Bananas In Pajamas

ABC1 Premiered Jan 01, 1992 In Season


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  • It's an infestation

    It has recently been brought to my attention that in this children's television program, the ownership of the shop is reserved to an over sized rat. This is atrociously unhygienic, have you not heard of the black plague!? Positions in retail outlets must be allocated to organisms of hospital grade cleanliness. I advise that Rat acquire a position more suitably tailored to his species, a plumber or sewerage handler would be perfect! Please rectify this issue immediately as it demonstrates poor hygiene standards to the young target audience.
  • Why do this!

    You've spoilt my childhood, why is it animated! You've made it all cartoony! FIX UP!
  • Bananas in Pyjamas FTW

    I love this show! It may be weird but that's just part of its appeal. The bananas are adorable, and the teddies are too! I would recommend this show to anybody whose a child, a child at heart, or someone who really like bananas.

  •'re telling me I actually didn't imagine watching this show?!

    For years I thought this was just some weird mental image that my child mind created. Large bananas in striped pajamas? And the theme song I still find myself singing randomly? A month or so ago, I finally couldn't take it any longer. I looked it up...And It actually was a childrens' program! Then a whole bunch of memories came back. Like how I used to own a pluff of one of the fellas. Found an old VHS of a few recorded episodes, down in the basement, so I rewatched it...It wasn't such a bad show. The idea must have been created in some intoxicating way...But I like it, still. A cute show.
  • Good for turning the channel.

    Even as a kid, I hated this show. There are some kids that used to like it, but there are those who feel the same as me in saying that this show was awful. It wasn't even close to being sub-par in terms of being educational. There wasn't much value into this show and that is probably why it got canned. I also thought that the two stupid bananas were creepy. They just made cringe. Honestly, who thinks of two walking, talking bananas? How is that educational or entertaining? It is just creepy! And then there were those annoying bears! Don't get me started. Thank you.
  • Supa duper man!!

    I used to watch this as a kid man...i think every one loved this as a kid.
    whats not to like i mean it is two talking bananas in pajamas...the most comfortable clothes to wear, i might add.
    not only that but it was very imagianative and could expand a childs mind, which is fantastic.
    It isnt on any more which is sad..i mean barney is still on, come on man bananas are way cooler then a purple dinosaur. Well no matter why it was canceled, i bielve it should come back on, lol i may be 18 but i'd watch it.
  • I love this show even if I will be an adult.

    I love this show since I was I think 3 or 4 or 5 it is actually for babies or something like that but still I love it if you now Bola Kampung???? This is more greater than Bola Kampung it is so boring Bola Kampung is just like MBC (Monster Buster Club)I like this show because it is so fun and funny. Some may say it is to childish but I think for teen agers it is average. Now because I am just 9 I love it!!!You can learn new and exciting things in this show.I didn't expect that they can make this show even you are an adult I can tell because my friend's sister still like this it is kind of funny because she is already 14 I think so if you hate Bananas and Pajamas then go out in this page.
  • This is an awsome show. Yea its not realistic but not very many shows now are.

    I love this show. It was an awsome show and I grew up watching this show. I drove my mother crazy watching it. I use to have every single movie that was ever made by them and I still tell this day still have them. They have alot of memories to them and I want o ahve a show liek that for my kids. This show created funa dn laughter for me and I loved them. So why would they cancel it? Yea I know its not a realistic show but how may shows are realistic now a days? Not very many. this show would be one that i would bring back.
  • Bananas in Pajamas rocks my jocs

    once i get home i slip off my work clothes and my shoes and lie on the couch watching bananas in pajamas. theyre my guilty pleasure every afternoon

    personally i think its suitable for all age groups, but i feel that its more suitable for the 18 - 40 age bracket. i loved this show when i was 15 and i love it even more now that im - somewhere between 18 - 40.

    i can never miss an episode of this great show, it is like seriously the most guilty pleasure on television, eclipsing desperate housewives, dirty sexy money, hotel babylon, and even pokemon

    an absaloute guilty pleasure
  • Bananas in Pajamas are coming down the stairs...

    Banana's in Pajamas. Wow. I never saw this show on television because I don't live in Australia, but when I was younger I saw a video of them on a shelf in Blockbuster. I made my mom rent every video they had. Then I sat down in front of the tv and watched them. I think I got maybe three or four videos. There was just something about the Bananas that I couldn't get enough of. Every so often I go looking for the theme song or clip on the internet, because it has such fond memories.
  • Lulu, Amy, Morgan, B1, B2, Rat In A Hat, Gregory & Peck, Camembert, Dolly & Pedro, Flash, Tolstoy & Tomasina and Maggie. These are the names that make up Cuddles Lane.

    Bananas in Pyjamas is a show I occasionally watch when I have a chance. Amy, Morgan and Lulu love to do house work as long as they make it fun. They love to dance and visit the beach. The Bananas are twins and find that they generally are thinking the same thing. You will often hear them say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1", "I think I am B2", and they like to play tricks on Amy, Morgan and Lulu. They enjoy each other's company and live in a very friendly community. The local shop is run by a tricky rat called Rat In A Hat. He often gets into scrapes and tries to cover the situation up by trying to trick all the cuddles lane residents. A great show. I highly recommend it to kids of all ages.
  • WoW

    "Bananas in Pajamas, Bananas in Pajamas..." How can anyone not like this show! It's to die for!! It was one of my favorites as a kid. I especially like Amy, and Morgan. They are so silly and cute. I also have a Amy doll! The Rat is crazy not so much a favorite but he was funny. Can ya'll do me a great favor and bring it back on air? I miss this show so much!
  • WOW

    I miss this show so much!!
    They stopped showing it over here in the UK, and I had almost forgotten about it, but not quite!
    This is truly a classic show, evident in the fact that practically all of the people I know STILL sing the theme song on a regular basis!
    I absolutely loved 'Banana's in pajamas' as a small child, and I still remember sitting in my front room watching it on children's tv.
  • This t.v. show is the bomb, i don\\\'t know what comes over me when its on. i want to rub cheese inbetween my toes. grrrr, i think its that rat, i\\\'m attracted to rodents, but nothing weird ;)

    this t.v. show is the bomb, i don\\\'t know what comes over me when its on. i want to rub cheese inbetween my toes. grrrr, i think its that rat, i/m attracted to rodents, but nothing weird ;) this is gay how much can i write about bananas in p.j. i think their queer but i guess thats sexy. i like to think my middle name is banana because i like monkeys. they drink their own pee they have balls for that elmo also drinks own pee but thats another story. i love when they frolick in the meadows i do that, the wind in my balding scalp and the taste of the milkweed running down my chin from the dandilions
  • This was a must watch "back in the day!"

    I used to love this show when I was much younger. Wow! to think it was so long ago that I used to watch it, at least 8 years ago, before I was in the fifth grade. It used to come on before Sailor Moon. We'd all rush inside to watch this show. It really was a must watch for me at the time. I cant believe it's still returning. I think i'll tune in on January 1st to relieve some all childhood memories, many of my friends and I still bring it up when we're feeling nostalgic. To think of how far I've come since I last watched this show, is amazing. I must say I really did love it.
  • Best friend bananas.

    To truthly tell you I watched this show before with freinds. I can't rember anything that happened I belive it was just two bananas who were friends and like to play around. I think there just like you and me to day with are best pals.They do the same things have fun, and goof around. For all i know they could talk on the phone all the time like me and my cousin.If this show was still on i would like to watch it just once so i could see what it is about. Thats my dream. I love to talk about shows.
  • i have to say i grew up wating this show and now it dosent show ! i im really sad i wish it was still in t.v sp my little brother could watch it !

    i think its great ! good for all ages to watcH i really injoy their creativite ! they always have different story and adventures ! alot of kids get creative be watch this show ! come on their bananas in pj\'s very cute ! i loved this show when iw as was around 8 it was my favotie show to watch and i have to watch it i would be mad if i ever missed it and i hope that they would air it again ! so other little kids would gett the chance to watch them on tv !
  • What the heck?

    This show is wierd and babyish even Barney is better than this i remember watching this as a little kid(when i was about 5-7) it was so dumb the theme song also sucks i dunno why this programme is so popular just about two flipping bananas who are gay and they flipping talk and bananas are'nt even good to eat and then there's some teddy and rats.etc i can't remember who else is in this show because i have'nt watch this god awful show within over a year now this should be banned from public TV i'm glad it's cancelled.
  • does this show come on anymore if so what channel and time

    does this show come on anymore if so what channel and time because my son loves this show he use to watch it everytime it came on if it doesnt come on anymore you should bring it back on kids loved this show my son has the dolls to this show if it dont come on anymore are you gonna put it back on if so when and what channel and time it was a really good show for kids they were cute and different and it taught kids alot i hope you put it back on because all kids i have talked to loved it
  • Finally a show that has a likable main female character.SHOW is smart, cunning, and a little trickster.

    Finally a show that has a likable main female character.SHOW is smart, cunning, and a little trickster. You never know what she is going to do next. Unlike The characters she does not get everything she wants and then whines about. Unlike the Vampire she isn’t blessed with special powers and does nothing but complain about them. SHOW powers are her brains and wit. She works for what she wants. Though I think wanting he is wrong because even though he is cute he is also pretty dull. he would be a much better match for her.
  • Very Cute.

    This was one of my favourite shows growing up. i loved watching it. the characters were cute and yummy (bananas), and the storylines were not too complicated so little kids can understand. i used to love this show. They dont air it anymore, but if they did i would be happy to watch it =D.
  • I miss it!!

    I think that they should bring bananas in pajamas back to the US or at least let me buy it on disc or VHS or something. This is my show and i miss it!!! When i was a little kid i would watch it all the time and I loved it. I always bring up the show to my friends and see if they remember the awesomeness of the show. I WANNA WATCH IT!!!
  • This show if I remember is about these two bannanas who wear pajamas.

    I used to love this show when I was four. I thought it was a creative and intresting little childrens show and people who were tripping on acid alike. I do not remember much about this show but I remember smiling a lot. I would wish that ABC would bring this back so my younger cousin can enjoy it like I did.
  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1? I think I am B2 I think that this is a sextreamly dirty kids show but still a classic.

    Yup you read my sumary right I think that this show is quite dirty. It's a great show to watch even though I shouldn't really be watching this kind of stuff anymore however there is something I find rather perverting about this show. Think about it and the theme song to, 2 banana's coming down stair(2 giant penises) chasing teddybear's(little children being chased by phaedofile's) and banana's trying to catch their underwear (men mastubating in womens and little girls knickers. notice how they never bother with the boy teddybear). So there you have it, a good kids show with hidden sex jokes.
  • I loved this when I was a kid!

    I can even remember the opening sequence... they'd tumble down the stairs and then come close to the screen... Bananas, in Pyjamas! =)

    It rocked and I used to watch this in England while I was waiting for Sailor Moon to come on GMTV. Yes, it was one of my guilty pleasures.
  • This show is about two bananas that goes on learning adventures. They are able to demonstrate different aspects of the educational cycle to help develop a young childs mind. They perform tasks that children can relate to and also perform in there everyday

    I loved this show I use to watch it every morning before school bring it back and I would still watch it. It was very funny and entertaining. I am sure young children today would enjoy it. The children\\\'s shows that are aired now are not interesting. I think the show is more entertaining and educational than some of the shows that they are showing now.
  • Bananas in pajamas need to come back. They are so awesome and fun to watch. I miss it so much. They inspire me. I am going to be a banana in pajamas for halloween, just because of them. That's how awesome they are.

    Bananas in pajamas was an awesome show. I used to watch it all the time. I miss watching it! It\\\'s informative and fun and it\\\'s great for kids to watch. I\\\'d pick it over any other show anyday. I have the bananas in pajamas stuffed animals and figurines. Bananas in Pajamas pwn.
  • I don't see what was wrong with that show! I wish it would come back so I know how my childhood felt like on the real! This was the best show in my entire life too.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

    Bananas in Pajamas... that show takes me back when I was seven years old. I admit, I loved that show because it was funny,well of course I was a kid,whats not funny when your small and iggnerant. I wish it would come back on, cause it would of been good for kids today.It was absolutely educational, and it was just one of my all time favorite shows and thats all I have to say.I\'ll never forget the times I watched it and spent my childhood loving the show that made me happy the most.
  • Aussie kids need their Bananas in Pyjamas as much as they need their Vegemite to put a rose in every cheek!

    Oh you guys are harsh...I dont know how many kids born in the late 80's grew up to this fantastic show. The Bananas are brilliant, and put together with the zuchini's in bikini's and the teddies, with the rat, what doesn't kid loves the bananas, the bananas are an important escape for Australian children desperate to get away from the attractive and powerful luring qualities of American kids shows such as Sesame street...That show got to me and to this day I have been enveloped by the infiltration of American television and their attractive acronyms...

    Bottom line is...

    Aussie kids need their Bananas in Pyjamas as much as they need their Vegemite to put a rose in every cheek!
  • Someone slipped on a banana peal and hit their head.

    My friend asked me to take a look at this show to see if maybe he was being too harsh in his criticism. Too harsh? This is sick crap! What kind of disturbed mind came up with this nonsense, I don’t know. I know for a fact that Australian television puts out some decent programs for every age in various genres, but banana-people in pajamas is a disgrace to the entire industry. The Australian government should apologize to the people of every nation this crap has been shown in and lock up the perpetrators!
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