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Friday 10:00 PM on Cinemax
OK, first season - done! I mentioned in my pilot review that I liked the credits. Now, even more so. The credits have some elements that change for every episode, some are static. Not only do they hint of what to come in the airing episode - they also carry extra information if you go to Cinemax´ Banshee page: The Vault

Being late to the show, as stated before, I risk bringing up old news. But I haven´t seen those links mentioned here, so have a good read.

On the same site but an other location, you get background flashbacks to the main characters: Welcome to Banshee!
I really liked clip 13 where we see a scene from another perspective. I would love more of those.

In total this will keep you busy for a short fix against Banshee withdrawal.

The one and major gripe I have with the show is Sheriff Hood´s lack of actually acting like a police. He´s withholding vital evidence and lacks the even simplest skills in police procedure. Something that got rectified in episode 9.

As a town, Banshee over shines Chester's Mill of Under the Dome. It feels real and has the amount of people in it to create a believable setting. Initially I intended to do an FBI case file on our impostor: Lucas Hood. I will hold on to that gem till season 2 airs.

Over and out for me. See you back in Banshee, PA in January!
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