Bam's Unholy Union

MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • Bam Margera (born Brandon Cole Margera on September 28, 1979) is a professional skateboarder and television personality.Haggard: The Movie, which he co-wrote and directed. He decides to get married with disasterous results...must see

    Bam's Unholy Union is a TV series that aired on MTV and MTV Canada. It stars Bam Margera and his fiancee Melissa "Missy" Rothstein and follows Bam and Missy as they plan their wedding (which occurred on February 3, 2007The show stars a limited number of the CKY Crew. Some of the CKY Crew members that have appeared are Brandon DiCamillo, Brandon Novak, Rake Yohn, Ryan **** Gee and Bam's brother Jess. Ryan Dunn said he'll appear in two or three episodes of the show. Most of the members of the band CKY stated that they will make a few appearances on the show. The show is filmed at various locations in and around West Chester, Pennsylvania, including Delaware, Detroit, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and New York City. Various sceneries from Viva La Bam can be seen throughout the series. Bam's parents, April and Phil Margera, also appear in the show. Bam's uncle Don Vito does not make regular appearances due to MTV's concerns about his legal problems, stemming from sexual assault charges in Colorado in August 2006.

    The show ran for 9 episodes, Bam has mentioned that MTV has approached him about a second season.