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Having openings in my watch schedule, losing both Breaking Bad and Dexter in a heart-beat. That alone is a dramatic sanity loss - I've been lured in to watching a, to me, new show, Banshee (2013).

I'm a roleplayer (RPGs not as in acting) and as such I run scenarios, very much like episodes of TV-series.

To be perfectly blunt, I have a way of seeing past poor execution if I find the premise of a show to be well thought out. My favourite series regarding to my background are Game of Thrones, Person of Interest and The Walking Dead. Those three cover the genres I play.

With this as preferences I started to watch Banshee as recommended by a community ally. The show starts with some stellar credits reminding of The Walking Dead. Black and white backdrop with photographs and memorabilia. Quite nice.

The main character, played by New Zealand actor Anthony Starr, is released from prison having served fifteen years. Some heist gone bad seem to be the cause of his imprisonment. As the story unfolds, we are given clues to him being from needing to find an old flame in a place called Banshee, PA. He connects with a contact chameleon named Job. Gets some lay of the land and leaves.

Before getting to Banshee, the main character runs into some old acquaintances of Russian origin resulting in a car chase which had both good and bad moments. The following too slow slalom in the streets was a let down. However, the following toppling tourist-bus rectified that mistake. One thing I can't wrap my head around is why our parolee exits his car - not via the passenger door giving him cover - but through the driver side window, risking getting shot as he runs over the windshield of the other car.

He gets his hands on a motorcycle and rides off dodging some bullets. Everything quite stylish and almost cut from a quick-time-event out of a video game.

Stopping by at an old factory remade to a watering hole, he meets Lucas Hood, the would be sheriff of Banshee. Who is taken down by two thugs. To my surprise, I was sure he would sit back and finish his steak.

The show twists the roles and our unknown hero assumes the identity of sheriff Hood. With the help of Job at the tech department, who turns out having a soft demeanor but a hard core persona.

This far in the pilot the show shows promise. When the reinvented Sheriff Hood gets to Banshee, I feel similarities to Jericho which had the same premise. Almost identical.

Small town. Main character released from prison. You get it. I loved Jericho, btw.

What can be gleaned from the plot is that everyone in this show won't play nice. There´s an issue with the reason for the main character's imprisonment and his contact net.
Missing loot and bad blood between former colleagues tend to do that.

This definitely will fill a spot in my cleared up schedule. The fights and special effects looked well executed. Fresh faces to play the characters make the story more believable than well known American stars. The following episodes will probably give more flashbacks as to what happened fifteen years ago. Looking forward to it.

The pilot would suit fine as a scenario premise. I would have saved all the things happening in the second half of the pilot, the actually getting to Banshee bit, to episode two and concentrate on building a connection to impostor Hood. As it stands now, the pilot tries a bit too hard to get everything squeezed into one session. But that's just my opinion.

What did you think of the pilot?

Am I the only one who's late to the the show?
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