NBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Detour to Nowhere

      Banacek finds himself in a race against his old adversary, Chief McKinney of the National Meridian Insurance Company, to solve the case of a missing armored truck which has apparently disappeared without trace, while carrying $1,600,000 of gold bullion, while under a police escort.

    • Let's Hear it for a Living Legend

      When a professional football player vanishes from the field of play before a large crowd and millions of TV viewers, leaving only his helmet behind, Banacek is called in by the owner of the team to solve the mystery of the bizarre disappearance.

    • Project Phoenix
      Project Phoenix
      Episode 2

      Banacek is called in when R&W Industries' Phoenix, an experimental safety vehicle insured for five million, is stolen from a moving train, complete with the rail car transporting it.

    • No Sign Of The Cross

      A priceless gold cross disappears en route from Mexico to Los Angeles. It was guarded by an army officer and handcuffed to a priest.

    • A Million the Hard Way

      When someone gets a jackpot in Las Vegas by making a million dollars disappear out of a tamperproof display case, Banacek must figure out whom.

    • To Steal a King
      To Steal a King
      Episode 5

      Alan Markham's Ten Kings, an antique coin collection insured for $2.3 million, is stolen from an impregnable hotel room complete with sealed windows, tempered glass, steel core doors and a time-lock safe.

    • Ten Thousand Dollars a Page

      Wealthy tycoon, Walter Tyson, is persuaded to display his priceless 'Book of Hours' before the public, but just before it is due to go on show, the book vanishes. Banacek is brought in to unravel the strange mystery and immediately finds several likely suspects.

    • The Greatest Collection of Them All

      Banacek must figure out how $23 million worth of paintings have vanished from a sealed truck as it was carrying them from New York to Boston.

    • The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack

      Banacek is hired to retrieve valuable stock certificates, stolen from a major food company on the eve of a planned merger.

  • Season 2