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Girls Vs Boys

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    Season two Gerren dump Morriah now she want him back,because he has another girlfriend.Gerren is being disrespectful toward Morriah new girlfriend and him.She dumped him because she wanted too play an hurtful game.She didn't expect him too move on so fast.Lo'Rena want Morriah so she can hurt his ex-girlfriend Gerren,because she don't care for Gerren.Lo'Rena is also being disrespectful toward Morriah and his girlfriend.Lo'Rena and Ashely friends are jealous of Gerren,because she is an model.Ashely is a mean girl.She don't have no respect for anybody feelings not even her own mother.She talks back too her mother.So if Lo'Rena sleeps around and Ashely hangs with her what do that tell you about Ashely she on the blank side now.Staci is doing good she still in school,but she need too listen too her friend Sal she can find a much better boyfriend.Its sadden me too see beautiful girls fighting over a guy when it more guys out there.Just so they can hurt other girl.Lo'Rena is going too get hurt if she don't back down from trying too get two girls hurt over Morriah.Morriah mom needs too buy Morriah a car in put him on a restriction.If not his father needs too buy him a car.Morriah mother needs too learn how too give her son some space in trust that he will make the right choice in life.But eventually he will make some bad ones.She can't keep Morriah under her wings forever.Thats all I have too say
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