Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2001 on HBO

Episode Recap

Bastogne is shown mostly through the eyes of easy company's medic, Eugene Roe, but it shows the intense struggle of all of the men as well as the extreme hardships they faced. They entered Bastogne knowing they were very short of ammunition, and knowing that they could not get more for a while. But they also knew that they would be saving the war- plugging the gap in the line, and that they could -and would- get through it.

The weather conditions are very intense, so Doc Roe deals with many cases of trench foot and frostbite. For example, Joe Toye took his boots off to dry his socks, and the boots got blown up. Doc Roe gets him a new pair of boots, but Joe gets trenchfoot. In The Last Patrol, we learn that Lipton gets Pneumonia, due to the cold, moisture and horrible weather conditions in the Ardennes.

Doc Roe was always there to help the wounded when they called, and always took care of them. The men often wondered how he got "there." Throughout the episode, the line is being shelled by German artillery, and men are constantly getting wounded, mostly shell fragment and tree-burst fragments. Doc Roe was always there to get them off the line and get them fixed up. When he got the men into jeeps which took him and the wounded man back to the aid station in Bastogne, he would help get them inside, and get them fixed. He also made friends with a young Belgian nurse, who gave him whatever supplies she could spare on his first visit to the aid station. After that he had at least some supplies, which made it a lot easier to take care of wounded men.

During Bastogne, Easy's position in the woods is constantly shelled, and the men have no artillery or air support. What they have to do is stay put with shells landing all around them, the risk of death or serious injury very high, and some watched their friends get blown up. The men are sent on a patrol to maintain contact with the enemy. Babe Heffron becomes very stressed because a young replacement he was taking care of gets mortally wounded and has to be left behind. Doc Roe, being the kind and gentle man he was, tries to comfort Babe by talking to him and giving him a chocolate bar that the nurse gave him. Near the end, Doc Roe learns that nurse Renee died, and he finds and keeps her blue hair kerchief. He is later forced to use the kerchief to bandage Babe Heffrons hand, because he has no other bandages.

All told this is a very intense episode, with many things happening and is told through the point of view of a very great person who was put in to receive a silver star for his bravery but never got the recognition, or the star. Also, this and the next episode are very gory, as the men are being shelled and Doc Roe is taking bullets out of the wounds, the like. But nonetheless a very good and important episode. Hitler got his timing perfect for his last offensive, but he surrounded the wrong people.