Balls of Steel

Friday 10:50 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 06, 2005 In Season


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  • This comedy show challenges a huge range of comedians and performers to undercover stunts and tricks.With so many comedians involved you are sure to find one funny and enjoyable to watch.The jokes are so blunt and quite rude at times but such good tv.

    I find this show really enjoyable and think it is hysterically funny.The comedians and performers are all so funny and just a pure joy to watch.There are definitely some preformers/comedians I prefer such as..The Annoying Devil and of course the Pain Men who are just so crazy and have you almost wincing as they do their daredevil stunts and stupid antics.This is one comedy show that you'll find it hard not to laugh at because the jokes are just so funny and so casually done it's hard not to enjoy them.I think the undercover stunts are very amusing and I just love seeing the people's reactions.This is only recent to me but from the first time I watched it I was practically hooked and couldn't get enough of the sometimes rude and occasionally dirty yer extremely hilarious jokes and gags.
    I can almost guareentee everyone who watches this programme will love it because in my opinion it is very difficult not to enjoy it.
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