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What if you could cast and create a show to your liking? What would it be about?
I´ve got one example to offer, a close cut to Banshee and Jericho. A lot slower paced, however, and a whole other feel to it.

The premise can be drawn from a novel, a movie or some other media.
The cast can be anachronistic.

So, whats your preferences?

Wake up the producer and script-shark deep inside and feed us your dream show!

To set the scene a little for the upcoming TV-series, most of our action will take place in or around the Rancho Mirago trailer park in the tiny, tiny village known as Barkerville, Arizona. The park's name is about as close to proper Spanish as Old El Paso is to authentic Mexican cuisine, but it isn't the kind of place where people are particular about that sort of thing.
To be honest, Rancho Mirago, and Barkerville in general, are not drying up and blowing away. That happened long ago. What remains is the civic equivalent of cow skulls bleaching the sun. The trailer park itself is a wasteland of abandoned, dust-covered trailers and blowing tumbleweeds, inhabited only by debris of human wreckage carried in on the desert wind.

This ten episode series will explore what happens when you don't know what hashappened - and you lack the means to check it out. Old enemies become your closest allies and you find out something the government were trying to keep hidden.

Stay tuned to visit Rancho Mirago.
A show that never was...

Script: Geoffrey C. Grabowski

Main star of the show: Jeff Bridges as Richard Dansky, owner of Rancho Mirago trailer park.

: Clint Eastwood, River Phoenix, Max von Sydow, Jeff Bridges, Quentin Tarantino, Jacob Eklund, Rebecca De Mornay, Alexandra Rappaport, Molly Sandén, George Clooney, Martin Stenmarck, Andreas Wilson, Logan Lerman

Premise: What if it was the end of the world? And you just woke up to it! G.Grabowski had this as premise when writing a one-shot for an RPG named Unknown Armies. Among his sources of inspiration was Tremors (1990).
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