Season 1 Episode 9

Always a Cowboy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2013 on Cinemax

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  • An Easy 10 episode

    This series is seriously messing with me. The revelations are coming too fast and furious.


    Great acting as always. I cant wait to see what happens with Kerry's Husband and family.

    In as much as I love this show I still for the life of me cant get over the fact that all these hate and emotion even the love has spanned 15 years. Hell I cant even get mad longer than 1 hour.

    I pray this has a Season 2 though I cant imagine the story can be sustained any further at this rate.
  • Always a Cowboy

    Another crazy episode of Banshee, a show that has morphed into a hybrid of Breaking Bad and True Blood. I like the cliffhanger ending, and I like how they are giving us a conclusion to Rabbit this season (or at least it appears) as opposed to building up to it for years, because as he pointed out, these encounters rarely live up to the hype.

    Strong episode.
  • Cowboy

    Nice episode. Rabbit is coming to town and takes Max. Deva gets to know her father is her stepfather. I hope she soon finds out Lucas is her father.