Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2014 on Cinemax



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    • Hood: Get up and brush your hair. Job's here to take your picture.
      Job: I am? Okay, who the fuck is this and what the hell am I doing here?
      Hood: Well, this is where it gets interesting. (To Jason) Introduce yourself.
      Jason: Jason Hood.
      Job: Fuck me.
      Hood: Yeah. We gotta make him someone else.
      Job: Well, the motherfucking hits just keep on coming.
      Jason: Nice Tie.
      Job: (To Jason) Shut up.(To Hood) And why aren't we killing him?
      Jason: Hey, whoa!
      Hood: Shut up.

    • Jason: (Job nearly drives into him) What the fuck?!
      Job: Were you or were you not supposed to stay in your motherfucking room?
      Jason: I got hungry.
      Job: Get in the fucking car.
      Jason: I kind of don't want to.
      Job: Bitch, I should be shooting your dumb white ass right now, but instead I'm offering you a ride. So show some fucking gratitude and get in the fucking car, or I will run you into a wall and say my foot slipped off the clutch!

    • Jason: When do you think me fake ID will be ready?
      Job: "Fake ID", hmm? Bitch, what you think this is? This ain't some phony Virginia driver's license you're buying for 50 bucks in the back of a head shop, so you can host a kegger in your backyard and date-rape the motherfucking prom queen. I'm giving you a new name, credit history, social security number and a motherfucking birth certificate. I am turning you into a whole new goddamn human being.
      Jason: OK, Jesus. I'm sorry.
      Job: And let me tell you something else. Once I have performed this little miracle, you are going to disappear and we are not going to see or hear from your punk ass again because if you show up a second time looking for a handout because you fucked up again, I will personally put a bullet between your eyes. And just for that, I'm gonna name you Marion.

    • Kai: Now you may not be aware, Jonah, but there is a debate currently raging in civil society about the efficacy of torture. Now I happen to fall on the side of those who believe that pain is a tool like any other. And where pain will work, it's far and away the most efficient tool for the job.

    • Hood: You kill him?
      Kai: No. But you should probably call an ambulance.
      Hood: Yeah, I probably should.

    • Job: (To Hood) I have to say, when it was about the money, I got it. When it was about true love gone tragically wrong, I even got that. But if you think you're gonna hang around here, take a couple of parenting classes, make all this evil shit right, you are sadly mistaken. Bad shit happens to people standing too close to you. If you care for them, you have to get out of their lives.

    • Job: Nice outfit.
      Nola: Right back at you.
      Job: Thank you.

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