Bamboo Blade

Season 1 Episode 1

A Bamboo Broom & a Champion of Justice

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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    • Yuji: (to Kojirô) Tama-chan may look quiet and calm, but she is actually a rash person. I've notice from the last time, that she has a thing for heroes of justice. So, she definitely would not forgive bad guys.

    • Kojiro: (about Danjûrô's girlfriend) A couple should total up to 100 marks. That is to say a 30 mark guy should pair up with a 70 mark woman, A 10 mark woman should pair up with a 90 mark man. That would achieve balance in the world, he is burning with passion that is not needed. could be like this.
      Yuji: How can it be...
      Danjûrô: Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I brought Miyamiya here.
      Miyako: Nice to meet you, I'm Miyazaki Miyako.
      Yuji and Kojirô: (after seeing how pretty Miyako is) Stop screwing with me!

    • Kojirô: Isn't there a way to find competent people?
      Kirino: How about this? Let's throw stones on those people who are holding things like bamboo blades. If they are highly trained, they will slash them all to pieces.
      Kojirô: You watch way too much dramas...
      Kirino: It won't work?

    • Kenzaburô: You've finally gathered some female members. You have a Kendo club too, right? Let's compete then!
      Kojirô:Oh, okay. But there's only one member for now, I have to wait for new members to join.
      Kenzaburô: Kojirou.
      Kojirô: Yes?
      Kenzaburô: Let's have a bet.

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