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  • A classic but...a little ahead of its time....

    Banacek was a very under-rated show that NBC should have done more with. Banacek/ George Peppard was a very classy guy who liked fine things and beautiful women. I was in 6th-8th grade when Banacek ran on NBC so I don't remember every episode or the reasons NBC pulled this show. However, NBC should have put Banacek on Sunday nights with McCloud, McMillian & Wife and Columbo. NBC had a Hit!! with the Sunday Mystery Movies and then went and tried the formula for other nights (Friday and Wednesday). Banacek was on Wednesday Nights with Cool Million (5 episodes) and Madigan (6 episodes), not really a lot of help to any series. What NBC should have done is give Columbo its very own time slot and put Banacek in its place. Banacek was set in Boston and he drove fancy cars, had a quick wit (with suspects, women and police etc) and had lots of pretty every episode and thats where I think its a little ahead of its time. While the 70's shows weren't like 50's shows like Leave it to Beaver....a married couple having sperate beds. For Instance Columbo was married but you never saw his wife, McMillian & Wife...hint "wife" and Susan Saint James and Rock Hudson were seen in bed but nothing more than a kiss on the check or a little peck on the mouth....not to much passion there LOL....and McCloud had a steady girl (Diana Muldaur). While Banacek met up with a beautiful girl every episode. This show ran from 1972-74 and that might have been too early for viewers and/or advertisers. Banacek would have been a huge hit in the late 70's, 80's and also in the 2000's with good stories, good writing and lots of guest stars. After watching season 1 on DVD...Banacek for the present day....another George as in George Clooney as Banacek and you've got a huge hit