Season 3 Episode 14

The Crown Jewel Caper

Aired Unknown Apr 08, 1986 on BBC



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    • Chief O'Reilly: Look at the heavy mob, they're flatter than pancakes!
      Bananaman: All the same, Chief, I think you ought charges.

    • (Bananaman comes across the guards, bound and gagged with their uniforms removed)
      Bananaman: This must be the changing of the guard!

    • Chief O'Reilly: Did you know, they (The Heavy Mob) have even been holding up parking meters?
      Bananaman: Really? Are they falling down?

    • Guard: I say! Are you chaps beefeaters?
      Maurice: Listen, guv, we ain't choosy about what we eat.

    • Bananaman: Had an accident, eh, Grendel?
      Grendel: (with a pot of paint over his head) Mmm, mmm, mmm!
      Bananaman: You could be right.

    • Chief O'Reilly: This could be a very dangerous mission...have the men draw weapons.
      (Later, the policemen are sketching weapons on easels)
      Chief O'Reilly: Oh, yes, that's a cannon, isn't it? That's very good.

    • Grendel: I do wish Bananaman would learn to use the door instead of crashing through--
      (Bananaman crashes through the wall)

    • Chief O'Reilly: Order, order!
      Bananaman: I'll have a banana milkshake, please.
      Chief O'Reilly: What, to eat here or take--oh, oh, oh, never mind the milkshake!

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