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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Smoke Signals
      Smoke Signals
      Episode 8
      Father Mac is outraged when he learns that Vincent has married Barry and Lyn, and to make matters worse the Bishop has found out as well. Also, the bank has foreclosed on the priest's house, so Vincent is forced to find a place to sleep in various places. Meanwhile, Louis's dog is unwell, and when Siobhan seeks to find out why she finds some strange plants on the mountain, which attracts the interest of both Doc Ryan and Frankie. And then there's Liam, the cool dude....!moreless
    • One Reborn Every Minute
      A faith healer, Conseula Dunphy, comes to the area: Father Mac is worried, Michael Ryan is contemptuous, and Vincent has an open mind. Vincent's life is complicated, however, with the arrival of an old friend and his girlfriend who want him to marry them - but there are complications. Meanwhile, Liam thinks that he and Donal should invest the money they had from Brian in the syndicate which owns Avril's horse, The Cat. And then there's the large stone in the field that Paul's leasing.....moreless
    • In a Jam
      In a Jam
      Episode 6
      News spreads that Father Vincent will be organizing the annual parish fete, so Liam and Donal set about arranging the 'Cow-in-the-Field' competition, and a battle ensues in the jam-making competition. Meanwhile, Avril's stables are in financial difficulties, and a trip to the doctor brings some worrying news for Siobhan.
    • Paul Dooley Sleeps with the Fishes
      Donal and Liam are after Paul to repay the money he borrowed, and the only way Paul can get the money is to sell the priest's house. Also, Oonagh is fed-up with receiving junk mail addressed to Assumpta, and decides to chnage the name of the pub. Meanwhile, when Avril's husband turns up in BallyK, she doesn't know how to handle the situation, and Vincent fights to provide some support.moreless
    • Spirit Proof
      Spirit Proof
      Episode 4
      Brendan goes fishing, and sees the ghost of Finbar Corcoran, a highwayman who was hanged in the 18th century. In telling the story he also informs Paul that Fitzgerald's bar now owns the lucrative local fishing rights, and Paul persuades Father Sheahan that angling holidays will bring in money to the trust. But then people start reporting sightings of Finbar, and Frankie and Vincent seek an explanation. But the most terrifying sight is that of Kathleen learning to drive!moreless
    • The Cat and Daddy G
      The Dooley's new pet goat, Daddy G, is causing havoc at the pub, and is moved to Avril's stables. Avril, however, has money worries, and is thinking of selling The Cat, her beloved racehorse. Meanwhile, Father Vincent is called to the police station to hear a man's confession, and finds himself in an ethical dilemma.moreless
    • Drink
      Episode 2
      Father Vincent has got troubles: he's tested positive for drink driving, and the bank is about to take away the cottage which used to belong to Brian, and in which he lives. Meanwhile, Liam's fallen in love with Siobhan's niece, Elaine, and Siobahan is furious with Brendan for being irresponsible. Then there's Paul, who wants to buy Louis's cottage . . .moreless
      Episode 1
      It's all change at BallyK. There's a new priest, Father Vincent Sheahan, who has arrived from Australia, there's a new stable owner, Avril Burke, and a new mechanic at Padraig's old garage, Edso Dowling. Within hours of arriving in BallyK, Father Vincent has to turn detective to find out who has set up a website,, purporting to be a Ballykissangel confessional. Meanwhile, Brian Quigley has dissappeared, leaving his clothes neatly folded on the beach (remember Reggie Perrin?). Has he drowned, or does the list of his debtors point to his having 'done a runner'?moreless
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