Band of Brothers

Season 1 Episode 9

Why We Fight

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2001 on HBO

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  • This is painful due to the occurences, not the acting.

    A great episode where Easy company discovers a concentration camp. This not only showed how human the soilders were with there reaction to what they descovered but how truely evil the Nazi party and Hitler were. It blows my mind everytime i think about how they could beleive this was truely the right thing to due. Easy is forced into a situation here that could be as mentally challenging as many of them faced at the Battle of the Bulge during countless shellings, especially after they had to keep the prisoners in the camp in order to get them healthy in the long run as eating to quik could have killed them. This episode is ecxactly why everyone should watch this entire series as well as some others about this time. As some suggested with Shindler's list, some people may need some klenex's nearby as some images are desturbing. I would advise parents watching before allowing there kids in order to decide if it right for there own children.
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