Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2001 on HBO

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  • Rivalry

    Wow, if you thought that keeping track of just the regular characters was a challenge, wait until you see this episode. We are introduced to tons of new characters, and not only that, they each come with their OWN storylines!

    One of the better stories in this episode is when they go back to save one of their own from the company. The newer guys are left in charge, but the reasoning isn't said why they specifically went back for him. Another great scene is when they are in the barn, fantastic camera angles allow for the suspense to really build up.

    All in all, another great episode - the development of the rivalry between the new guys and the old guys is really awesome.
  • Irreplaceable

    Another superb episode. Its central plot centres around the securing of Eindhoven and its adjacent towns by the 101's, in the biggest airborne operation of the WWII - Market Garden.

    The overall theme of cameraderie continues throughout most of the scenes, with verbal conflict between vets and recruits. Demonstrates the mild animosity that would have existed, and is laced with a few harsher encounters.

    Dialogue supports the overall theme and aim of the episode, by not taking anything away from the action and drama.

    A well presented change in pace is aptly emphasised as the troops reach Eindhoven ready for battle, only to be greeted by something unexperienced by them. There are two especially poignant scenes in the town and just as the company leaves it, with the harsh treatment of the Nazi collaborators. These scenes go from full on cold brutality, to an heartrending example of kindness and charity that would have been rare in those times. A heartrendering demonstration of human virtue in the midst of savagery.

    Though not so much combat, what there is, is varied and less intense to what has come before. These scenes though are perfectly placed throughout though and provide a perfect representation of the less intense action the 101 airborne would have faced.

    The final act in which the company must attack a town is excellently done and is a wonderful example of the danger the allied soldiers would have been under from the superior technology the enemy could bring to bear. It is here that the line between replacement and vet disappears as all of them must rely on each other in order to survive the ambush that has been laid for them.

    Yet the real story in this last segement occurs when Denver 'Bull' Randleman is caught behind the lines and must hide and survive until he can make a break for friendly lines. All the while, his squad including the new guys wait at their fall back position, wondering if he is alive or if hell make back. What they do will bring them closer to the rest of the company.

    Another excellent episode, with less intense action, but enough to ensure that you will watch the next episode.
  • Awesome Series just keeps spitting out great episodes.

    As the series continues and with each director change also comes a change in scenery and the travels of Easy Company. While this episode deals with Operation Market Garden. While this was one biggest Airborne Operations in history, Easy Company part was limited to their area of deployment and didn't suffer the casualties that their British Counterpart suffered. I like the fact that it was pointed out that even at the time some Allied Forces are a Rules Of Engagement orders. In this episode it shows how it cost them their lives and a quick swift victory. It also shows how tight of a group easy company was in terms of treating their replacements. In most units it was a same thing when new recruits have no time to learn (including officers) and gets killed before learning on how to survived.
  • Another episode filled with unique intensity.

    I like the way oldies treated the new comers. Not that I appreciate the treatment but it`s very realistic and probably how it was...showing reserves when talking to them but brothers on arms of the battle field.
    So another brilliant reflection of how it was. Lot`s of intensity and emotions. In Eindhoven, the way the women who slept with the Germans were treated..that`s a lot of emotion and intensity. Of course if it was pure fiction, one of the soldiers would come in and save them (roll eyes) but this again shows that lot`s of investigation were made and lot`s of witnesses, war heroes were heard in making this show.
    Bull`s scenes when he was left behind were great, even nerve wracking. Some soldiers even decided to make the save, which shows the brotherhood that builds up in war.
    A great episode.
  • We are getting to know more about the characters (Those who are still alive)

    Another well written and exciting episode. I love watching the battle scenes.
    As many of the soldiers are getting killed, in this episode we see some new "green" officers straight from jump school join the company. It is a realisation to see all these people die and so many replacements have to come in to keep the company strong with men.
    Bull is a great character and seems to be very easy going. He takes on a bit of a "father" role in this episode to some of the newer soldiers that have joined the company and he gains their respect.
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