Bamboo Blade

TV Tokyo Premiered Oct 02, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • "Since Then" and "From Here On Out"
      Several months have passed since the National competition and the team try to impress two new members into joining the club.
    • 3/24/08
      The team attends a national kendo competition and encounter many former opponents.
    • 3/17/08
      The Kendo club is in chaos as several members consider leaving for good.
    • Lies and Silence
      Episode 23
      Kojiro is told by the school principle that the kendo club may be suspended for a year because of Toyama and Iwasa's after school fight in the arcade. Furthermore, Miya begins skipping kendo club meetings despite Danjuro's efforts to cheer her up after losing to Carrie in the tournament, and Tamaki decides to leave the kendo club after losing to Rin.moreless
    • Winners and Losers
      Episode 22
      Tama is defeated for the first time by Rin at the Kanto High School Kendo Tournament.
    • 2/25/08
      Rin and Tama go along to the set of the new Blade Braver movie and both end up with roles on the film.
    • 2/18/08
      Yuji invites Tama to an amusement park that's hosting a Blade Braver convention.
    • 2/11/08
      Miya-miya and Dan meet Carrie a girl who instantly falls in love with Dan. Miya-miya then challenges her to a duel.
    • The tournament continues and Tama and Kojiro have a heart to heart.
    • Light and Shadow
      Episode 17
      Tama falls prey to some dastardly tricks from her opponent but she has a surpise of her own planned.
    • Kirino is worried by her home troubles and that worries the rest of the team.
    • The team embarks on their first overnight training camp.
    • 1/7/08
      Miyako manages to convince Azuma to join the team.
    • 12/24/07
      Tama's resolve and skill impresses Satori and she decides to take part in the practice match.
    • A practice match between Seimei high and Muroe High, gives the team a chance to persuade Satori to join the team.
    • 12/10/07
      The team become aware of a promising fifth member to their Kendo team; Satori Azuma.
    • The team enters a competition but only Tama manages to win her bout.
    • Kôjiro's job is placed in danger so he resolves to get the team to the Nationals (or near enough) to improve their reputation and save his job.
    • 11/19/07
      After watching a commercial about an anime that Tamaki wants to buy she realizes that she has to find a job since her savings are not enough.Later on Miya tells Tamaki that she can take her part time job at her aunt's store.After her father's approval who thinks that Tama is interested in earning extra money so that she may buy him a birthday present, Tama starts working.moreless
    • 11/12/07
      While fighting, Kenzaburo decides to cancel the match after getting serious about it when he realizes that Tamaki is still a little girl.Later on Kojiro finds out that his dreams of eating really expensive sushi for one year will never come true since the restaurant Kenzaburo's family owned was passed down to someone else.Fortunately though, he finds out that if he manages to defeat Kenzaburo's other kendo female team Kenzaburo will keep his promise.moreless
    • The match between Kojiro's and Kenzaburo's teams comes to an end resulting to Kojiro's win after Tamaki's first win, Miya's loss, Saya's draw, Kirino's win and Tamaki's second win.In the end Kenzaburo, after realizing that Kojiro's last competitor, Braver, in fact was Kawazoe Tamaki, asks her to fight him so that he may judge her skills.What will Tamaki do?moreless
    • 10/29/07
      The day of the match between Kojiro's and Kenzaburo's kendo female teams has finally come, and while Kenzaburo announces who will be his five female participants, Kojiro faces a small problem, he still needs to find a fifth member.Without any hesitation Kojiro decides that his fifth participant will be once again Tamaki.What will the outcome of the match be and most importantly will Kojiro's plan using Tamaki twice succeed?moreless
    • Pink and Blue
      Episode 4
      Sayako Kuwahara, an old Kendo Club member, decides to return to the team.Saya is asked from Kojiro to personally train Miyako so that she may improve her skills.What Miyako soon realizes is that Saya was the girl she confronted the previous day and therefore tries to hide her identity from her.Later on Kojiro persuades Miyako to go and apologize to Saya for yesterday's incident and after some time thinking about it she does so.moreless
    • Black and Blue
      Episode 3
      With Kojiro's Kendo team schedule becoming rougher due to the upcoming match with Kenzaburo's Kendo female team, Kojiro decides to buy new equipment for his team and therefore Muroe high's Kendo club visits a shop.Later on Miyako goes to take revenge from the delinquents that injured Dan but on her way to do so a strange girl riding a bicycle accidentally crashes on her and stops her from doing so.moreless
    • Tamaki manages to defeat some delinquents who were messing up with the Kendo Club's members.After saving them Tamaki finally decides to join the Club too and spends most of her day getting to know all the club members.In the end Kojiro asks her to fight him so that he may judge her skills.Only a few moments after the match began Tamaki defeats Kojiro and proves to everyone her worth.moreless
    • With Kojiro accepting his old rival's challenge he now has to find four more female Kendo Club members to be able to compete against him.While searching for members Kojiro and Kirino find Kawazoe Tamaki, a girl talented in kendo that expresses though no wish to join them.Later on one of the male members of the club introduces to Kojiro his girlfriend Miyazaki Miyako who might be interested in joining them.Will the Kendo club obtain any new members?moreless