Balls of Steel

Friday 10:50 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 06, 2005 In Season


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  • amazingly funny ull laugh every time

    Well what can i say, if u laugh at pain or other people pain and frustraition, u'll love this show, even if you don't you'll still love this amazingly suprising and funny show.

    everyweek the cast will perform stunts and acts they have recored without other people knowing, and it will be shown on a large tv infront of a audience in the end the audience vote who has the biggest balls or BALLS OF STEel.

    the stuff they do ranges from painting disabled signs in empty car parks to playing knock and dont run.

    in my opinion it's the funniest audience show i've seen and even if you don't find those funny, you will wet urslef wen u watch it at one poiont or another.

    watch it, i give it a million out of ten extremly creative