Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 2

Day of Days

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2001 on HBO
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Easy Company are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy ahead of the Allied Assault on Utah Beach. However, the paratroopers are scattered across the battleground. Winters finds himself landing in enemy territory with only his knife.

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  • Richard D. Winters: "Flash!" Pvt. John 'Cowboy' Hall: "S**t" Richard D. Winters: "I don't think that's the correct reply, trooper. I say flash, you say thunder."

    With the limited introductions from the Pilot episode, it's easy to jump right into the plot of this episode and flow with it.

    I enjoy the tie-in with the army, and how they continue to use Easy Company as an example for how to properly handle a stationary target and commandeering enemy weapons.

    This is also the first time that we get to see the company in a night battlefield, and the camera angles are perfect there as well. Overall, the flow in this storyline is excellent. It is well-written overall and very easy to follow. Also, you finally get a chance to learn some of the real names of the company, instead of just their nicknames that they give to themselves, or the generic "trooper", "soldier", etc.moreless
  • The Longest Day

    Easy Company are dropped behind enemy lines in Normandy ahead of the Allied Assault on Utah Beach. However, the paratroopers are scattered across the battleground. Winters finds himself landing in enemy territory with only his knife.

    Much like the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan this episodes depicts the Normandy landings, this time with paratroopers. Anothe strong episode of the series this episode focuses on Winters and his leadership through D-Day. I love watching Easy Company meet up once hitting the ground, you can see the episode is influenced with The Longest Day. The climax is an outstanding battle taking over the German artillery.moreless
  • Simply amazing...

    Amazing. Unbeatable. A complete constrast to the first episode. If the first episode portrayed the struggles within the unit, this one clearly focuses on the conflict with the enemy. The action unfolds at a breathless pace. Scenes

    are full of the imaginable danger that would have been faced. The emotions of the men can be clearly identified during each stage of the engagement as they begin swimming in terror as the enemy AAA tears through the flimsy airborne transports on the way to the dropzones. They go on to be draped in confusion as 'the plan' disintegrates upon landing and filled with apprehension as they make their way to the staging area. Then those able to reach it refocus their efforts on the mission. Determination returns as they begin the assault on the enemy position. Which is replaced by sheer grit as they fight to defeat a stubborn entrenched enemy.

    There really is no let up in the action, Id be sure to remember to take in a few gulps of breath between the fighting. The intensity of the fighting also rises if that were possible, providing the only likely visage of combat experience a layman is ever likely to get. The only comparison I can think of is the latter scenes from Saving Private Ryan. Comparisons with that sequence is inevitable.

    Whats more the script as might expect is short, to the point. Efficiency of spoken words is the key here. A more verbose script would have detracted from the on screen action.

    As viewers we are spared very little of the gruesome aspect of combat (well except the gore of course) and while I was expecting loads of casualties, the number that there (wont spoil it) add a real poignancy to the preceedings.

    If ever one hour of TV drama were to put others off violence and war, this episode is it.

  • If you were to only watch one episode of the whole series consider this one.

    This is one of favorite episodes in the series. The magnitude of effects can't compare to any other television production. The battle scenes keep me entertained over and over. From the first minute you can really get into this episode of the action alone. The screenplay also great. While you are show how big of an operation D-Day was you still get the views all the way down to the single grunt and how well laid plans do not always go according the generals. What I like is the intro from the real people of Easy Company and their little anecdotes on how they viewed the war.moreless
  • Into the action.

    Well this one was much better than the pilot. Lots of action and big time intensity. It was all very well done. There are still some confusions, especially in distinguishing the different companies. I`m still expecting more tho and I know it will get better. It is so realistic and also based on true facts which adds on to the intensity of this show. I like the way each episdoe starts, with the war heroes talking about how it was, for me its really fascinating to have them talk about their experience, that`s lots of emotion.

    So overall a better episode and it was absolutely intense. But it`s still lack something that am sure will come.moreless
Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

Denver 'Bull' Randleman

Ron Livingston

Ron Livingston

Capt. Lewis Nixon

Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

T/Sgt. Donald Malarkey

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg

2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough

1st Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton

Ross McCall

Ross McCall

Joseph D Liebgott

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

John D. Hall

Guest Star

Jason O'Mara

Jason O'Mara

Lt. Thomas Meehan

Guest Star

Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young

Lt. John W. Kelley

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Winters drops the potato masher in the first 105mm gun's barrel, he doesn't pull the pin out. You can see him pull on it but when the grenade drops into the barrel the pin is still attached.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Winters: Oh, and Guarnere?
      Guarnere: Yes sir?
      Winters: I'm not a Quaker.

    • Hall: What's that guy's problem?
      Malarky: Gonorrhoea?
      Hall: Really?
      Malarky: His name, dummy! Guarnere, gonorrhea, get it?
      Hall: So besides having a shitty name, what's his problem?
      Guarnere: None of your fucking business, cowboy!

    • Guarnere: Let the Krauts cook their own goddamn food. How are we doing, Malarke?
      Malarkey: We're doing good.
      Buck: Yeah? What the hell do you know about cooking; you're Irish.
      Malarkey: Sir, if you have a reservation some place else, I'd be happy to go with you.

    • Winter: Flash!
      Hall: Shit!
      Winter: I don't think that's the correct reply, trooper. I say "flash", you say "thunder".
      Hall: Yes, sir. Thunder, sir.

    • Nixon: He was a good man.
      Winters: "Man"? He wasn't even old enough to buy a beer.

    • (Winters struggles with a can of food; Nixon has to open it for him)
      Nixon: Don't ever get a cat.

    • Richard Winters: That night, I thanked God for seeing me through that day of days and prayed I would make it through D plus 1. I also promised that if some way I could get home again, I would find a nice peaceful town and spend the rest of my life in peace.

    • Winters: All right, follow me. (They start going one way only to be met with gunfire) To hell with that!

    • Richard Winters: We're not lost, Private, we're in Normandy.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The episode won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Deň dní (Day of Days)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: October 5, 2001 on BBC 2
      Germany: April 3, 2003 on Premiere 1
      Denmark: May 15, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Greece: November 1, 2007 on SKAI
      Slovakia: September 2, 2009 on STV1

    • Filming this episode required up to 14,000 rounds of ammunition.