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  • Think they should bring this show back. if Bam and missy are up for doing a 2nd year. i miss watchin Bam mess with his family and friends.. its funny.

    I love Bam and all his crazy stuts. I think he is really awesome and i'm really happy he married missy they are great together. she's soo lucky. He give her his Purple Lambo. I loved that car! Watching them together reminds me of this guy and I. we also have known each other since we were 13 or 14. and watching this show gives me hope that maybe one day he and I will be together! whatever happen to Dovito he wasn't in this show. and neither was Chris (Rab himslef). just wonder what happen to them. I hope they do another season...
  • Bam Margera's and Missy's wedding show! Loved It From the first episode!


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  • Either you love Bam Margera or you love to hate him. If you love Bam, this show will confirm it; if you hate him, this show won't change that. P.S. Spoilers alert in this review.

    Bam's Unholy Union is based around Bam's wedding to his childhood sweetheart Missy and the events preceding the wedding. Obviously, as it is about Bam, the chance of things going smoothly are very slim. This chance is made even slimmer by the return from Viva la Bam of Dico and Rake (though Ryan Dunn and Raab are absent) plus the addition of Bam's buddy and ex-cocaine addict Novak.

    All the stunts, action and outright stupidity that made Viva la Bam the stuff of legends returns in Bam's Unholy Union, with moments like Novak breaking both his legs on the day before the wedding and Bam acting as his nurse (yes, it's true) and Bam stealing Missy's wedding dress, making Rake wear it and chasing him with a paintball gun moments that could only happen on one of Bam's shows.

    However, whether you like the show or not will come down to your opinion of Bam and his personality. Personally, as a huge Bam fan, I loved the show, but I felt as there was no sign of Vito (as MTV have blacklisted him since he was arrested for sexual assault) and they didn't pull as many pranks on Phil (except for one golden moment where they remove all the toilets in the house and he had to go ask the neighbours if he could use theirs), it was just down on Viva la Bam for quality. It is still a terrific, LOL comedy throughout.
  • Not as good as Viva La Bam.

    It was alright. I'm glad it's over though. I didn't want to stay up all night watching it every week. It wasn't worth it. It was funny at times but it just wasn't the same. It really isn't the same without everyone there. I don't even remember who was there and who wasn't. But it definitely wasn't the same without Bam picking on Don Vito all the time. I was glad he wasn't going to be on there at first because I got so sick of his annoying rambling on and ruining everything. But after a few episodes I decided it was better that Bam and everyone screwed with his mind all the time.
  • Bam Margera (born Brandon Cole Margera on September 28, 1979) is a professional skateboarder and television personality.Haggard: The Movie, which he co-wrote and directed. He decides to get married with disasterous results...must see

    Bam's Unholy Union is a TV series that aired on MTV and MTV Canada. It stars Bam Margera and his fiancee Melissa "Missy" Rothstein and follows Bam and Missy as they plan their wedding (which occurred on February 3, 2007The show stars a limited number of the CKY Crew. Some of the CKY Crew members that have appeared are Brandon DiCamillo, Brandon Novak, Rake Yohn, Ryan **** Gee and Bam's brother Jess. Ryan Dunn said he'll appear in two or three episodes of the show. Most of the members of the band CKY stated that they will make a few appearances on the show. The show is filmed at various locations in and around West Chester, Pennsylvania, including Delaware, Detroit, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and New York City. Various sceneries from Viva La Bam can be seen throughout the series. Bam's parents, April and Phil Margera, also appear in the show. Bam's uncle Don Vito does not make regular appearances due to MTV's concerns about his legal problems, stemming from sexual assault charges in Colorado in August 2006.

    The show ran for 9 episodes, Bam has mentioned that MTV has approached him about a second season.
  • Bam goes through many wierd things leading up to his wedding. On 2/2/07 he got married to someone named Missy that he knew since he was a kid.

    I can not belive that Bam got married. Bam and Missy went through a lot of bad times. It seemed that Bam and Missy could break up any day, but they stay together. Then they get married? I never thought that they would really get married. Missy did not like Bam doing the syupid stuff that he does. Bam loves doing the stupid stuff that he does. I think that any day Bam and Missy will get a devorce. Unless Missy turn crazy like Bam is, they will not be together for a long time. I still can't belive that Bam got married to Missy.
  • BAM! Your officially married!

    I never knew who BAM was until this show grabbed my attention, Sad yes. BAM makes everything look so funny and makes you want to test it out but who wants to test it when you can watch BAM do it for you. Maybe Missy will tie him down a little bit? Hopefully there will be another season!
  • Bam is getting married and he is messing up big time.

    Thsi show isn't horrible but isn't great. They didn't need to make a show about this, but they did. Bam is getting married and it has it's funny moments but the rest is him trying to mess up. His wife puts up with alot of his antics. I would watch this show, if i'm bored or nothing else on. 3 out of 5 stars and a 1 thumb up. Bam is better in Jackass and other shows. It is cool seeing some people from other shows because you get to know Bam better. Other wise its a good show. it gets a B
  • Bam is the best. but where the hell is vito?

    Missy is a beautiful girl and she's marrying one of the people i cried laughing at and i just love this little show he's threw together. Makes me miss Viva La Bam. I hope he stays on MTV for a long time. I'm watching the show and i'm wondering where the hell is don vito? he's like the added extra to every viva la bam. it would really be even more funny to see him there. but i'm hoping he'll be at the wedding being don vito and the big a hole that he always is. i love this show and it's now my new fav i hope they have a dvd for this, i wouldn't mind buying it.
  • bam is frickin crazy!

    its almost too funny i wonder if the show will keep going after bam and missy are married? but what happend to vito? why isnt he thar he made viva la bam so funny with out him bam cant **** with anybody [lol poor vito] oh was he arrested when thay aired this??
  • a show about two different poeople getting married

    this show is really funny
    i think bam is really immature but that what makes this show soo funny
    he cracks me up so bad
    like when they get stuck in a winter storm
    it was funny
    his friends are way too crazy though
    well i just started watching it and so far i like it
  • this show is the best show next to naruto.I love it it makes no sense but if bams in it it is funny.

    okay if you watch this be ready to pee you pants with laughter. It is viva la bam but he is getting married basicly that makes viva la marrige.Or if you put it my way a jack**s + a childhood sweethart =one great show.You don't have to watch in order i watched Detroit city rock first it rocked.If you are a bamaholic, a jack**s, or just someone who likes comedy watch this show.This show is my new best friend naruto is still number 1 but Bam's unholy union is so f-in funny.This + viva la bam is the best thing to watch other than naruto.
  • This show shows a more personal side to the main star of Viva la Bam, Bam Margera, and I love every minute of it. It basically chronicles the relationship and planning of the marriage of Bam and Missy, his childhood sweetheart. It's a really good show.

    Personally, I love this show because I consider myself a unique and quirky person and people don't always get you when you do crazy stuff. Out of the group of fools that do all of the crazy stunts, I actually consider Bam, one of the more sane out of the group, so I'm glad whomever chose him as one of the stars of the show. Now if there is any fear that his fiance, Missy, won't measure up to the antics of Bam, I think she's a perfect balance. She has a crazy side but also adds that feminine balance to the show that is actually suppose to be about the planning of their wedding. It's hilarious and spontaneous and I love both of the stars which is like the main dish of the show and then you do have some of the same characters on Viva La Bam on the show. What more can I say, its a great show.
  • Bam's Unholy Union is a great new show!

    Bam's Unholy Union is a new show on MTV about the marriage of Bam is his wife-to-be Missy. No worries it is not all love stuff. Bam and his friends are still pulling pranks and causing havoc.
    A lot of Bam's friends return to cause problems and April and Phil are there too to be tortured by them. The show feature a lot of Bam tricks but also Missy having to deal with them and wanting him to get a move on to plan the wedding. While the show is still in it's beggining the show is looking interesting already and looks to be promising.
  • Bam Margera's getting married

    Okay, now the idea of Bam Margera getting married is one thing but actually seeing he and his fiancee plan the wedding is another. I mean you know he and his insane friends are just going to make a total mockery of everything and interupt nonstop, but they are also a horrible influence on Bam. Good luck to Missy, I don't know how she is gonna deal with that craziness because let's face it as fun as it is and as great a show as it makes it's gotta be hard to deal with when you are planning your wedding. She does some like a good match for Bam though, she can be pretty crazy herself. Overall though I gotta say that though this show is good I am seriously worried about the MTV reality show curse. I mean if anyone could escape it's Bam and Missy but at the same time...I don't know. Seems risky.
  • This is a great series, and a great start for it!

    Bam's Unholy Union is another series on MTV featuring Bam Margera and his crew. Viva La Bam was an awesome show, and then it ended but after that another series came named "Bam's Unholy Union". I liked it, I thought it was both hilarious and awesome. Looking at Bam skate makes me want to go skating too, it was funny when he fell of the roof trying to skate down. This time, Bam is about to get married. His fiance is Missy. She is the opposite of Bam, where Bam is crazy and a metal-head, Missy is just a regular girl. She does look pretty good too. And HELL YES!!! Cradle of Filth should definately play on their wedding, I LOVE Cradle of Filth!

    I can tell this series is going to be AWESOME!!!
  • A great alternate to Viva La Bam

    This show now has Bam getting Married Though I'm not a wedding tv show fan. When you involve the demon spawn Bam and an angel like Missie what do you get MAYHEM and lots of it. just the first episodewas proof enough that i'm going to enjoy this episode until Bam and Missy tie the knot and for the first time an Angel and a Demon will be united as one.