Season 2 Episode 2

If Max is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 1973 on NBC

Episode Recap

Hypochondriac business tycoon Leslie Lyle runs her own private hospital and clinic, largely due to her fears of premature death. The crown jewel of the center is MAX, a supercomputer that can answer any medical question posed to it. Lyle and her entourage, including boytoy Chris Bailey, her long-suffering administrator Dr. Ketner and her own personal physician Dr. Stahl, arrive at the secured home of MAX and his designer, Logan Howard. MAX successfully answers several questions and Lyle cannot wait for an official unveiling the next day. However, when they arrive, getting past an electric fence and pressure sensitive alarmed door, they discover that MAX is gone - and the alarm never went off. Banacek and Carlie Kirkland are enjoying a "morning after" picnic in the park when a call comes through from Cavanaugh at Boston Casualty. They carry the $3 million policy on MAX and Cavanaugh wants Carlie to investigate. Banacek inserts himself into the case, and the two are once again competing against each other. Banacek goes to the building that housed MAX and recognizes security guard Ed McKay as a former cop Banacek has a history with. McKay insists he armed the security system and does not know how anyone could get in without raising the alarm. While Carlie cannot get anywhere with her, Leslie Lyle takes a shine to Banacek and does her best to help his investigation. This earns Banacek the ire of Chris Bailey, who is secretly seeing Lyle's nurse. Dr. Stahl is giving Lyle a barrage of medications, fueling her hypochondria. Carlie questions Logan Howard, who is devastated at the loss of MAX and propositions her for a date. Banacek suspects a wetsuit was used to scale the electric fence, so he has Felix check up on the suspects to see if any has experience at water sports. He discovers Chris Bailey was a surfer. After Bailey nearly runs Banacek down, Carlie has him arrested, believing he is the thief. Banacek gathers the suspects, believing he knows how the robbery was committed. The thief wore a wetsuit to insulate himself from the electric fence, then simply opened the unlocked door to MAX's storage room. The reason the door was unlocked was because MAX's designer, Logan Howard, is the thief. He was afraid the grand unveiling would reveal that MAX was not a computer, but an elaborate wall panel. To make the mammoth disappear, Logan and his accomplice simply folded the panels back up against the wall. Banacek got suspicious when the building was longer outside than it was inside. MAX was powered by an accomplice on a phone who got the answers to the questions. Banacek convinces Leslie Lyle to dismiss the quack Dr. Stahl and then heads off for some R&R with the clinic's bevy of beautiful nurses.