Season 4 Episode 9

As Stars Look Down

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1998 on BBC
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As Stars Look Down
Henry, an African Bishop who was once one of Father Mac's curates, pays a flying visit to the town. Aidan has organised a bingo night but there is a danger that the celebrity bingo caller won't make it, and father Mac suggests Aidan does the job. Kathleen starts coaching him. but becomes frustrated at his lacklustre style. He attempts the calling on his own, but it is a disaster and Orla steps in to save her brother from embarrassment. Sean is aware that Emma is spending more time with Danny and he's not too happy about it. During bad weather they are stranded on a hill by the lake. They take shelter in a cold, empty house where they spend the night, only to face Sean the next morning. Henry has been offered a job in the Vatican, but he feels that taking it will make him look like a coward. He faces hostility from the regime and would like to be there to see it through. Father Mac persuades him that the Vatican position might be of more use to the people he serves.moreless

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    Gary Whelan

    Gary Whelan

    Brendan Kearney

    Kate McEnery

    Kate McEnery

    Emma Dillon (seasons 4-5)

    Victoria Smurfit

    Victoria Smurfit

    Orla O'Connell (seasons 4-5)

    Lorcan Cranitch

    Lorcan Cranitch

    Sean Dillon (season 4-5)

    Don Wycherley

    Don Wycherley

    Fr. Aidan O'Connell (seasons 4-5)

    Birdy Sweeney

    Birdy Sweeney

    Eamonn Byrne (seasons 1-5)

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      • (Ambrose on phone)

        Ambrose: That's it Inspector. It's early days yet, but her father is very concerned…I know that's the procedure Inspector. Fine. So. I will keep you posted.

        (Door to the pub opens & Emma & Danny enter)

        Ambrose: (into telephone)Oh, actually, Inspector, it's OK. You can forget about it. She's just arrived.

        Sean: Where the hell have you been?

        Danny: Mr. Dillon.

        Sean: Where were you?

        Emma: Dad.

        Sean: Why didn't you ring me?

        Emma: I can explain.

        Sean: I hope you can.

        Danny: We got stranded.

        Sean: You weren't at home. You weren't at Eamon's. Where the hell were you?

        Danny: We were climbing Fawnglas mountain. The weather turned bad so we had to stay.

        Sean: On Fawnglas?

        Danny: Yeah.

        Emma: I'm sorry. I know you were worried sick but there was no way we could get back down.

        Sean: But you're OK?

        Danny: Yeah, we found a hut and we sheltered there.

        Sean: A hut?

        Danny: Yeah.

        Emma: It had a stove and a settee we slept on.

        Sean: (to Emma) Come here! (pulling her away from the others)

        Emma: What is it dad?

        Sean: You know what it is!

        Emma: Say it.

        Sean: I don't trust him.

        Emma: What question are you asking me?

        Sean: You know what question I'm asking!

        Emma: You've no right to ask me that!

        Sean: I've every right! I'm your father. So I'm asking you.

        Emma: You don't trust him? You don't trust me! (Emma starts walking away)

        Sean: Emma!

        Emma: He didn't put a finger on me! Now are you happy? I'll be waiting outside! (slams the door on her way out)

        Danny: She's telling you the truth.

        (Sean rounds on Danny with a 'Don't mess with me' look on his face)

        Sean: Thank you.

        Danny: (clearly surprised by the question) For what?

        Sean: For looking after my daughter.

        Danny: No sweat.

        (Danny & Sean shake hands)

        Sean: (turning to go) I'll be seeing you.

        Danny: Yeah, I'll see you around.

        (Ambrose lets out the breath he'd been holding since Sean rounded on Danny)

      • (Emma wakes up next to Danny on the couch and sees a goat in the hut)

        Emma: Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny!

        Danny: What? What? What? What?

        (Danny tumbles off couch)

        Emma: There!(pointing)

        Danny: It's only an old goat. Get out! (to the goat)

        Emma: Sorry.

        Danny: It's alright. What're you? How are you feeling?

        Emma: I'm alright. A bit cold.

      • (Danny & Emma standing in the hut door, looking at the stars)

        Danny: Oh, well. Look at that one. Look. See it? (points at shooting start)

        Emma: Yeah.

        Danny: I'd love to be able to spot all of them…what do you call thems? Constellations. You know. Those drawings that link all the stars like in a dot drawing. All I ever see when I look up is stars.

        (Emma laughs)

        Danny: (getting upset) What you laughing at?

        Emma: Don't you ever bull *!~%?

        Danny: What?

        Emma: Of all the things I reckoned a man would say when we looked at the stars, that's the last thing…

        Danny: Well, I left school when I was 13, what's your point?

        Emma: No.(trying to explain) I mean, it's great, to just stand here and look at them, without some plonker saying 'the stars remind me of your eyes', all that trying it on routine.

        (Danny & Emma look at each other for a minute & then kiss)

      • Danny: How did she die?(speaking of Emma's mother)

        Emma: Aneurism they called it.

        Danny: What's that?

        Emma: It means, you get a headache, and 2 days later you're dead.

      • (Sean goes into Fitzgerald's & Niahm starts to go behind the bar)

        Sean: No Niahm. Stay where you are. I'm not looking for a drink. I'm looking for Emma. She hasn't turned up at home yet. Do you know what time she left here at?

        Niahm: Dunno. I suppose about 2.

        Sean: Did she leave by herself?

        Niahm: She left with Danny Byrne. Is anything wrong?

        Sean: Well, the last time I saw her was in here, lunchtime, and it's after 10 now.

        Niahm: Maybe she went out to Eamon's with Danny.

        Sean: No, I checked. She's not there. And Danny's not back either.

        Niahm: She's probably just forgotten the time Sean. She'll be along.

        (Door opens and Ambrose comes in and sees the 2 of them alone together)

        Niahm: Hiya.

        Ambrose: Hiya. Sean.

        Sean: Ambrose.

        Niahm: Sean was wondering about Emma. She was to be back home a couple of hours ago. You haven't see her?

        Ambrose: No. Have you any idea where she went?

        Niahm: Sean thinks she's gone off with Danny Byrne.

        Sean: I just don't like the idea of her running off with Danny, just like that.

        Ambrose: She's 16. Aren't you being a bit overprotective?

        Sean: I don't remember asking for advice.

        Ambrose: I was trying to help.

        Sean: Sorry.

        Ambrose: You'll excuse me. I have to change.

        (Ambrose leaves the room)

        Sean: (to Niahm) Sorry.

        Niahm: Take it easy.

        (Sean gets up)

        Sean: Maybe…maybe she'll be there when I get back.

        Niahm: And if she isn't, don't start worrying. She'll be fine. Trust me.

        (Niahm puts her hand over Sean's on the table for a second, then realizes what she's doing and quickly takes it away)

      • (Emma looks out at rain)

        Emma: I mean, will it ever stop? It'll be absolutely ages before we get back down again. My dad's gonna go ape.

        (Danny lighting candles)

        Danny: The thing is, it's getting dark.

        Emma: Yeah, I can see that.

        Danny: Your dad will go absolutely ape when we go down again…tomorrow.

        Emma: No way.

        (Emma comes from window)

        Danny: Would you look at it? It's slashing rain. We're miles up and it's getting dark.

        Emma: Will you goo into the other room for a while.

        Danny: Why?

        (Emma starts picking up her dry clothes)

        Emma: I'm getting dressed. I'm going home.

        Danny: You can't! It'll be night soon, and it's dead slippy. And you'll break your neck going the mountain in the dark in those yokes.

        Emma: The other room please.

        Danny: Emma, you slip and lose your footing you could fall 500 feet. Have you see all the rocks on your way up?

        Emma: Well, you brought me here!

        Danny: I asked you up here, you came up yourself.

        Emma: It's the same thing.

        Danny: And I told you about them runners.

        Emma: I know!

        Danny: Calm down!

        Emma: I am calm!

        Danny: Oh, here we go.

      • Orla: You owe me big time.

        Aidan: Yes. Big time. Thank you.

        Orla: Now make yourself scarce.

        Aidan: With pleasure.

      • (Danny stokes fire & starts undressing)

        Emma: What are you doing?

        Danny: What does it look like?

        Emma: I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

        Danny: Well, what are you waiting for?

        Emma: Sorry?

        Danny: Take your clothes off, will you?

        Emma: I beg your pardon?

        Danny: Do you want to catch your death of cold?

        Emma: Oh. (starts to take coat off)

        Danny: This bit of heat's great isn't it?

        Emma: I suppose.

        (Emma picks up blanket)

        Emma: Do you want this?

        Danny: I might. Thanks.

        (Danny jumps onto couch and shivers under the blanket)

        Danny: Where's the pillow Mrs.?

        Emma: In your dreams.(laughs)

      • (Danny & Emma huddled under a tree in the rain)

        Danny: Looks like it might be easing down a bit.

        Emma: No it doesn't.

        Danny: I was only saying…

        Emma: I was only disagreeing…

        Danny: We're not gonna argue about the rain are we?

        Emma: Well, I'm not. (Emma runs out from under the tree into the rain) I'm gonna do something about it.

        Danny: Emma!(runs after her)

        Danny: Come back will you? Emma! Emma!

        (Emma & Danny run up to a hut they find on the hill & Emma knocks loudly on the door)

        Emma: Hello! Hello! Hello!

        Danny: Just push it!

        Emma: We can't just go in.

        Danny: Why not?

        (They go inside the hut)

        Emma: What will we say if there's someone in here?

        Danny: Thanks.

        Emma: Oh, be serious. What if there's somebody in one of those rooms?

        (Danny walks through hut, looking for people)

        Danny: Hello! Hello! Nope. Nobody here.

        Emma: There is you know.

        Danny: Who?

        Emma: Reginald.

        Danny: Who?

        (Emma looks down at the woodstove that says 'Reginald')

      • (Thunder rolls as Emma & Danny climb the hillside)

        Emma: Looks a bit iffy.

        Danny: What?

        Emma: The sky.

        Danny: Oh, should be OK.

        Emma: How do you know?

        Danny: I just know.

        (Starts pouring)

        Danny: I don't believe it.

        Emma: 'I just know'. (makes a face as she pulls her hood up)

      • (Women getting off tour bus see Eamon walking down the street)

        Woman 1: 'Tis Eamon Byrne.

        Woman 2: Would you look at him? Eamon. Eamon Byrne. Come over Eamon. Do you know he's a great catch. He's a great farm.

        Woman 1: Would you look at the state he's in?

        Woman 2: Ah, wouldn't you love to give him a little cuddle?

        Woman 1: Eamon. Are you going to the Monster Bingo?

        Woman 3: We'll keep a seat for you.

        Eamon: I am not. Good evening to you.

        (Eamon walks away as women laugh)

      • Emma: Shall we keep going or would you like to rest again?

        Danny: What are you talking about? The last time we stopped was for you to rest.

        Emma: I took pity on you. I knew you'd be knackered, but being a man, too macho to admit it.

        Danny: Ah, would you get off the stage young one?

        (Emma steps forward and almost slips in a puddle)

        Emma: Oops!

        Danny: Alright?

        Emma: There. Got it.

        (Danny steps forward and slips into puddle)

        Danny: Ha ha ha ha. Laugh it up. Give me a hand will you?

        (Emma helps Danny out of the puddle)

        Danny: At least I made you laugh.

      • (Emma leans down to take a drink from a hill-side stream)

        Danny: Here, don't drink that. I know you're in beautiful Ireland, but the water's manky. You'll never know what you'll catch.

        Emma: You should see the London water.

        Danny: Yeah?

      • (Orla talking to Brendan at the bar)

        Orla: I'm telling you, the one place I'm going back to is Bali. They are the nicest, friendliest people, the Balinese.

        Donal: I thought we were.

        Orla: What, you two?(speaking of Donal & Liam)

        Donal: No, the Irish. I thought we were supposed to be the friendliest people in the world.

        (Phone rings in background)

        Orla: Back in a sec.(looking relieved)

        Liam: Your woman's a big spoofer.

        Brendan: Why?

        Liam: Because if she was in Bali, she'd know what the people in Bali are called.

        Brendan: Actually, Liam…

        Liam: They are called Balemics.

        Donal: They're not. They're called Balinians.

        Liam: Balemics.

        Donal: Balinians.

        Brendan: The population of Bali are called Balinese.

        Donal: Balinians.

        Liam: Donal, if you've nothing constructive to say, stay out of the conversation.

        Donal: Ditto.

        Brendan: The people of Japan are called Japanese. China, Chinese. Timor, Timorese. And the people from Bali are called Balinese.

        Donal: Argentina, Argentinean. Tahiti, Tahitian. Chile, Chilean. And Bali, Balinian.

        (Eamon walks into bar)

        Orla: How you doing Eamon?

        Brendan: Eamon.

        Eamon: Right Brendan.

        Brendan: If I was to say to you Balinese, what would you say to me?

        Eamon: I'd say that you can't trust any one of them. They're no good with sheep. Give me an Irish collie any time.

        (Brendan looks confused)

      • (Aidan practising for the Bingo tournament)

        Aidan: 2 little ducks, 22. Unlucky for some, 13.

        (Kathleen enters as Aidan wolf-whistles)

        Kathleen: Father!

        Aidan: Legs 11 Kathleen! Sorry. Thanks for coming.

      • (Danny & Emma walking in the hills)

        Danny: I was halfway up here with my uncle's sheep last week.

        Emma: Yeah right.

        Danny: Seriously.

        Emma: Stop playing farmer Joe.

        Danny: Besides, what would your dad say if he knew you were up here?

        Emma: He's wouldn't like it. You know that. He thinks you're bad for me.

        Danny: And what do you think?

        Emma: I'm here aren't I?

      • (Danny, Emma, Liam & Donal throwing darts in Fitzgerald's)

        Donal: Double top off. 1-4-7's. Treble 19. Leaves the bull.

        (Danny throws a bull's eye)

        Emma: 180!

        Donal: Was not. Was 147.

        Emma: Well, I've always wanted to shout that.

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