Bananas In Pajamas

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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Surprise Party
      Surprise Party
      Episode 999
    • Bumping and a Jumping
    • Singing Time
      Singing Time
      Episode 997
    • Wish Fairies
      Wish Fairies
      Episode 996
    • Two-Wheeler Bananas
      Amy decides it's time to ride her bike without trainer wheels, but she falls off. The Bananas encourage her to keep trying and she soon gets the hang of it.
    • Big Clean Up
      Big Clean Up
      Episode 79
      Everyone has been so busy that the Cuddles Avenue Farm has become a terrible mess. The Bananas want to surprise the Teddies and Rat by giving the farm a big clean up.
    • Noisy Cow
      Noisy Cow
      Episode 78
      The Bananas trick Rat and the Teddies into believing that Camembert can make all sorts of noises. The Bananas get stuck in the barn and the Teddies have to rescue them.
    • Dancing Daze
      Dancing Daze
      Episode 77
      Everyone is excited about the Cuddles Avenue Ball - everyone that is, except Rat. Lulu discovers that the reason Rat doesn't like balls is because he can't dance!
    • Sir Knight Rat
      Sir Knight Rat
      Episode 76
      Rat falls asleep reading a fairy story and dreams that he is Sir Knight Rat on a quest to rescue a fair princess and return her to the king to win the reward!
    • Sheepdog Bananas
      Sheepdog Bananas
      Episode 75
      The Bananas leave the farm gate open and Dolly the sheep escapes. They decide to become Sheepdog Bananas and chase Dolly all around town.
    • Mayor Rat
      Mayor Rat
      Episode 74
      Rat is reading his favourite book 'Great Rats in History' and comes across Mayor Augustus Rat. Rat is very impressed and decides that Cuddles Avenue needs a mayor.
    • Handy Bannas
      Handy Bannas
      Episode 73
      The Bananas want to make the same table that the Teddies have built using a manual from Rat in a Hat's shop. But Rat drops the manual and the pages get muddled up.
    • Bed Rest
      Bed Rest
      Episode 72
      The Bananas aren't feeling well so they call on the Doctor Teddies who tell them to stay in bed. When the Bananas get hungry, they call on Rat's home delivery service.
    • Tortoise Trek
      Tortoise Trek
      Episode 71
      The Bananas are helping Tolstoy and Thomasina on their walk to the pond, as there are a number of obstacles to clear. They come up with some ingenious solutions!
    • Mooving Cow
      Mooving Cow
      Episode 70
      Lulu is trying to move Camembert into the barn before it starts to pour with rain, but Camembert won't budge. Everyone tries their own plan to get things moving.
    • Cut-Out Bananas
      Cut-Out Bananas
      Episode 69
      It's a very busy day for the Bananas - they've promised to help Lulu in the park and Morgan and Amy at the farm. So they make some cut-out Bananas to help them!
    • Hungry Harvest
      Hungry Harvest
      Episode 68
      The wheat on the Cuddles Avenue farm is finally ready for harvest. Everyone works hard to bring it in, thinking of all the lovely cakes and bread they will have!
    • Farm Adventures
      Farm Adventures
      Episode 67
      The Bananas are cleaning up the farm and getting the animals ready for Rat's Farm Adventure Tour, but they accidentally let the animals escape!
    • Cheese Trees
      Cheese Trees
      Episode 66
      The Bananas want to buy some cheese from Rat in a Hat's shop. But he's run out! The Bananas say they'll get him some cheese, and set off looking for a cheese tree.
    • Rat's Farm
      Rat's Farm
      Episode 65
      The Bananas are in a hurry one day when they call into Rat's shop - they want to get all their farm jobs done quickly so they can go sailing with the Teddies!
    • Nighty Day
      Nighty Day
      Episode 64
      The Bananas forget to set their alarm, and sleep the whole day. It's night time when they wake up but the Bananas can't understand why it's dark and everyone is sleepy.
    • Everybody Welcome
      Everybody Welcome
      Episode 63
      The Bananas offer to help Lulu invite everybody to the big barn dance at the farm. They ask the tortoises, Maggie and the farm animals but forget to ask Rat.
    • Cold Comfort
      Cold Comfort
      Episode 62
      It's a freezing cold day at the Cuddles Avenue Farm. After their jobs, everyone goes home - but the Bananas and Amy worry that the animals will be freezing!
    • Jungle Amy
      Jungle Amy
      Episode 61
      Amy wants to play the game Jungle Amy, but Morgan and Lulu are too busy to play with her. She isn't having much fun playing on her own, so the Bananas join in the game.
    • Pig's Company
      Pig's Company
      Episode 60
      Pedro the pig is off his food. The Bananas try many ways to cheer him up, without success. Rat solves the problem by showing that pigs like company when they eat.
    • Farm Show
      Farm Show
      Episode 59
      The Bananas are getting the animals ready for show day at the Farm. Morgan is arranging his display of cakes, and Amy and Lulu arrange the flowers and vegetables.
    • Barnyard Chior
      Barnyard Chior
      Episode 58
      Everyone is finding it difficult to cope with the noise made by the animals on the farm. The Bananas solve the problem by teaching the animals to sing in tune.
    • Animal Hospital
      Animal Hospital
      Episode 57
      The Vet Bananas look after the sick animals, Maggie, Tolstoy and Dolly. It's a lot of work and the animals keep the Bananas awake most of the night!
    • No Speaking Day
      No Speaking Day
      Episode 56
      The Teddies are making too much noise, so Lulu decides they should make it "No Speaking Day" so they can have a bit of peace and quiet.
    • Farm Fresh
      Farm Fresh
      Episode 55
      When the shop runs out of breakfast things, the Bananas have to go to the farm to collect some fresh supplies. They collect the eggs, get the milk and the oranges!
    • Scaresheep
      Episode 54
      Lulu and Amy are trying to grow vegetables but Dolly the sheep keeps eating them. The Bananas build a 'scaresheep' to keep Dolly from eating the vegetables.
    • Egg Collector
      Egg Collector
      Episode 53
      Peck has suddenly stopped laying eggs, causing a crisis in Cuddles Avenue. The Bananas investigate and find that Rat is responsible for the mystery.
    • Winged Heels
      Winged Heels
      Episode 52
      Amy and Morgan have lots of jobs to do and wish they could go faster The Wish Fairy Bananas attach wings to Amy's shoes and Morgan's scooter to help them.
    • Cold Sheep
      Cold Sheep
      Episode 51
      The Bananas are horrified when they find Dolly has been shorn. How will she keep warm? The Bananas solve the problem by knitting her a warm jumper out of her own wool.
    • Ring, Ring
      Ring, Ring
      Episode 50
      Rat asks the Bananas to take some photos for his photo exhibition. The Bananas go to the Teddies house, but whenever a photo opportunity occurs, they get distracted.
    • Pump Pumpkin
      Pump Pumpkin
      Episode 46
      Rat is desperate to win an award in the Cuddles Avenue Show. He secretly pumps up a balloon and paints it to win the award for the biggest pumpkin.
    • Quiz Show
      Quiz Show
      Episode 45
      Rat holds a quiz to find out who is the 'Brains of Cuddles Avenue'. The prize is the world's most delicious icecream cake and everyone is keen to win, especially Rat!
    • Too Many Tomatoes
      Too Many Tomatoes
      Episode 44
      When Rat has a tomato plant sale, the Bananas decide to buy the lot, because 'you can never have too many tomatoes' - but soon find out that maybe you can!
    • Walk the Fish
      Walk the Fish
      Episode 43
      The Bananas think their new pet Flash the Fish would like to see Cuddles Avenue, so they take him for a walk. But Flash accidentally ends up in the park pond!
    • Flash the Fish
      Flash the Fish
      Episode 42
      The Bananas think it will be easy to look after the new pet Flash the Fish. When they get him home, they realise they've got nowhere to put him!
    • Rescue Rumba
      Rescue Rumba
      Episode 41
    • Princess Lulu
      Princess Lulu
      Episode 40
      Lulu wishes she was a princess, when Amy and Morgan fail to notice her beautiful new dress. The Bananas play along and introduce her to Rat as the Princess Lulu.
    • Next, Please
      Next, Please
      Episode 39
      Morgan takes Amy to Rat's clinic after she knocks her head on a tree. The Doctor Bananas, assisted by Nurse Rat, are also trying to help Lulu's sore finger.
    • Backstage Bananas
      Backstage Bananas
      Episode 38
      The Teddies are putting on a new play, and Lulu gets the Bananas to help backstage. The rehearsal goes well, but on opening night, things don't run so smoothly.
    • Night Visitors
      Night Visitors
      Episode 37
      Rat wants to throw out some clothes, but his rubbish bin is full, so he hides them instead. The Bananas find them and Rat says they were left by night visitors.
    • Horse and Cart
      Horse and Cart
      Episode 36
      Rat devises a very special horse and cart ride for a tour around Cuddles Avenue for Lulu and Amy, in his converted Ratmobile pulled by two very unsusual horses.
    • Beat Box
      Beat Box
      Episode 35
      The Teddies are having a party and Morgan is in charge of the music. He buys a special "Beat Box" from Rat. The problem is it doesn't sound like party music at all!
    • Guessing Game
      Guessing Game
      Episode 34
      Rat in a Hat is running a competition to attract customers to his shop; whoever guesses how many beans are in the jar wins. Everyone wants to win, especially Rat!
    • Ticklish Problem
      Ticklish Problem
      Episode 33
      The Bananas promise themselves that they will finish dusting before they can play. They get distracted when the Teddies come over and lose their feather dusters.
    • Perfect Present
      Perfect Present
      Episode 32
      It's Lulu's birthday. The Bananas want to buy her the perfect present, but everything they want to give her, she's already got, or someone else is already getting!
    • Drip Splosh
      Drip Splosh
      Episode 31
      B1 can't get to sleep because of a loud dripping tap. He calls Plumber Rat to help fix it. Rat calls the Teddies, but no one can work out how to stop the tap dripping.
    • Street Stalls
      Street Stalls
      Episode 30
      The Bananas can't think of anything to sell at the Cuddles Avenue Street Fair. So they pitch in and help everybody else and end up helping Rat sell his Ratburgers.
    • Garden Gnomes
      Garden Gnomes
      Episode 29
      Lulu has bought two garden gnomes from Rat's shop and Rat asks the Bananas to deliver them. The gnomes get broken on the way and the Bananas can't repair them!
    • Full Load
      Full Load
      Episode 28
      The Bananas are having a hard time carrying their shopping and groceries back from Rat's shop. It gets harder when Lulu and Amy ask them to carry more things for them.
    • Amy's News
      Amy's News
      Episode 27
      Amy is disappointed that her photo isn't in the Cuddles Avenue Newspaper. The Bananas help by following her around with a camera, in case she does anything exciting.
    • Lulu's Doovers
      Lulu's Doovers
      Episode 26
      When Rat sees Lulu picking up leaves with a special gadget, he decides to sell them in his shop. The Bananas soon find that they're more trouble than they're worth!
    • Rat World
      Rat World
      Episode 25
      Rat opens his own theme park in which he is the star. But he finds out that giving the Teddy and Bananas customers a cheesy good time is not all fun.
    • Wonderful Cake
      Wonderful Cake
      Episode 24
      Rat has made an cake for Morgan's birthday. Unfortunately it keeps meeting with accidents and gets squashed. The Bananas come up with their own indestructible cake.
    • Happy Camper
      Happy Camper
      Episode 23
      Rat takes a camping holiday at the beach, but he has forgotten to bring half his things and has to keep popping back to get them!
    • Super Sale
      Super Sale
      Episode 22
      Lulu organises a Super Sale to help Rat get rid of all the excess stock in his shop. When Rat sees all the crazy bargains, he can't resist buying them all himself!
    • Crowded House
      Crowded House
      Episode 21
      Rat has too many things in his bedroom and he can't find anything. The Bananas invite him to stay at their house, but it's not as peaceful as Rat would like!
    • News Flash
      News Flash
      Episode 20
      Rat has set up the Cuddles Avenue Radio station in his shop. Only problem is, there's nothing happening to put on the news. So he decides to make up some stories!
    • Desert Island
      Desert Island
      Episode 19
      It's too noisy for Amy at home and she decides she would rather live on a desert island. She builds a hut on the beach, but soon the others come looking for her.
    • Yippy Chippy
      Yippy Chippy
      Episode 18
      The Bananas and Teddies buy lots of packets of 'Yippy Chips' to collect the special cards inside. But Rat has left out the vital card needed to complete the set!
    • Giant Opera
      Giant Opera
      Episode 17
      Lulu is putting on an opera about two Merry Yellow Giants. The Bananas get ready for the opera and put on their giant costumes but find they can't fit out the door.
    • Fixit Rat
      Fixit Rat
      Episode 16
      Rat is offering a new 'Fixit' service - good as new, guaranteed! The Bananas and Teddies bring him all their things that need mending. Rat doesn't know where to begin!
    • Morgan's Mail
      Morgan's Mail
      Episode 15
      Morgan complains that he never gets any mail. He decides to write to the Bananas but their reply gets lost. Tolstoy finds it and delivers it to Morgan, just in time.
    • Three-Legged Bananas
      The Bananas are learning to tie their shoelaces. They end up tying them to each other so they decide to have a three legged race with the Teddies.
    • Atchoo Birds
      Atchoo Birds
      Episode 13
      Morgan and Amy want to find a mysterious and rare bird. Not far away, the Bananas are sneezing, and the Teddies think they've found a genuine atchoo bird!
    • Teddy Friends
      Teddy Friends
      Episode 12
      When the Bananas come to Rat's shop to buy each other a present, the Teddies play a trick on the Bananas and Lulu and Amy pretend to be Teddy Friend Robots.
    • Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Episode 11
      Rat advertises a rock concert starring Elton Rat and the Big Cheese Band. When Elton Rat fails to show, Rat and the Bananas have to be the Big Cheese Band themselves.
    • Waiter Rat
      Waiter Rat
      Episode 10
      Cafe Rat is ready for business, but Rat is too busy cooking to serve the customers. The Bananas help out as waiters, mixing up the orders as they go!
    • Fool's Gold
      Fool's Gold
      Episode 9
      Amy's excited because she thinks she's found a gold nugget in the creek. She gives it to Rat in exchange for gold panning equipment, but she can't find any more gold.
    • Busy Day
      Busy Day
      Episode 8
      Rat has a lot to do this day but he can't do anything until he finds his "To Do" list. The Bananas help Rat look for his list and end up doing all his chores for him.
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 7
      Lulu loses her bracelet while playing on the beach. The Bananas look for it, and find all sorts of things that they've lost, but not Lulu's bracelet.
    • Hide and Sheep
      Hide and Sheep
      Episode 6
      The Bananas are trying to complete their first jigsaw puzzle. The Teddies visit for a game of hide and seek. However, the Bananas are distracted by the jigsaw.
    • Star Bananas
      Star Bananas
      Episode 5
      Rat decides to make a film - Jungle Rat - in which he is to be the hero. But the Banana camera crew end up staging the rescue and starring in the show themselves.
    • Footprints
      Episode 4
      The Bananas find strange footprints in the sand and decide to track them. The Teddies join in. Gradually they come to believe that the tracks were made by a monster.
    • Copycat Bananas
      Copycat Bananas
      Episode 3
      The Bananas trick the Teddies by copying everything they do. But Lulu tricks the Bananas back by asking them to copy things they can't do.
    • Lost Key
      Lost Key
      Episode 2
      The Bananas find a key outside their house. They search unsuccessfully for a lock to match the key, and throw the key away - then realise it was for their front door.
    • Perfect Fit
      Perfect Fit
      Episode 1
      The Bananas want to buy one of Morgan's paintings to hang on their wall. First they have to work out how to measure the space and choose a painting of the right size.
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