Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2001 on HBO

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  • No man stands alone...

    Perfect small-screen story-telling personified. Excellent scripts, scenes, screenplay, acting, camerawork, location/settings, wardrobe, props.

    Great characters begin to tell the story of how it was for a group of your 'average' American GI's who joined the elite of the armed forces - the Airborne.

    The over the top star studdied cast doesnt detract one bit, from the story as you think it may do with so many heavyweights. No they all do their part - even Schwimmer - who has the unfortunate role of the company leader who is the main catalyst for the conflict in this episode. The focus of the story in this episode is to introduce the main characters and expose the audience to the little details of life at that time. To that end the episode succeeds in presenting the situation and providing an apphreciation to what it must have been like 50+yrs ago.

    With the central thread of conflict and struggle cleverly generated to an internal struggle between the band and its supposed father figure, the screenplay is filled with enough action, trials and tribulations to ensure that viewers arent waiting for any low intensity scenes to double-time through, to the next. Therefore as a viewer you will find that you follow the story on an emotional level as well as one of listener/viewer.

    Furthermore, there are a few very satisfying milestones littering the episode that brings our emotional levels up with the troop.

    Overall there is a good pace to the episode which only adds to sense of expectancy, that the promise of the next episode brings and the opening shots of Operation Overlord.

    A fantastic opening to what I see as the greatest TV war drama there has ever been. Its just a shame there werent more seasons made.

    Big thanks to BBC2 for reshowing it this week - the week of National/Global Rememberance for the indescribable thanks we need to show for sacrifice of the dead on past generations (and future ones now).

    Lest we forget....