Bands Reunited

Weekdays 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jan 19, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Great show

    All of the 80's bands I like get a chance to perform together again. I'm glad to see A Flock of Seagulls, Berlin, ABC, Romeo Void and a few other bands get back together. Some episodes, I wanted them back together. I really wanted to see New Kids on the Block to perform. It would've been cool, then the ratings would go up. I want to see more new bands from the 80 and some from the 90s including Culture Club, Icicle Works, Icehouse, Crowded House and Living Colour. I watched all episodes of Bands Reunited and all were great.
  • HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain.

    HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain. Seb tries to support her and tells her there is nothing Hyde can do about it anyway as long as she gets enough votes, because that only means everyone want her to be the School Captain. They tells him and Seb that she has lost the baby.
  • Vh1 personality Aamer Haleem sets out to reunite classic "retro" bands that have broken up over the years.

    I am partially biased to this show because I was its editor on TvTome. Still, I have always loved it. Basically, Aamer sets out with a camera crew to reunite such acts as Berlin, Squeeze, and New Kids On The Block, and most of these conquests are successful. The ways that they find and ambush the band members is extremely creative at times. As we find each band member, they give a poignant and funny interview to Aamer, who then presents one of the band's records. If they sign the record, it acts as a contract to say that this member will reunite with their band members. Once all (or most) of the band is assembled, they can do a live show at the end of the episode. My favorite episode will always be the first episode, reuniting Berlin. Overall, an awesome show and a jewel for music lovers or even people who wonder "where are they now?".
  • Vh1 show were the host and his crew want to gather the members of bands of the 70's and 80's for one last show

    Well, eventhough it has been officially cancelled, Vh1 has not aired a new episode of Bands Reunited since 2004. And it was a great show for nostalgic people like me, it was amazing to see how they could get together bands like Vixen, and Berlin amongst others. And this show is closer to the fact that Vh1 was originally a music channel and not a reality tv channel.
  • Good show, but more concert performances

    This was a really interesting show on VH1 where defunct bands were asked to reunite for a one night only concert. Most of the time they agreed, but not always. Extreme and New Kids On The Block for instance could not be persuaded to do it. But some bands like Berlin and Scandal did reunite and had some interesting stories to tell. The cattiest episode had to be when the members of Klymaxx got together. The only disappointing part of this show was the lack of time the actual concert was given. I wanted to see at least one whole song performed, but it never seemed to happen.