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  • The best war movie ever!!!

    Hi - I grew up in London during the war and always figured I knew a fair amount of its history - certainly in general terms and in several cases quite a bit of detail. At the age of ten or eleven, with the war barely over, I was already well-informed of the "Battle of the South Atlantic" and the Graf Spee episode down to the names of the major participants and the ships involved,even the subsequent history of one or two of the British destroyers that took part, to say nothing of many other major events. As the years went by my main interest and admiration centered round the Royal Air Force and its activities and in 1962 fulfilled a boy-hood dream of learning to fly.

    About 7-years ago I had the opportunity to visit Normandy. The visit was too casual, too uninformed, too unprepared and totally unsuccessful; I was determined to visit again and this year of 2015 the opportunity arose once more - this time with my step-son and his small intimate group of friends all of whom are regular participants in D-Day activities: at the age of 79 I had "discovered" Normandy and, as a spin-off, "Band of Brothers".

    The visit was an eye-opener and an overwhelming emotional, never-to-be-forgotten experience. I was entranced by what I learned during my 4-day visit and since coming home have delved ceaselessly into the history of those days and the men who took part.

    It goes without saying that Major Winters is a major focus of my attention and still occupies my thoughts and emotions to a significant degree. I learned that his family - understandably - is no longer prepared to accept letters and other forms of communications however sincerely intentioned. However my interest and admiration for him, and the many web-site presentations, interviews and material that I have seen both of him and of his comrades-in-arms compel me to make some attempt to register my thoughts in some recognized forum dedicated to his memory.

    I hope this letter will find some small recognition on your web pages as a sign of my deep respect for him and his service to the world community.

    Irrespective of the praises rightfully due to "Saving Private Ryan" there can be no comparison between the the theme music is an exceptionally scene- and mood-setting piece.

    (Significantly, I became only superficially aware of him during my visit and it was only on my return from France, as I delved into the sources, that I learned more fully of his achievements together with his comrades of "Easy" Company - and all that took part, consequently the website I created does not adequately express the full extent of my deep respect for him and the honour I know is due to him and his .


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  • one of the great tv series of all time

    this is one of my favorite tv series .....
  • Incredibe

    I have never seen a war this real in movies or TV shows. Every detail has been shown as much as it deserves to...

    It is really hard for other war related pictures to compete with this one for showing reality.
  • Seriously incredible!

    I watched this with my husband, who is a big war history buff. This was a beautifully made mini-series that was terrifying and human and also funny. The directing was perfect and the acting was spot on. Nothing comes together better when you watch a full cast of extremely talented actors: Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston and Donnie Wahlberg. I enjoy WWII movies and television, but this was incredible!
  • The band of brothers is an amazing miniseries.


    The band of brothers is an amazing miniseries. I watched it on TV and then bought the DVDs and then bought the Blurays when they came out. The summary on the main page refers to Rescue me, not the Band of Brothers. This should be fixed.

  • Best of its kind!

    Band of Brothers is the best of the best when it comes to portraing war movies and shows in general. I think this show is one of the best series I've watched in my life.

    The show is about the ordeals of easy company during world war II. It's a story about sacrafice, friendship and the brutality and ruthlessness of war. I really like these kinds of shows were they show you the horrors of war and introduce you to characters you can have an emotional attachment to. Something you can only truely appreciate by the way when your favorite one dies.
    I know this show is a few years old by now but I just watched the whole thing again and I have to say that I still like it just as much when I first saw it. This show is the a legend. They can't make anything like this ever again. (They tried with the Pacific and although that was good too, it didn't have the same impact on people like Band of Brothers)
  • this is a show about world war 2

    all these men fight against the Germans in world war 2. They try to fight them and end up with only about 12 men left in the end. Band of Brothers is good because it shows you what these men had to go through to get where they are now.Most die in the war but some stay alive to see the celebration at the end. Its a true story and sometimes sad, sometimes scary or sometimes its really, really happy. They also free other countries prisoners. Band of brothers is a great show for people who love to see what really happened in these kind of events. Just em@il for more information x
  • War has never been this entertaining...

    Band of Brothers is an epic miniseries. Part of me can never decide whether it might actually have been better as a series. Obviously it would have had to have been less factually accurate and probably a little more action filled, but this show is so good that it's hard to not want there to be more of it.

    It is an emotional (and when I say emotional I mean emotional. If you don't cry at the end you have no heart) journey through basically the worst thing that humanity has ever done to itself. We get to experience what it was for young men to be in that place at that time and see the things that they did. We get to feel the intensity of the explosions as much as the power of the emotions. We come to love the protagonists and enjoy their successes as much as we distain the loss of the MANY people that die. An absolute epic series that deserves to be seen by everyone (lets face it, it cost enough for them to make it, they want you to watch it too!) and really should be. If you've got a slow week you can watch an episode here and there and you'll enjoy every minute of it.
  • Band of Brothers

    This is the first HBO series I ever saw and the second drama series (24 was first) and I have to say way back in 2001 I was amazed at how much this mini series was like a tv version of Saving Private Ryan. It must have cost millions it was a good job two big names were behind it all Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. I really like the episode Hanks Directed Crossroads it was probably my favourite episode of the series. The cast was excellent evryone was superb as there characters the whole series was fantastic. Will never forget this.
  • The most incredible mini-series I have ever seen!

    This is one of the most ambitious and realistic depictions of war I have ever seen in a television show, made with absolute respect towards the heroes that the show is based on. It is not for the faint of heart, some of the images shown are horrific, but needed to convey what these brave young men went through. The band of brotherhood that these heroes developed through training and the hell of combat is astounding, and captured perfectly by the wonderful collection of actors and filmmakers that paid tribute to all the members of the American 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2ed Battalion, E Company, better known as Easy Company. The mini-series is based upon the Stephen Ambrose novel of the same name.

    The series takes you from Easy's early basic training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia through their involvement in the major campaigns throughout Europe until the end of the war.
  • 'Band of Brothers' is essentially 'Saving Private Ryan: The Series' and that is FAR from a bad thing.

    'Band of Brothers' is an emotional WWII epic that chronicles the story of Easy company from D-Day til the end of the war. We are introduced to the men during training and watch their triumphs and sorrows throughout the rest of the war.

    It's hard not to compare it to "Saving Private Ryan" both based on content and on the production talent involved (Spielberg and Hanks). But one of the strengths of 'Band of Brothers' is that we are giving more time to invest in these characters over the course of 10 episodes. This allows us to connect with these men and get to know them better and more intimately. We feel their losses and feel as though we are actually a part OF the company.

    One of the things that hit home the most for me while watching it was the feeling of loss involved with being a soldier of WWII. It is something that gets lost on many of us today with all of the countless WWII video games and movies. 'Band of Brothers' helps to remind us of the price paid during war and how deeply that experience can affect those involved.
  • Deeper even than first appears - An Unforgettable Experience

    The danger with making war dramas is exploitation. Saving Private Ryan, as entertaining as it was, was just an action film. It might have made us cry but only at the death of Tom Hanks. Can anyone even remember his charcter's name?

    So old Tom and Steven had another bash at World War 2.
    What they have made in Band of Brother is a truly unforgettable experience.

    There is always a neccessity to focus on particular characters in war films, depsite the involvement of thousands of soldiers in the same - or worse - positions. While the characters are American, many actors are British, so think of it as representative. This programme focuses on one of the most important fighting units in the American Army of the 1940s, and shows as much of their experiences as possible. Winters, Nixon, Malarky, Lipton, and so many other men are presented with as much as depth as any characters from any of your favourtie drama programmes or films.

    The film is not short of that action which made Saving Private Ryan so spectacular, either. The camerawork is really excellent (watch something like 91210 and then this to notice the difference) and you can always feel the fear and the horror that the war visits upon these men.

    What makes this so special is it's firm roots in reality and, more importantly, its ambition. I am sure it is impossible to really show us what it was actually like to fight in WW2 in any TV show or film, but Band of Brothers tries so hard every single episode. It considers the views of the Nazis, considers cowardice, considers all the kinds of problems everyone had and shows them in a distinct way. Maybe this was simply because of the factual basis, but I believe you can feel the ambition quite rawly - old Tom and Steven wanted to have the final say and wanted to be left without critics who decided Saving Private Ryan was exploitative. They wanted to create the difinitve, all-encompassing expose of WW2 and if they didn't achieve it then neither TV or Cinema ever will. I don't think they did, but the reason is just a flaw in the camera which we should be embracing as an important part of it all. Watch Band of Brother and think long and hard about those people who died, and those people who lived. Then, when you've finished thinking, say to yourself: "That was a pretty cool show".
  • Just epic.

    A Band of Brothers, nothing else can describe what bonds people like these ended up with, until you see a friend dieing in your arms, you begin to understand the concept. This Spielberg's masterpiece went a long way and was one of the best descriptions of WWII i have personally seen. One quote from the series tells a lot about they're ordeal:"You begin to fight with a cold heart, when you realize you are already dead." Which is exactly they see themselves at a beginning point and having only to win a new life afterwards, then to look upon it as something they have to loose. Wish they play it again sometime, sure would be refreshing after all of the comedy shows we have on our hands. What else could i say, on of 'the' classics of our time.
  • My favourite piece of TV that has yet been made.

    Band of Brothers is an out-and-out epic. The scope of the story telling alone is magnificent and a stellar, if somewhat unappreciated nowadays, cast just seals the deal. The show tells the story of Easy Company, part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in WWII, from basic training on US soil, through the Normandy drops to Bastonge and the end of the War. Each episode tend to focus on a different person, although Dick Winters (of various ranks) can be thought of as a main character and the audience forms a bond with him, in particular, straight away. Other characters with an episode include "Doc" Eugene Roe, a company medic and Albert Blithe, a terrified Pennsylvanian private. There are also clips of interviews with surviving veterans of Easy Company at the start and end of each episode, which add no small amount of depth to the show and characters and a great documentary to end the series. Without giving much away, the most memorable bits of the series for me were the episodes based on the Company's seemingly hopeless defence of Bastonge and their discovery of a Nazi concentration camp, a harrowing moment of television if ever I saw one. For me, the direction (an assortment of directors, a different one almost every episode) and production are near perfect. There are a few historical inaccuracies, though most are personal to certain soldiers, such as the Blithe mentioned above, look him up after that episode, and few that impact the story too much. Overall, an amazing show, a story that is lovingly told and even a Brit, who reportedly played his role so well that no one believed he wasn't American, in the lead.
  • This is a great show you have to watch it! It shows WW2 in a realistic light with all of the bloodshed & tragedy they faced day to day; along with and all of the small things that in a time of war can brighten up the whole day.

    I missed this show when it aired originally but now after catching the first epsiode being repeated I was so intrigued that I brought the box set. It is a wonderful series from beginning to end. Beautifully shot especially when in the midst of the battle with trees & peoples flying in all directions. It looks so real - and without using CGI. The scripts are well written & the acting is great. The cast suited their characters very well & you are easily pulled into their world & their day-to-day triumphs & losses. I hope that the stories told in the series are real enough for younger generations to appreciate how horric war can be so we never end up in that position again.

    Watch the series & see for yourself - it's moving from start to end. Enjoy!
  • Enjoy the story of Easy Company 506th PIR.

    This is by far one of my most favorite mini series and I don't mind the length watching it from beginning to end. Even though there are numerous directors and writers that span the ten episode series, each one is well produced. The acting is top notch with a few recognizable faces but each stand out and is relatable. The action sequences really make you feel like your there. I recommend the full theater sound system to feel every artillery hit to bullets flying by. The attention to detail is remarkable. A television series with a Hollywood Blockbuster Budget makes all the sets and effects top notch. The musical scores fit very well to the time. I have to admit this review might be a bit biased and I have a hard time critiquing this series. There are very few things that people will not like about this series.
  • It tells the tale of the 101st airbourne 506 regiment easy company as it is a true story that shows us through many missions during the world war including operation market gareden and the capture of the golden jewel of hitlers empire eagles nest.

    When i watched this show/movie i was amazed at how it portrayed the war as it showed truly how the war went as it was recollections of soldiers who had survived in easy company, it has made a landmark as from my view the most incredible war series/movie ever to be made .As the story was true it showed that how it was for the heroes back in world war 2 and how they had to deal with it, it showed the lives of normal men becoming the heroes they are today as it was said by one of the survivors that it was a company of heroes.

    Alls i can say to something like band of brothers is that amazing and i truly salute you.
  • I just finished watching the show about a week ago... and all I can say is it is without doubt one of the finest pieces of television ever made... I guess its true to say, that some peoples life stories are so incredible they make the most gripping tale..

    You learn after watching that a veterans story can not be told by 'a' film. It takes those 10hours of episodes and probably the gaps for thought and digestion of its reality in between to understand the traumas, the sacrifice, the horrors, the dedication and the depth to which human beings go internally in the face of that experience.

    Whats special in this production, is the silent scenes... Im thinking of in particular "Bastogne". Part of their tale that actually spanned two and a bit episodes... just hold up, freezing in the snow, isolated and wondering if they'll ever leave that mission alive... telling a tale of the pressure they were under, the following episode, quite rightly entitled "The Breaking Point"... And I cant recall his name, but the medics visit to the girl at the church, who was sick of nursing, watching people die in front of her...

    A later tale that struck me and I hadnt almost expected, was the discovery of the Nazi Concentration Camp... And for them, who were questioning what all this war, all this fightging was for, it became so clear....

    I think its important to understand what those veterans went through, what occupies each and every days memories for 60+ years now... and to salute their bravery and suffering for all our freedoms... There are many hours in front of a TV we learn nothing... Watching that show, is a must for us all, because I learnt so so much and less we never forget!!!
  • the best war movie ever.

    what can i say this is an amazing mini series about the men of easy company. they were such brave, courageous men and think this captures the spirit and brotherhood of the group. i love how it starts from basic training and goes til the end of the so you get to know the characters. i think even if you didn't like war movies you would love band of brothers. there's much more to it than the war scenes, it has so much heart in it, you can almost feel the brotherhood between the characters. tom hanks and Spielberg did an amazing job, you could ask for more in this series
  • A harrowing yet uplifting series. A must see for every generation.

    The most important thing I could say about this show is that you can watch it with anyone. I've watched it with my father, my mother, friends and my sister, and one day I hope to watch it with my children.

    Band of Brothers is truly a masterful depiction of the second World War, and of war itself. So many aspects of the war are explored, each in the right tone and respect, for example showing the evils of the Nazi Leadership (the concentraion camp scenes wrench and your sense of humanity), while still reminding us that the German soldiers were human beings too.

    Throughout the series you are shown every horror of war, from the deaths of friends and innocents to the abandonment of compassion in the concentration camps, but you are always given something good and decent to hold on to, the bond of the soldiers. From the opening bootcamp until their final scenes together, there exists a comradery between the men of Easy Company, a bond and glory which is perhaps the only saving grace of the war. It was inspiring to follow the trails of this Band Of Brothers, one which I would recommend to anyone.
  • Overall one of the greatest documentaries ever made.

    Band of Brothers is in my humble opinion one of the greatest ww2 documentary shows ever made. All characters are very well done and really evolve during the series. The actors are really great and can display a great range of emotions. As far as i can tell the show is historically accurate, maybe a little too patriotically displayed.
    The special effects are very well done and combined with that yellow-brown filter give the show a very good look.
    The show has the perfect lenght, not too short and also not too long. Though the show was great, if it had been longer than a 10 episode miniseries it would have been boring. you just can't stretch the expieriences of a group of soldiers in ww2 over more than ten hours.
    Overall one of the greatest documentaries ever made.
  • This was one of my favorite shows to watch.

    I never watched this show on HBO, but I was lucky that The History Channel aired it over several nights. I was hooked as soon as I saw it.I'm a World War Two history buff and this show looked like they tried to make it authentic. Not many shows or even movies were as realistic as this show was. It has an excellent cast of actors and the stories were written from the actual soldiers that fought in World War Two. I know that it was only a mini series, but I wish that they had made more episodes. This was an excellent show.
  • The history of the e company during the world war 2

    Band of brothers is a great mini-series which has acomplished something that few have done before in such a short period of time and thats to portrait the experiences lived by a company of soldiers during the war.Showing how relationships evolve people become closer and you get attached to the characters as you see them grow and finnaly leave or fall (whether it is by bullets or by mental breakdowns).You get to watch them cry laugh and mourn together and finishing with them facing a great dessision.As I said before the acting and directing are absolutely great.But what really takes the hands up is the scenography showing in great accuracy the WW2 Europe and USA.
  • An excellent mini-series honouring the men who went to war then, now and ever. Possibly the most subjectively authentic depiction of war and soldiers I have ever seen.

    Band Of Brothers follows the first ever group of Airbourne soldiers as they fight in WWII. The group is American but their experiences are applicable to all soldiers in conflict, regardless of national identity or role.

    The series is based on the real-life testimonies of veterans, woven together with fragments of fictional narrative to create a flowing storyline. The DVD also contains interviews with the veterans, recounting parts of the stories upon which the series is based.

    This is a well made series in all aspects, in particular it is wonderfully written, the cinematography is excellent and the performances are superbly engaging.

    I would recommend that everyone watch this series, for both its quality and educational value as a look at the past.
  • Greatest depiction of the greatest generation.

    Curahee!!!! This was the war cry of Easy Company, an elite group of Airborne soldiers in the 101st Airborne. Band of Brothers follows the soldiers of Easy Company from their basic training as airborne rangers at Camp Taccoa to D-Day through the end of the war in Europe. The story centers on Richard Winters, the otherwise peaceful farmboy from Pennsylvania whose leadership, courage and tactical brilliance offer a bright point in the desperation of war. The direction and writing are outstanding. The producers/writers/directors offer a stark look at the sacrifices made by the men of Easy Company and their own human frailties and nobility during the horror of war. Heroes are brought to life and made human. Damien Lewis and Ron Livingston deliver impeccable performances as Winters and his truest friend, Lewis Nixon. Truly outstanding adaptation of the book by Stephen Ambrose.
  • Totally Engrossing

    Band of Brothers is a terrific dramitization of of one company's experiences in World War II. It does take a little longer then most shows to get into for a couple of reasons. First, it starts with the men in basic training. It is a good introduction to many of the characters, and it is what really happened, but when hoping to see the War it does feel like a slow start. The second problem (if you could call it that) is the shear volume of characters. Characters who were only in the background with a line or two early become the main focus for later eps, and main characters early will sometimes pop in later for just a line or two. It makes it hard to keep track of who's who. But these are minor issues. You do get to know the men, and when the show starts building it never slows down.
  • Band of Brothers-An Ultimate WWII experience.

    I`ve always been passionated with everything related to war (don`t ask why), specially World Wars. My all time favorite movies would be Saving Private Ryan and Downfall, two pure masterpieces. Besides Tom Hanks is one of my all time favorite actor. So when Hanks and Spielberg join to make a mini series about World War 2, I`m in. I can`t believe I`ve missed that for so long. Finally got to see it and I`m fully satisfied.
    The pilot was pretty boring but when things took off, it was great. It`s very realistic but we can easily get lost in the plot as it can get very ambigous. There`s some memorable moments but 3 of them striked me the most:
    1. Bastogne
    Limited ammos, short of food, literally no medical supplies,surrounded and all this in terrible weather conditions..they still stood up and survived...that`s courage.
    2. Concentration camps.
    The most distubing thing I`ve seen in my freaking life. I was left speechless...I`ve cried. To even imagine that this really happened, it makes me shivers and gives me goosebumps big time.
    3. The final speech
    Not so memorable for most probably. But the final speech of the German officer to his men as the war ends really striked me. What he said about war and the special bond of soldiers is so true...This is exactly the same speech Easy company`s leader would give to his men...this for me exposes the sad reality of war. No matter what, there is no bad or good sides. The soldiers do what they have to do. Two men of different sides could be best friends under different circumtances. Different armies but soldiers all the same. (Stole that one from Prison Break :D )
    The acting was excellent on this show.
    Many of these heroes (from both sides) are still alive, I would love to the shake the hand of one of them one day.
  • This amazing 10 part series follows the men of Easy Company in the 506th Regiment,101st Airbourne Division of the US Army from their the beginning of thier training to the disbandment of the company at the end of World War 2.

    This is the best WW2 film/TV show to date!

    The acting is fantastic - I will admit there were only a few people I recognised the first time and it did put me off slightly (at first) but they are all great. The cast is made up of American and British actors (all playing Americans) but I really couldn't tell who was from where.

    The characters all find their own place in your heart and I guarantee you will find yourself crying during at least one of the 10 episodes.

    Directed by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg, each episode is like a small portion of a blockbuster movie, with amazing storylines and astounding special effects that will keep your eyes glued to the TV.

    I am 15 and not particularly into war or historical films so if I am saying it is good it must be. I have this series on DVD and I watch it over and over again - I must have seen it about 20 timnes (at least). I have also read the book (written by Stephen E. Ambrose)about 5 times which is also great.

    I recommend this to everyone not just people that like war films because everything about this series is just amazing and it makes you appreciate the men who served in the war (or any war) on a whole new level.
    I w
  • Never Forget.

    As many have said before this will probably go down as the greatest tv mini series ever made and I'd have to agree. 'Band of Brothers' is ten perfect episode showing the brutality and emotional trama men went through during the second world war. I love war movies but this puts many to shame with its unbeilievably realistic war scenes. This is even better than Hanks and Spielberg's previous war collaboration 'Saving Private Ryan'. Okay, so once again its another typical 'we won the war' American viewpoint, but the acting and writing is so good that it never comes off as arrogant. This is probably because most of the actors are British that they helped my Brit cynic attitude disappear. But other than that what we have here is a masterpiece of television and just a few of the many stories of the second world war that should never be forgotton.
  • The most amazing wwii story ever told.

    Now i may offend many people but I believe Band of Brothers was the best WWII story ever told. Yes, Great Escape, Bridge of The River Kwai, Saving Private Ryan, 13 Rue Madelin, and the hundreds of other WWII classics were amazing movies but Band of Brothers told a story, and the fact that they made it 10 hours long makes it in a league of its own. WWII is too massive to really put into a descent historical movie, so movie producers are forced to tell a sub story like about an escape or the search for a soldier, but of course making it the length of the war just won't work. Well thats what makes Band of Brothers so genius, instead of a movie we get a 10 episode mini series that takes us from the training of an elite group all the way to the end of the war and even a little beyond. If you are one of the 10 people who are WWII fans that havent seen Band of Brothers, see it NOW! If you hate war films, see it anyways, you will be surprised at the depth of its story.
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