Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 2014 on Cinemax



  • Quotes

    • Jason: When do you think me fake ID will be ready?
      Job: "Fake ID", hmm? Bitch, what you think this is? This ain't some phony Virginia driver's license you're buying for 50 bucks in the back of a head shop, so you can host a kegger in your backyard and date-rape the motherfucking prom queen. I'm giving you a new name, credit history, social security number and a motherfucking birth certificate. I am turning you into a whole new goddamn human being.
      Jason: OK, Jesus. I'm sorry.
      Job: And let me tell you something else. Once I have performed this little miracle, you are going to disappear and we are not going to see or hear from your punk ass again because if you show up a second time looking for a handout because you fucked up again, I will personally put a bullet between your eyes. And just for that, I'm gonna name you Marion.