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  • Because it was my day off.

    The shows title refers to a ficticious Scottish island inhabited by a spectrum of folk who seem to make big dramas out of minor crisises. Nursery teacher Miss Hoolie, she with the tartrazine eye make-up & dodgy hairdo, greets the viewers & leads us to the events of each episode. The aptly named PC Plum is the comicly camp cop who makes you wonder how he made it through police training, while fitness guru Josie Jump looks like she's on something & inventor Archie looks like someone who should be on a national register. The chanting theme tune, What's the story in Balamory, like the show itself is far more addictive than any mood enhancing substances.
  • "Balamory" has been around on the BBC for only a couple of years now, but is now a cult children's classic with it's ubiquitous catchphrase, "What's the story in Balamory?".

    After nearly four series, it looks set to be axed now, which is a pity as it's a colourfully friendly blend of music, frolics and fun.

    Made for the under-fives, the series is set in the fictional seaside town of "Balamory" (actually Tobermory, Scotland). The show is narrated by nursery teacher Miss Hoolie (Julie Wilson Nimmo), and features colourful and diverse characters such as Archie the Inventor, Edie McRedie the bus driver, PC Plum, Josie Jump, etc. The cast of characters cast a broad net with black, English, Scottish and disabled all included. Appropriately, attention is never actually drawn to these things so the subconscious message to the children is that it is really all right. I don't think this approach is any way too PC - in a still sometimes prejudicial and ignorant society, it's essential.

    The music incorporates different styles of performing that vary from the grating and annoying, to some rather brilliant, contemporary sounds.
  • What the hell??????????

    OK,now seriously we all ready had crap like Bob the Builder and Teletubbies on our screens but in 2002 a new show came which was called Balamory god the theme song is awful and it gets my nerves What's the story of Balamory? Would'nt ya like to know? Ugh those words get on my nerves this show get on my nerves there is some 10 year olds who love this show and even if i was 10 i'd hate this show completely annoying and overrated i'm glad this show is cancelled and will never make it onto our screens again but there is some shows that still are on our screens which we need to get rid of i'd give it a 0 if the stupid rating thing would let me.
  • He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him.

    He is in prison for breaking the AVO and that just by trying to call her. She is upset about it and want to help him. It is just so unfair on him all this and he asks her if they can use her money shes going to spend on buying Alexes part of the gym to buy him out. He tells her that she will get her money back because he knows Kane is going to win the court case and it is important to him that his friends have trust in him. She is not sure if getting him out of prison is the right thing, but she agree with him and gives him the money to get him home.
  • Balamory is a small island off the coast of Scotland. Each day Miss Hoolie tells you what the story is in Balamory that day. It then follows the main character of the story trying to work out the problem.

    Amazing! Fan Dabi Dozi!!!! Why have the BBC axed this. It is probably the only show (except Monarch of The Glen, River City and Still Game) to be set in Scotland this Millenium. How funny are all these characters :

    Archie - A crazy dedicated Scot who likes to invent things and always wears a kilt.

    Penny - A Newcastlian(??) who works with Suzie in the shop.

    Suzie - An old woman who works in the shop with Penny

    PC Plum - A policeman who is slightly gay and mugs Suzie Sweet in his old song.

    Josie Jump - A woman with 2 personalities!!!!

    Why wouldn't you want to watch this.
  • omg

    I've stumbled across this children's television show a few times now and I find it just a little bit disturbing. It's set in this odd village in Scotland at a place called Isle of Skye where everyone has mad staring eyes. The worst thing about balamory is I cant get the theme tune out of my head. Also what is it with Miss Hoolies hair do has she never heard of an hairdressers!
  • A childrens TV show, that really isn't that bad!

    Despite it being a normal childrens show, this porgramme is probably one of the best ive ever seen. What with Miss Hoolie and Josie Jump, Archie the Inventor and PC Plum its got a great mix of characters. My parents think im loopy and i probably am but when this programme is on CBeebies i watch it with a vigil!
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