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Friday 10:00 PM on CinemaxBetween Seasons


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    I don't want them in an incestuous relationship. Pls consider any viewers who don't want those reminders from their childhood. I think that Rebecca is turned on by her uncle's power - let's leave it at that...I think she could grow in Proctor's business. It would be interesting to see what part of the businessshe could control and succeed with? I could see her have an affair with the young Chief...that would be interesting to keep that from many betterplaces to go with uncle and niece . And keep her away from Lucas...would rather see Lucas with Sivbon (female cop).

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    A year later this relationship is becoming even more heated. One thing, though. Rebecca is not a minor. She knows exactly what she does. I guess they both will be pushing it to the limit, but will never make this final step.
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