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  • Wonderful mystery show that stands the test of time with its wit, humor, sexual overtones, and who done it perspective.

    Banacek is one of those wonderful who done it series that stands the test of time. While not on the same par as "Murder She Wrote" or "Matlock," Banacek is a delightful series with wit and sexual overtones not provided by the other two series.

    Even today, close to 40 years later, Banacek holds the viewer's attention using his humor, sexual innuendo and outright conquests, along with sarcasm, and intelligence without the technology used by so many of today's crime dramas.

    The casting of George Peppard was an excellent choice as the leading man for his physical attributes as well as his acting abilities. While some of the supporting characters (namely the insurance people) weren't given enough room to develop, the casting (itself) was great.

    The casting and character development of Felix Mulholland (Murray Matheson) was absolutely wonderful. I only wish the character received more screen time. One thought I had was to have him be a victim, with the missing of a rare book he brokered going missing. Even to the point of him not having insurance and Banacek working the case as favor but in the end getting the insurance people to pay him his normal 10% (say on another item stolen by the thieves).

    The only character I felt sorry for was Jay Drury (Ralph Manza). Every week I hoped for and wanted the writers to let him learn from his mistakes and gain some intelligence. Yes, he was meant as a break from the sophisticated Banacek, but the difference was too much. I got to the point I would look away, while Jay was on the screen. The writers missed a great character development opportunity.

    The intriguing Banacek series receives my highest complement -- "Remake, Please." A remake of Banacek with the same level of attention to mystery and character development over technology would be a wonderful respite from today's many crime dramas. intriguing series.
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