Season 1 Episode 4

Half Deaf is Better Than All Dead

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2013 on Cinemax
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When Lucas goes back to his old ways and gets "boxed" inside while robbing a state museum, he turns to his old crew - Job and Carrie - for help escaping the law. Based on evidence provided by redneck, white supremacist Arno, Lucas and Emmet arrest Proctor for Hanson's murder but while transporting him to the jail, they are rammed off the road and attacked by the Moody Brothers, intent on revenge for the sheriff killing their brother. A fight ensues, Marcus loses an ear but Lucas eventually lets them go as he is more interested in Proctor. Carrie keeps reminiscing about the good old days with Lucas but unfortunately he has his hands (and his bed) full with Kat Moody.


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  • Half Deaf Is Better

    I did not like the fact that they just had "Lucas" dive back into his criminal past without much explanation, but this was another strong offering from one of TV's best new shows.

    An exciting opening chase sequence nevertheless, but this episode as a whole was enjoyable.
  • Hooked for the season....

    Well, this episode sure started out irritating me, because the things happening were a bit out of context at the beginning. That beginning was quiet a risk for the show to take, i think. It did not exactly pull viewers in.

    I quess they were setting up a new, longer story-arc. The beginning was not explained any further in the episode, but maybe we'll see what that was all about later. At least I hope so.

    Apart from the beginning this episode was on the same level with the other episodes that we've seen so far. I am definelty hooked. This show is going on my weekly TV-calender for this season :)

    Making the geeky side-kick a transvestite was a great idea, I think. It allowes for some lighter moments in an otherwise fairly heavy show. Even though the guy is somewhat ruthless. I think we'll have fun with him now livin in Banshee as well.

    Also, the sex-scenes.... I'm not to sure I like those. I get that they are supposed to show that Anna still has feelings for Hood. But why be so graphic when its not really nescessary? It's almost like it is the new "in" thing to do on TV. To me it sometimes felt akward, except for the scene in the tub.

    I will keep watching because I think this show has some interesting stories to tell. To me its not the deepest show but it still offers better than average entertainment and I am very much ok with that.

  • More interesting with every episode.

    When i watched the pilot I was disappointed, but four episodes in, I like it. Would like to get to know the other cops a bit more.
Kris Kling

Kris Kling

Arno Webber

Guest Star

Kay Story

Kay Story

Kat Moody

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Marcus Hester

Marcus Hester

Marcus Moody

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Matthew Rauch

Matthew Rauch

Clay Burton

Recurring Role

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    • Opening Credit Sequence Info

      Ivana Milicevic: The locket in Ana's tiny shrine to the life she dreamed of sharing with Lucas. Although she's content with her new life, she still longs to dream again, to feel that passion that she once had with Lucas.

      Hoon Lee: At the diner, Job smashes a plate on a man's head when he attacks Job over his assumed sexuality. It not only shows his strength, but also his boiling point and perhaps a weakness when it comes to personal attacks.

      Demetrius Grosse: The convictions and symbolism of the neo-Nazi enclave threaten everything Emmett holds dear: his code, color, creed and authority as an officer.

    • Music
      Silvermine by Boo Boo Davis (Playing at the Forge with Lucas and Sugar)
      Ein Prosit (Sung by Kai Proctor - an old beer drinking song)
      Walk Through The Fire by Mary Gauthier (End credits)

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