou gets in the way. Soutetsu also continues to make his own plans and plot against those around him, but for what end?
    • Crossing Over the Strait
      Akizuki sets off for Ezo where Kakunojou is still waiting at the hospital despite the departure of the rest of the Troupe. Kakunojou also makes a realisation about the lyrics of the Temari Uta.
    • There Were Waves
      There Were Waves
      Episode 20
      Akizuki is found and nursed back to health by a young woman and her son. Meanwhile,Hijikata and Enomoto laucnch their attack to try and conquer Hakodate.
    • Bright Inverted Pentagram
      Kakunojou is in a state of shock from her actions on board the ship but her spirits are lifted when she is reunited with her old friends from the Troupe.
    • Pathetic Destiny
      Pathetic Destiny
      Episode 18
      The English knights launch a second attack but it ends in disaster when Rook is killed. Akizuki uses the English attack as a diversion to sneak up on Enomoto but when Kakunojou becomes possessed by her sword things don't go as planned.
    • Unnecessary Deliberation
      Kakunojou and Akizuki experience differences of opinion in how to proceed against Enomoto. Meanwhile the four Englishmen launch an attack against Enomoto's ship. However, they are forced to withdraw when Enomoto appears and is just too powerful now that he is possessed.
    • Accompaniment of Four People
      Now that Kakunojou has found her sword she travels North with Akizuki to reach Enomoto and the conquerors head. On route the pair encounter Hijikata, who will play an important part in the approaching battle.
    • The Secret Sword Resonates
      Akizuki and Kakunojou are traveling together across Japan to find Kakunojou's new sword when they receive an interesting message. Meanwhile, the war between the supporters of the old and the new government continues to escalate.
    • To The North
      To The North
      Episode 14
      Kanna has been promoted to the head of the elite English forces and is planning an assault on Enomoto and hs forces. The Troupe is once again considering disbanding now that their enemy is dead. Kakunojou decides that it is time to leave the Troupe and heads off with Akizuki.
    • Head of the Conqueror`s Intimacy
      We see some of Kanna's backstory and are also introduced to Knight, Queen, Rook and Bishop a group of elite English soldiers. Meanwhile, following the Troupe's new performance of the play, Soutetsu lets Juubei escape with the Conqueror's Head. Akizuki and Kakunojou chase after him but their attempts to regain the Head are hampered by the English forces. Before Akizuki can stop it the Conqueror's Head merges with Emimoto and a new and very dangerous enemy is born.moreless
    • Ryouma`s Message
      Ryouma`s Message
      Episode 12
      The Troupe are attacked by a group of strange ghosts and it is up to Akizuki to save them, although he is still devastated by the death of his old friend Sakamoto. Meanwhile, Soutetsu seems to be advancing his plans, but what is he up to?
    • The Troupe Again at a Provisional Stage
      The troupe travels to Edo based on the information in Soutetsu's script. Here they meet up with Akizuki who has been in Edo for some time. It also emerges that Juubei is currently in Edo himself.
    • Ueno Falls
      Ueno Falls
      Episode 10
      The death of Juubei threatens to split the Troupe apart. However, when a new script from Soutetsu arrives it emerges that Juubei may not be dead, as was thought. Meanwhile, Akizuki has his own problems dealing with Okita's death.
    • The Black Cat Cries
      Akizuki meets an old friend from his childhood, a gifted swords man called Okita, and he thinks back on his life, in particular the time he spent with Sakamoto. Meanwhile, a huge army is headed towards Yokohama.
    • Satisfactions for Revenge Reach
      Nakaiya Juubei finally shows himself and tries to manipulate Katsu with the Conqueror's Head but Soutetsu is also their and tries to steal it. Meanwhile, Akizuki must fight Kanna to try and reach the Head before it is too late. And on top of all that the troupe infiltrates the same mansion in which all of this happens.moreless
    • Soutetsu Moves
      Soutetsu Moves
      Episode 7
      Soutetsu leaves the Troupe and seeks out a strange object capable of summoning a demon before he meets with Nakaiya Juubei. Meanwhile, the rest of the Troupe think back to when they first met. Juubei then succeeds in using another demon to possess Katsu.
    • The Closing Performance Burns
      We learn about the bloody history of Yokohama and the even more bloody history of Akizuki's sword. The Troupe have now tweaked the play about Hario Genba so that three brainwashed goons attack instead of Magozou. Katsu attends the play along with Parkes and some other associates.
    • Shureiki Unleashed
      Nakaiya Juubei recruits three dangerous men who quickly become possessed by demons. This forces them to lose their minds and as such Akizuki must try to intervene.
    • Anecdote of An Undersurfaced Scandal
      Yuyama becomes an increasing threat to Nakaiya Juubei and as such Saigo Magozou is sent to assassinate him. We also learn a little of Akizuki's backstory.
    • Ballad of Stone Crane Mansion
      Parkes arranges a bodyguard for Katsu, to protect him from the approaching threat. Meanwhile, Akizuki and the theatre troupe have finally caught up with their target. But even out-numbered and surrounded he puts up a good fight.
    • The Earth-Splitting Sword Laughs
      Youjiro wakes up only to find himself in the troupe's place.Hario an assassin - bodyguard interested in Youjiro from the moment he saw him in action in the auction follows him and after a short fight Youjiro manages to escape.After a while Youjiro agrees with the troupe to join them.Later on Zagashira explains to Youjiro Kakunojou's, the troupe's leader, complicated past.Once again now Youjiro along with the help of the troupe confront Hario and manage to defeat him.
    • A Foul Star in the Sky
      While an ominous star lurks in the sky a mysterious man stops two horsemen from delivering an important message to the emperor.Later on a samurai called Youjiro saves two children from certain death.Turns out the children he saved were part of a troupe that thanked him for saving them by offering him a short performance.While the samurai resonates with the ominous star a dangerous item known as the head of the conqueror is being sold by auction, how will Youjiro act?moreless
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