Season 4 Episode 2

He Healeth the Sick

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1998 on BBC
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He Healeth the Sick
Father Aidan's alleged healing hands land him in trouble when it transpires that the woman he helped is making a fraudulent compensation claim for her injuries. He appeals to her conscience to get her to withdraw the claim. Niamh is disgusted when Brian changes the pub's name in an effort to appeal more to the tourists. She walks out and leaves him surrounded by irate customers. He makes allowances for her family life, which eventually brings her back, but Ambrose is not happy. Sean's compassion for an injured fox puts him in Eamonn's bad books, and Padraig is influenced by past events - Sean owns Padraig's family's land.moreless

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    Gary Whelan

    Gary Whelan

    Brendan Kearney

    Tony Doyle

    Tony Doyle

    Brian Quigley (seasons 1-5)

    Victoria Smurfit

    Victoria Smurfit

    Orla O'Connell (seasons 4-5)

    Lorcan Cranitch

    Lorcan Cranitch

    Sean Dillon (season 4-5)

    Don Wycherley

    Don Wycherley

    Fr. Aidan O'Connell (seasons 4-5)

    Peter Caffrey

    Peter Caffrey

    Padraig O'Kelly #1 (seasons 1-4)

    David Kelly

    David Kelly

    Plunkett O'Reilly

    Guest Star

    Britta Smith

    Britta Smith

    Mary Cummins

    Guest Star

    Aaron Harris

    Aaron Harris


    Guest Star

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      • Ambrose: It's absolutely against every rule of every police force in the world for a guard to live over a licensed premises.
        Niahm: Yes?
        Ambrose: I mean, what will my superiors say?
        Niahm: How will they find out?
        Ambrose: They're the police.

      • (Brendan & Siobhan setting the fox free)
        (Fox cries from somewhere close by)
        Siobhan: Now, be careful.
        Brendan: Why?
        Siobhan: I said be careful when you're opening the door.
        Brendan: Why? What'll happen?
        Siobhan: Nothing, but she'll make a run for it.
        Brendan: She might not make a run for it.
        Siobhan: Just open the door.
        (Brendan puts his hand on the cage door and the fox nips at his fingers)
        Brendan: Ah! She went for me!
        Siobhan: Don't be such a baby.
        Brendan: I'm not being a baby. I'm just being careful.
        (Brendan smiles at Siobhan)
        (Brendan opens the cage door and the fox runs towards her mate who is waiting nearby)
        Siobhan: True love?
        Brendan: They mate for life don't they? Lovely, isn't it?
        Siobhan: Oh, would you cop on. Mate for life. With a dog fox wandering for miles around the countryside. If they did mate for life I'd be sorry for the vixen. What has you going on about that anyway?
        Brendan: Oh. Nothing. I was just thinking…
        Siobhan: Well?
        Brendan: About mating for life like.
        Siobhan: What, marriage?
        Brendan: Kind of.
        Siobhan: What do you mean, kind of?
        Brendan: I mean yes.
        Siobhan: Don't be so ridiculous.
        Brendan: What! You mean you don't…
        Siobhan: What?
        Brendan: You don't want to…
        Siobhan: What? Mate with you for life? No thanks very much.
        (Siobhan walks away & Brendan looks very confused)

      • (Brian trying to run the beer tap at the pub but it keeps sucking air)
        Brian: Ah, technical faults.

      • (Eamon walks towards Sean Dillon's barn with a shotgun)
        Eamon: Where are they?
        Sean: What?
        Eamon: The foxes.
        Sean: What are you on about?
        Eamon: Don't fob me off with lies.
        Sean: Look, Eamon. I want no bad blood between us.
        Eamon: Is that a fact? I'm searching your barn.
        Sean: Go ahead. But Eamon. I'd watch it.
        Eamon: Don't threaten me Dillon.
        Sean: It's not a threat. I want us to be good neighbours, but it's up to you.
        Eamon: Words. You're full of them. Just like your father.

        (Eamon searches through Sean's barn)
        Sean: Eamon. I hit a fox. I took it to the vet. I am not breeding them.
        Eamon: I was told different.
        Sean: Wasn't Padraig told you that I suppose? He's trying to stir up trouble between us.
        (Eamon walks away)
        Sean: Look, as long as you're here as a friend you're welcome on my land.
        Eamon: Huh! Your land!
        Sean: Yes, my land. If you're not here as a friend you're trespassing.
        Eamon: We'll see about that.

      • (speaking of Liam & Donal)
        Brian: A blindfolded, one-armed chimpanzee would be able to do it faster.

      • (Padraig & Brian behind the bar at Fitzgerald's talking to some tourists)
        Brian: Top of the mornin' to ya.
        Padraig: Oh, sure faith and begorra isn't it a great to be Irish?

      • Eamon: Why would Sean Dillon bring a fox to Siobhan?
        Padraig: Isn't she a vet?
        Eamon: Same foxes have my sheep persecuted, so they have. We want them boyos killed, not for bringing them to some class animal hospital.
        Padraig: Well, maybe that's your answer.
        Eamon: What?
        Padraig: They're attacking your sheep, and Sean Dillon is doing his best to make sure they're healthy. That fella has all of my family's land, and a lot of yours. I bet he thinks of himself as Lord of the Manor.
        Eamon: They were always a bad brood the Dillons.
        Padraig: I've suspicion he's breeding them.

      • (Brendan rides his bike up to Siobhan's)

        Brendan: Siobhan? Watch it, Siobhan.

        Siobhan: What's up with you?

        Brendan: If that yoke bikes you it could have you in labour.

        Siobhan: The only thing that'll have me in labour Brendan Kearney is you.

        (Brendan laughs)

        Siobhan: Brendan, come over here and look.

        (Brendan walks over to where Siobhan is standing beside the cage holding the fox)

        Siobhan: She won't make it I think.

        Brendan: I thought you said she wasn't that badly hurt.

        Siobhan: She's not that badly hurt. But she's captured and afraid. I think she's given up.

        (Fox cries)

        Siobhan: Good girl yourself. (to the fox)

        (Fox cries again)

      • (Niahm, down in the cellar at Fitzgerald's, hears voices from outside)
        (Niahm goes up to see who it is)
        Liam: Up a bit, up a bit.
        Donal: Hey, I'm putting it up.
        Plunkett: Up a bit on your side Donal.
        Liam: Ah, looks fine now Plunkett. Donal, come over here for a second.
        (Niahm goes outside and sees a new sign that reads 'Piseo Quigley's Auld Bog Tavern' where it used to read 'Fitzgerald's)
        Niahm: What's going on?
        Liam: Just obeying orders.
        Niahm: Clear off.
        Liam: My pleasure. Donal.
        (Niahm walks up to Mr. Plunkett)
        Niahm: What do you think you're doing?
        Plunkett: What?
        Niahm: Putting that thing up over my sign.
        Plunkett: It's only a mock up.
        Niahm: Take it down.
        Plunkett: We're not putting the real one up till Monday.
        Niahm: Take it down.
        Plunkett: Keep your hair on pet.
        Niahm: Now take it down, and the name isn't pet.
        Plunkett: Followin' orders.
        Niahm: Take it down!
        Plunkett: You'll have to clear it with Brian.
        Niahm: You can leave in your van, or you can leave in an ambulance. Which?
        Plunkett: If we could just dispense with the aggressive body language.
        Niahm: Take yourself and your sign out of here!
        Plunkett: I'll meet you halfway. I'll take meself out outta here.
        Niahm: You do that…pet.

      • Siobhan: Put her down there gently and hold her head. Be very careful she doesn't bite you.
        Sean: She just appeared. I tried to swerve but there was nothing I could do.
        Siobhan: It's unusual for anyone around here to bring in a fox. Normally they'd be glad to see one less of these about.
        Sean: It's done me no harm, so why should I kill it?
        Siobhan: Looks like she was lucky. Doesn't seem to be anything broken. Would you look at that? The poor thing's pregnant, and near her time too.
        Sean: Must be why she didn't get out of the way.
        Siobhan: Probably.

      • Orla: By the way, all this first name basis with Father Mac. It's all a bit quick isn't it?
        Father Aidan: Frank is my parish priest Orla. Not my commanding officer you know.
        Orla: He's still your' gaffer though isn't he?
        Father Aidan: Look, two clerics sharing a parish doesn't mean they can't get on together.
        Orla: Does he know that?
        Father Aidan: Know what?
        Orla: That he's…sharing the parish with you?
        Father Aidan: Orla.
        Orla: Sorry. It's just that Mac fella. Wouldn't be too trusting if I were you.
        Father Aidan: I think your being a bit uncharitable frankly.

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