Ball Four

CBS (ended 1976)


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  • Based upon a controversial book by Jim Bouton, this show took place mostly in a men\'s locker room. Low budget sitcom with only two experienced actors that never really caught on. Low-brow humor that couldn\'t even hook fans of the book.

    I had hoped this show would catch on. I\'d read Bouton\'s tell-all about the lives of big league ballplayers, and saw rough versions of the 1969 Seattle Pilots\' antics played out among these fictional Washington Americans. Had loads of fun picking out the characters from the book among the TV guys, but after a while it was no more than a series of inside jokes to an audience that either never tuned in or quickly lost interest. My local CBS affiliate pulled the plug after just two episodes, running local public affairs programing in its time slot.
    A more charismatic lead character might\'ve helped, but mostly this show needed time to develop, which in the days of the Big Three network monopoly was hard to come by. True, shows such as M*A*S*H did poorly at first, but this was no M*A*S*H.