Season 2 Episode 10

Bullets and Tears

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2014 on Cinemax

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  • Bullets and Tears

    A good finale to a pretty strong season. We had deaths, we had violence, pretty much what Banshee is all about. I thought they went too far with the flashbacks, we did not need that many, but I understood why they were there.

    The ending rushed some things, but also set the stage for Season 3, which we are also anxiously awaiting.

    Strong episode.
  • First 40 minutes, boring and excruciating. Rest, OK.

    I'm usually disappointed by the hype showrunners give to their finales, so lately I keep my anticipations in check. But for Banshee I was very hopeful due to the glowing preview reviews.

    ***spoilers galore ***

    My assessment of the finale: the first 40 minutes (in New York City) was boring and excruciating. It was replete with flashbacks to Hood's time with Rabbit's Ukrainian gang and his love for Carrie prior to being sentenced to 15 years in prison. And there were also, of course, current scenes of Hood and Carrie having their shootout with Rabbit's gang and finally forcing Rabbit to commit suicide. What galled me about the flashbacks is that we already KNEW the back story: Hood and Anna deciding that to marry, they had to steal from the last Rabbit-planned heist and run away and hide from Rabbit, but Rabbit sensed all this so he informed to the police about the ongoing heist. To repeat: because we KNEW the back story, retelling it was tedious and boring; nothing new was added here. And then (finishing off this 40-minute segment) we had to watch the most unbelievable, unimaginative takeout of Rabbit and his gang. Hood and Carrie simply walk into the church Job told them about, and the two of them, in the open for the most part, are impervious to massive firepower by numerous gangsters, but Hood and Carrie shoot to kill. Finally the two are out of ammo, Hood stands up with his knife to take on the remaining gangsters, but is not shot as Job and two friends show up like the cavalry to take out all the bad guys. Then they walk to the park where Rabbit is quietly waiting for them and death. (The one thing I liked was Job's tranny musical

    Then we are back in Banshee. This final segment is not great, but is much better. Still some arty intercutting and flashbacks. But Carrie returns to Gordon, Hood returns to DeputyKelly who forces him to say in words he wants her, Rebecca kills Alex while having sex with him, Emmett and wife are killed by skinheads as they are on the way to Florida, Kai is released from jail (we're not told on what grounds) and has a naked embrace with niece Rebecca, Deva greets Hood with "Hello Dad," and Cheyton is returning to Banshee to avenge Alex' murder. Rebecca could have easily shot Alex point blank, but a lot more fun and challenge to reach for a knife or gun in the midst of making out with Alex. (The Alex-Rebecca scene was very exciting,

    The final complaint is that there was none of the heralded bloodbath of significant endearing characters. We knew Rabbit was going to die, and we had not seen much of him at all this season. Alex wasn't THAT significant, and not endearing. And Emmett and wife, we hadn't seen much and were not invested in the characters, who were leaving Banshee anyway.
  • Lots of Main characters did not make it.

    It was realy spectacular end and it finaly explained the history with Rabbit. The emotions where great.

    Only what i was shamed of was the Rabbits brother role was so pale and implementing of the fat *** gangster to story was stupid. And epic Tunderman ^^.

    The teaser for next season plot was promiisng. The huge indian and Dejva finali confronting sherif Hood

    also not forger the Evil Amish gangster with his nieace.