Season 3 Episode 11

The Reckoning

Aired Unknown May 03, 1998 on BBC
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The Reckoning
Peter returns to BallyK with a lot of things on his mind. Ambrose catches him, and most of the regulars, at Fitzgerald's after hours, and all face charges. Assumpta's pleas that it was a private party fall on deaf ears. Assumpta and Peter are double-booked to baby-sit for Kieran, and it gives Peter the opportunity to tell her how he feels. She wants to know exactly what he wants, but it is clear that he still doesn't know himself. The pub regulars are let off the hook after it is revealed that they were only drinking cans bought from Kathleen's shop. Peter and Assumpta discuss their situation again, and Peter takes time to make his decision. A disparaging remark about Assumpta, made by Father Mac, helps Peter to make up his mind. He wants Assumpta, whatever it takes. They make plans for him to leave the priesthood and work at the pub. But tragedy strikes at the pub, that night. Assumpta has been having problems with the fuse box and she is electrocuted as the lights fail again. Father Mac forces Peter to give her the Last Rites, despite the fact that he knows she didn't want that. He is left completely devastated.moreless

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  • Together At Last, Briefly

    I agree with amiabella in that they could have had Peter and Assumpta finally admit to each other that they were in love, and then departing with Peter planning to seek to become an Anglican (Episcopalian) priest . Also, the show's producers also could have turned this one episode into two or three instead of having everything packed into one episode. Also, wouldn't it make sense that if the electricity is dicey, why couldn't have Assumpta called an electrician? Especially after she spent the entire day fiddling with it.moreless
  • A happier ending for Assumpta and Peter

    I share reviewer unhappiness with the accidental death of Assumpta. Assumpta and Peter had a lovely attraction for one another. I have a personal connection with two similar situations that did end happily. Ballykissangel could have used either situation. My pastor was an Epsicopal Priest, originally ordained as a Roman Catholic priest. He remained a priest and married a superb lady, with Assumpta's assertiveness. It was a very successful marriage - one son. I also had a friend whose brother, a Roman Catholic priest, became romantically attached to a nun. They both left their religious vocations and married. Again - very successful marriage. Assumpta and Peter could have followed either of the above paths. Does anyone know why the Ballykissangel production staff chose an outcome so distressful to viewers?moreless
  • Peter and Assumpta finally get together - for a tragically brief time.

    I only gave this episode a 5.5 out of 10 because I have a love-hate feeling for it. On one hand it's the moment die-hard fans of Peter and Assumpta have been waiting for: the declaration of love, the decision to leave the priesthood. On the other hand it ruins everything we'd been waiting for by killing off Assumpta. Many fans (like me) felt let down by this ending. Many fans would have loved the happy ending of them leaving together - I don't see why we couldn't have been given that after waiting so long, following and caring about these characters. If not, at the very least it could have been played out in several episodes, to give us some joy, instead of squashing everything into one episode after three years of waiting.

    Another major let-down in the episode: we don't even get to see them kiss. Not even once, for the fans?!

    I also have problems with the religious connotations. I don't know if this was intentional, but it looks very much like a religious lessen - look what happens when you commit the ultimate sin of getting involved with a priest. It makes it look like they're trying to show Assumpta's death as some kind of Godly punishment. So the Catholic church wins, in a way. As a non-religious person I really dislike that image.

    Poor Peter loses everything and leaves alone and devastated (at the end of the next episode), not knowing where he'll end up. I stopped watching the show after season 3 ended. Without Peter and Assumpta it just died for me. I like the few short moments in this episode when they are together romantically, but the rest is just disappointingly painful.moreless
Gary Whelan

Gary Whelan

Brendan Kearney

Dervla Kirwan

Dervla Kirwan

Assumpta Fitzgerald (seasons 1-4)

Stephen Tompkinson

Stephen Tompkinson

Fr. Peter Clifford (seasons 1-4)

Tony Doyle

Tony Doyle

Brian Quigley (seasons 1-5)

Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

Padraig O'Kelly #1 (seasons 1-4)

Birdy Sweeney

Birdy Sweeney

Eamonn Byrne (seasons 1-5)

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    • Padraig: So your man says, 'What do you mean no sensitivity? I have as much sensitivity as any man on board this ship.' 'I know you do Lieutenant,' says the Captain, 'but when you've got to tell a serving marine officer that he's just lost a loved one, well, that requires the most exceptional delicacy.'
      (Father Peter walks in during Padraig's joke)
      Padraig: 'Now look, Kawolski's mother has just died and I want you to remember what I've just said when you tell him.' So off your man goes down to Kawolski's mess…
      Brendan: Padraig!
      (Padraig turns to Brendan)
      Padraig: Shut up, Brendan. I know you've heard. And then he says 'Any man on board this ship who's got a mother take a step forward.'
      (behind Padraig Father Peter steps forward)
      (Padraig notices Father Peter)
      Padraig: 'Not so fast, Kawolski.' (Padraig speaks quietly)
      Fr. Peter: No, no. Not so fast Kawolski! (speaking harshly) Like that, then it might work, I think.
      Padraig: I'm really sorry. I don't know what to say.
      Fr. Peter: Buy us a beer. Tell you what, everyone in this bar who can tell a good joke take a step forward. Not so fast Padraig.
      (everyone but Padraig laughs)

    • Father Mac: Oh congratulations for beating the rap. I understand you had the best lawyer that no money could buy. You might thank Ambrose sometime.
      Fr. Peter: Ambrose?
      Father Mac: Ambrose Egan knows as well as everybody else in this town that Brendan Kearney has been buying beer and stout every week in Hendley's. It's a classic legal manoeuvre, called the six-pack defence I believe.

    • Brian: But it was an essential disqualification.

    • Brian: Did you know I wanted to be a priest?
      Fr. Peter: Oh, yeah.
      Brian: You find that hard to believe, do you? I went to Father Mac. He says 'Brian, Ja Ja Gabor will take the veil before you take Holy Orders.'

    • (Ambrose asking Father Peter if he can babysit.)
      Fr. Peter: Can I use your kitchen?
      Ambrose: Of you course you can, but we'll leave something anyway, all you have to do is heat it up.
      Fr. Peter: No, no, I'm doing something for the food fair.
      Ambrose: Condemned man's last meal, huh?
      (Father Peter points at himself)
      Fr. Peter: Ambrose…not going to jail…not guilty.
      Ambrose: Of course, right, I was forgetting.

    • Brian: Read 'em and weep.
      Brendan: It's a turkey.
      Brian: That's what you think.
      Siobhan: It is a turkey.
      Brian: Yeah, but you haven't seen up its jacksie.
      Brendan: This is part of the culinary experience is it?
      Brian: Well, inside this turkey is a duck, inside the duck is a capon, and inside the capon is a quail.
      Padraig: Hungry bird.
      Brendan: And how in the name of God is that oriental, if you don't mind my asking, Brian?
      Brian: It fed a Ming Dynasty Emperor.
      Siobhan: Don't you mean the whole dynasty?
      Padraig: Doesn't matter, it's not eligible anyway.
      Brian: Why not?
      Padraig: Cooked by a professional chef.
      Brian: Shamie, sure he's from Irishtown.
      Shamie: Dead right I'm a professional. I cooked everyone's food in here tonight except the priest's.
      (everyone looks at each other)

    • Fr. Peter: Um, you got a minute.
      Assumpta: Sure.
      Fr. Peter: I love you.
      Assumpta: Could you take that thing off before you say things like that? (speaking of Fr. Peter's collar)
      Fr. Peter: I can't help it.
      Assumpta: I know.

    • (Father Peter and Assumpta taking a walk together)
      Fr. Peter: Is this really happening?
      Assumpta: It better be.
      Fr. Peter: What am I going do?
      Assumpta: What?
      Fr. Peter: For a living.
      Assumpta: Oh well, you can forget Pope for a start.
      Fr. Peter: I don't suppose there's anything going at your place.
      Assumpta: Uh, well, you see the thing is, I hardly know you at all; you could be an alcoholic for all I know.
      Fr. Peter: So who's looking after the bar now?
      Assumpta: Um, Brendan, Siobhan and Padraig.
      Fr. Peter: Uh-ha, uh-ha.
      (Assumpta smiles understandingly)
      Assumpta: OK, OK, so the job's yours. Look, I have to get back.
      Fr. Peter: I know what I'm doing.
      Assumpta: This is a big step for me too.
      Fr. Peter: I know. You could have held out for a bishop.
      (Assumpta smiles)
      Assumpta: Huh.
      Fr. Peter: I won't let you down.
      Assumpta: Well, you'll never get to heaven if you break my heart.

    • (Father Peter walks towards a payphone and dials)
      (Assumpta answers the phone at Fitzgerald's)
      Assumpta: Fitzgerald's.
      Fr. Peter: Apparently you're everywhere. All over the country.
      Assumpta: Peter.
      Fr. Peter: I don't' think so. I think there's only one of you. I can't let you go. I love you. I want you in my life. I'll do whatever it takes, whatever you want; just don't run away from me.
      (Brendan leans his head in the door)
      Padraig: All right there, Assumpta?
      Assumpta: What? (speaking to Padraig)
      Brendan: Not bad news I hope.
      Assumpta: No (speaking to Brendan)
      Fr. Peter: Assumpta, Assumpta, speak to me please.
      Assumpta: Would we have to go to church?

    • (Assumpta & Father Peter walking by a lake)
      Assumpta: What?
      Fr. Peter: Where did it all go wrong?
      Assumpta: Well, it hasn't yet.
      Fr. Peter No, I was thinking. It will though, won't it?
      Assumpta: I don't know Peter. I don't know what you want.
      Fr. Peter: I'd like some sleep. I want to do the right thing.
      Assumpta: By who?
      Fr. Peter: By you. By the church.
      Assumpta: Well, that's not possible.
      Fr. Peter: I'm not saying it is; I'm just trying to tell you what I want.
      Assumpta: Well that's not an answer. I mean, you can't love us both… I'm sorry. That was stupid.
      Fr. Peter: No it wasn't, it really wasn't. You must know how I feel about you.
      Assumpta: How would I know that?
      Fr. Peter: Assumpta, are you serious? I think about you every minute of every day. It's like I'm working on autopilot. I take a wedding or a funeral. I hear confession, I say mass. I say the words, but it's you that I'm thinking of. I can't sleep because you keep me awake. Am I getting through to you? Apart from that you mean nothing to me.
      Assumpta: Well, I had no idea.
      Fr. Peter: I thought the dogs on the street knew.
      Assumpta: Do you think I'd have got married if I knew how you felt?
      Fr. Peter: If you were in love with someone else, then sure why not? Were you?
      Assumpta: I liked him. I thought in time…he would drive you out of my head.
      Fr. Peter: Weird, isn't it? How something can sound so exhilarating, and so depressing at the same time.

    • (On the bus back to Ballykissangel after court)
      Assumpta: So what now?
      Fr. Peter: We do what has to be done. When we figure out what that is.
      Assumpta: And in the meantime?
      Fr. Peter: Pray.
      (Assumpta looks over at Father Peter)
      Assumpta: A married woman and a Catholic priest.
      Fr. Peter: Sh!

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