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Friday 10:00 PM on Cinemax
Less then a week to go! I am happy and I am not happy. We are going towards a season finale that seems to be Bansheeeeeee worthy, but we'll have to miss the show for almost a year after that. In my weak moments I would want it to be 2015, but there are so many good things on television in the rest of the year that I will first have the rest of 2014.

The promo of the season finale promises an hour of great fun.

First impressions are:

- Job will not be accompanying them to the fight, so he probably will survive the second season

- they are getting in a gunfight with a lot of Ukrainian gunmen in that church. Involuntarily that is pretty close to the news these days as there is some threat of fighting in Ukraine at the moment.

- there will be a lot of back story. We saw Rabbit talking to Carrie and Hood on the robbery and the 10 million worth of diamonds, We see Racine and we see Job giving them new names (Carrie and Tom Palmer) as they wanted to get a new life after the robbery. Obviously Carrie choose to keep that name.

- a flash of the prison with my favourite albino, so let's hope for a good fight (but probably only a threat from Rabbit)

- a flash from some hooded man that I do not remember to have seen before

- we see Rebecca on the floor with a hand on her throat covered in blood. It doesn't look like it's her blood. Will it be Alex chocking her or will it be Clay Burton? Will somebody rescue her and if yes, who will that be?

The award for best scene of the promo goes to Rabbit's brother with the machine gun. That was awesome.

But the most important question of course is who will die in the season finale?


And because of demand, I will add one extra character. As I cannot change a poll, she will have to do with a poll just for herself


What do you think?
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