Season 3 Episode 11

Cavern of the Lost

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1986 on BBC

Episode Recap

Bananaman sets out for the north face of the mountain Igor, where several mountaineers have recently vanished. As it turns out, the evil Snowman has put them to work in the Cavern of the Lost, making them build gigantic robot snowmen to attack Earth with. Upon discovering Bananaman's intrusion, the Snowman freezes him in a block of ice and pushes him off a cliff - where he (Bananaman) is luckily held by his mountaineer's rope. Crow helps Bananaman with an extra banana, and Bananaman returns to battle. Entering the Cavern, Bananaman destroys the Snowman's army of robotic snowmen by rolling a snowball at them and then sticks a banana in the Snowman's thermal gun, causing it to explode and freeze the Snowman in ice, stopping his plan.
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