Balls of Steel

Friday 10:50 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 06, 2005 In Season


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  • balls of steel will make you laugh all the way

    This has to be one of the best shows I've ever seen makes me proud to be from england. This show is all about 12 comedians which do stupid stuff to win the balls of steel award 6 take part each week. Mark Dolan presents this show giving us jokes along the way.

    The acts are Alex Zane and his unfair gameshows, The Pain Men taking different stunt such as hitting a nail in there hand or a sander on there bum pretty painfully, worlds worst who was in series 1 he did such things as be a london cabbie and a barman, Annoying Devil set out to make peoples life a living hell, Big Gay Following who will go up to men and say you fancy a bum, Neg and his urban sports running from security guards and then he does the rodeo jumping on peoples back then there was knock the door don't run getting people mad, Toju the Militant Black Guy who will see words such as black pudding, raccoon etc as racial slurs,

    Coming to series 2 was Johnathan Goodwin attempts dangerous escapes with his father, the f**kers who will do sex anywhere in a bar in front of people in a car show room, Mr Inappropriate who teaches students swearing etc and doing rude stuff in public places.

    This is one of the most criticized programs on tv one of them been tom cruise getting squirted in the face but a microphone the producer done this stunt on him and he spent the night in jail. They done the same stunt on Sharon Osborne but she got her own back as she picked up a bucket of water and shot it right at the camera.

    Now Channel 4 have brought out the Balls Of Steel DVD showing all of Series 1 you can see all of those classic moments over and over again its worth buying. If you have never seen this check it out you can see this on youtube or if you have channel 4 you can watch it there. The dvd is also out now so check it out
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