Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2001 on HBO

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  • Powerful ending to a great series.

    Wow, this is really the last episode?! If you have reached this part and are thinking "I WANT MORE", then you won't be let down by the finale.

    Winters is the narrator of this episode, and the introduction is really great. This time, instead of having the intro with the 'real soldiers' talking, we delve right into the episode.

    We get to see the men break into one of Hitlers birthday gift, and it is truly a remarkable place. Only one person dies in this episode, and it comes as a real shock because it isn't who you think it should be killing off the soldiers, but more, an accident. At the end, when the real Easy Company starts talking again, you now have a greater appreciation for what they did and who they are, we get to know who they are in real life, played by their counterparts in the series, and you get to see some of the stories that couldn't be told because that would give away their real identity.

    Truly one of the best mini-series' of all time.