Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2001 on HBO

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  • Never been so proud to be a Cajun.

    From the beginning of the series I was drawn to Eugene Roe. As a Cajun myself, I was glad to see one of my people presented as something other than a cartoonish stereotype. My Godfather was fighting in Europe at about the same time this was taking place so the episode had special significance.

    Shane Taylor is fabulous as Roe. I was shocked when I found out that he was British. His accent was excellent and he could teach others who try to do a Cajun dialect a thing or two. The scenes with the Belgian nurse are beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. The moment they have while sharing the chocolate bar after loosing the soldier to an internal bleeder was pure understated brilliance. I'm not ashamed to say I cried like a baby while watching this episode. I was very proud to be American in general and Cajun in particular.
  • Good story option going with another viewpoint other than just the regular soldiers

    This time, we are in for a real treat. Instead of the normal "follow the soldiers around as they get blown away" method of filming, we are instead treated to an entirely different perspective: The medics point of view.

    I am very satisfied after watching this episode, you can really feel suspense building as you watch the medic sit in silence against a tree, stealing a peaceful moment to himself. Suddenly, you hear someone scream out "MEDIC", then he goes tearing off into the woods. That was the best scene for me.

    The introduction is also really nice with the medic, and I enjoyed seeing the show from a whole different perspective other than just the soldiers!
  • My vote for best story of the series.

    This is one of the better stories in the entire series. It may not have all the action as in other episodes but this one is one of my favorites. The story through the eyes of a medic was a nice touch. While there are a lot of movies or shows that depict the Battle Of The Budge. There are very few that show the 101st part in the battle. The conditions that were only talked about are show in great detail. From the lack of equipment and supplies to the lack of winter clothing were all shown and talked about. The realism in how the battle front moved from one day to the next. A simple stroll led soldier to enemy lines. The determination of the men not wanting to taken off the line just to fight is pure heroic. The city scenes despite horrific were real. Bodies piled up wounded dying untreated were very well shown.
  • To the German Commander:"Nuts!!"

    To the German Commander:"Nuts!!" That got to be the quote of the show so far.:D
    last episode ended with much momentum as easy company prepares to defend Bastogne with limited ammo,weapons,medical supplies equipment,food and in some terrible weather conditions. It was intense and was another solid episode with lot of energy and emotion. The episode is viewed through the perspective of Easy Company`s medic,Eugene Roe. Being Medic is no easy task and it`s proven over and over again in this episode. Eugene had to deal with the wounded with little medical supplies as the German attacked continuously. The episode (like the others) had also a lot of emotions but this one also had a nice little love story. Eugene meets Renée Lemaire. That story ends tragically as she gets killed. War is tough...specially on Christmas day. :(
  • the troops move into the woods of bastogne

    this is my favorite part in band of brothers. i think that shane taylor did a great good as doc roe and i'm sad that he isn't in the series more. the medic is such a important person in the company and i think they do a great good showing how hard they work and how it can take a toll on them too. i love how he finds friendship with the french nurse renee, and how in the end he uses the head scarf as a bandage, it's so sad. i give this a ten all the way, it was marvolous.
  • Masterpiece

    This episode is hands down, without a doubt the best episode in the series. I think all around this episode was about as close to perfect as you can get. The writers did an excellent job of getting the perspective of every soldier during the episode. It showed the war from the medics' point of view as well as the common soldiers. I also like this epsidoe because the Battle of Bulge is the battle I find to be most interesting to learn about. I love how the Americans took all that artillery fire but managed to escape. It was cool to see Winters and his men staring out across the forest to see if they could spot any enemy movement. This was the centerpiece of the Band of Brothers series.
  • This is one episode I really liked. I actually think it's my favorite so far.

    There were several really strong elements of this episode. For one they used the setting really well. They somehow managed to make the area where they were dug down seem both frightening and unpleasant, and beautiful and peaceful at the same time. They made great use of the snowy weather, and created a great atmosphere for the episode. The way they ran back and forth between their holes in the ground made it seem almost like they had their own surreal village there, and it brought across the feeling that they were all there together, yet isolated from each other.

    For another they focused mainly on one character, which they have done a few times before, but this time it worked much better than it has in the past. The character this time was Roe, one of the medics, which made it work better than it had in the past when it seemed like they just selected a character at random, and often a character you weren't familiar with. I can't say I was very familiar with Roe's character, but it wasn't so much about him as it was about his job as a medic and how that affected him. There were a lot of great scenes, and the actor carried them well. The way he ran around trying to scramble supplies was great, showing how little they had and how they managed to get by. The way everyone seemed to turn to him and he looked after them, getting them boots and whatnot, and the way he was left behind when they went out to scout, all of that helped portray that he was secluded from the rest in a way. He had his own high status since he was a medic, but he was also not part of the group in the same way that the rest were. There was good character development in the episode, when it started he was in control and seemed to have a better grip on things than the others, but as the episode went on he started to lose that grip and by the end he seemed to have lost control completely. This was done in very subtle ways, and both through writing, directing and acting they got this across beautifully.

    His semi-romance with Renée, the nurse, was also a nice touch. It could easily have been cheesy and felt unnecessary, but they managed to avoid steering it in that direction. It ended up as a warming touch of two people who hadn't planned on working with medicine but through the war found themselves doing just that, and neither wanted to do it anymore. It was more about the characters connecting emotionally through their experiences than it was a boy meets girl story.

    This episode also seemed to be the first time where they focused less on battle action sequences where there's blood and gore everywhere, and more on the emotional aspect. That was a huge plus, because it's the emotional effect in the characters that's really the interesting bit. How do they react and what do they feel. This episode handled the battle sequences in a much more personal way than the previous episodes and that was a huge step forward.

    Finally with this episode it seems that they've really taken this show's potential and done all they can with it.
  • my faveorite episode i love how the viewer is getting the point of view o Doc Eugene Roe

    Bastogne... so much happens, very graphic. Well... i could almost write a novel about this one episode, a short one, but, nontheless a novel. Eugene Roe is amazing so it makes me happy how good of a job Shane Taylor did acting his partand i love how they give the man a really good hour of TV. He deserved much mmore than that but anyways im reveiwing an episode not a person.

    Bastogne chronicles the men of easy company fighting in the ardennes forest during the BAttle of The Bulge. For those out thaere who dont kno what the battle of the bulge was, it was Hitler snd the German army's last offensive, perfectly planned by HItler to trap our men in the forest during the winter to try to weaken them and put them in an impossible situation.Didnt work out too well for him. I guess he didnt kno that he was surrounding men that were trained to be surrounded, the Airborne divitsion of the U.S. Army.

    If you have a weak stomach may i advise that this is not a good show for you. MAny limbs blown off the like. Bastogne shows the strugle which these brave men faced very well and was so direct and the acting was fabulous. Give these men crdit for wut they did, both the real men and the actors, who i never knew exsisted until Band of Brothers, which is a cryin shame because theyre amazing. But the acting was so direct and true to life and the lines and quotes were very well delivered. All movies should be as amazing as this one episode in a fabulous miniseries is.

    While the 101st airborne is surrounded, they can only get as far back from the line as bastogne, so they went in short of supplies, and werent replenished until December 26, 1944 when the fog cleared and supplies were dropped into bastogne.

    wuts really sad is the lack of supplies. These men were spread so thin over such an important front line, with very limited supplies. HOw is a medic supposed to help the wounded, a riflemen suppose to keep back the Germans, a machine gunner supposed to protected the line, with extremely limited ammo, and then take an armored town((foy,,episode 7 the Breaking Point))?? Thats what makes these brave men and this amzing series so spectacular and one of the many reasons easy company and men like them deserve so much more than thanks.
  • Doc Roe - probably my favourite character, How could I not love this episode?

    This really is an episode that had to be done. It was incredible watching things from a medic's perpective. Doc Roe had to jump from bunker to bunker in Bastogne while treating a variety of injuries.

    He was extremely low on supplys and it was very hard just to scrounge stuff up.

    Shane Taylor who played "Doc" Roe puts in a an incredible performance in this episode. You could just tell that his character was on the verge of breaking down, it seemed like Renee (the nurse) was the only thing keeping him sane.

    The final couple of scenes are what really made the episode for me.

    Roe finds Renee's body (apparently, we don't actually see it) while Bastogne is being bombed. It is a very dangerous situation with the city under attack, but it is still a very emotional scene.

    Then Roe goes back to join Easy Company and sits down with Heffron - he calls him "Babe" (Doc usually doesn't call people by their nickname) Its a great upbeat way to end the episode!
  • Would being a medic be the worst position?

    This would have to be one of my favorite episodes of this series by far.
    The episode focused on the extreme weather conditions they had to endure and the shortness of supplies.
    Being a medic would have to be one of the hardest positions to have in my opinion because there would have been so much saddness and only so much you can do in such dangerous situations.
    I loved the personal touch with Doc meeting the nurse in the small town. Their connection would have made it all that more bearable or that short time. It was tragic to see that the aid station/ hospital of shorts was bombed and that the nurse died. A very sad moment but Doc had to move on and get over it quick. Very Very Sad :(
  • A unique episode, Bastogne focused on a war as viewed by a "meek-natured" soldier- a medic, to be precise. In most war shows, medics are usually given little if no stardom at all. Here, the point of view and hardships of medics, at last, are shown.

    Bastogne is my favorite Band of Brothers episode. Eugene "Doc" Roe showed the world that medics should not be stereotyped as weak and for first aid people only. Medics can also feel. Medics can also fight - fight against the prejudicing society, against hopelessness, against loneliness and against breaking down. There's a scene there where Eugene and Nurse Renee tried on operating a wounded soldier (without anesthesia, I think). I can still see the face of that wounded soldier in my memories. There were so many bodies in that place- mutilated, burned... belittled. Towards the end, Renee even perished. I salute Eugene and all the other medics who help soldiers survive through battles. They persevere to keep warriors alive. Their touch can make differences... I salute Eugene for not totally breaking down. Medics have my respect.
  • Easy Company is in the Bastogne forest in the middle of winter. Eugene Roe meets a French nurse named Renee.

    I watched this episode in June and I still felt cold. The part where Joe Toye didn't have any boots reminded me of the Wilfred Owen poem "Dulce et Decorum," which contains the line, "Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots but limped on." Near the beginning, Roe looks at all the dead bodies and the snow falls on them and they are the same color as the background. This is eerie. Even in a place like this, our heroes still joke and want to have some resemblance of normalcy; Winters shaves even though he has to break through ice to do so. In the interview segment at the beginning, one of the veterans said that when he got into bed on a cold night, he still told his wife, "Thank God I'm not in Bastogne."