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  • Banshee: The show HBO shouldn't have ever cancelled

    I've seen a LOT of TV series' in my time. Banshee stood out to me when I first read the plot description on my cable prompter: An Ex-Con is released from prison and by taking advantage of his circumstances, he assumes the identity of the sheriff in the small town of Banshee. (Or something like that). I'm not usually one for action in film, usually because of the poor plots, recycled rhetoric and cheesy one liners. This show didn't have any of that. It's like the directors knew that and specifically portrayed the story in a way that refused to rely on the classic themes used in so many mainstream action films and shows.

    The action and fighting scenes are very well orchestrated and choreographed. The story line, although riddled with flashbacks in a manner that makes you scratch your head, is not only plausible most of the time, it remains interesting from start to finish. The characters are well played by the actors and the dialogue is rarely boring; this series has every corner of the game pinned at near perfect. There are slight flaws in some of the costume (changes) in different scenes here and there which were noticeable, only to my significant other. Sim eof the charachters are so well played they deserve spin-off shows. I usually do not root for this type of thing (let's face it, most spin off shows are terrible in nature) but in this scenario I think it is warranted.

    HBO siad they cancelled Season 5 because they were "done telling this story". In my opinion that may be true for the sheriff and his ex-girlfriend Carrie, but the character known as "Job" (pronounced JOBE) is a self taught Asian American hacker, identity re-creation specialist and computer Guru with a flare for fashion. This charachter lone has so much potential I honestly think he deserves a new series, with him and, presumably another crew of specialists doing heists of their own.

    Ini summary, Banshee is highly recommended and will not disappoint. It is graphic, holds back nothing, has a LOT of sex scenes (if you're into that sort of thing-personally I know there's another channel for that) but is probably the best series I have seen pull of four seasons, with only one episode I could pass off as not that amazing. This entire series was a mind blowing experience and frankly I will probably watch it again someday.

  • Best show by miles

    From start to finish kept you wanting more.

    think they should look for a spin off quick.
  • Just awesome!

    One of my top 3 shows ever, awesome acting, no holds barred, raw action, and great characters.
  • Series finale

    Hated not knowing if Lucas and Ana love each other or not....
  • BANSHEE knows no chancy...

    It's an action-drama and it delivers all that it promises! Violence, sex, complicated relationships, plotting, scheming, everything is there! Everything along with many "did that just happen?", "Is that possible?", "You gotta be kidding me!!!", etc

    It's plot driven and Starr (playing the anti-hero role model) serves it well! He, along with rest of the cast, make Banshee a unique show.

    Great scenario, strong acting, captivating camera work, exceptional show!

    Can't wait for the new season!
  • best action tv series

    best action tv series,I love it.
  • i dont think this is the place for me

    my name is view discriminate advised
  • Banshee #1

    One of the best shows out there so far. Definitely # 1 on my list. 8 episodes is already making me upset but at least we have season 4 coming. Better be a lot more seasons. Awesome story and awesome cast. Thumbs up to the director. I heard and hope this is just a rumor, but supposedly this is the last season and if it is I will definitely be upset with Cinemax. Best show out there. You also better bring Joe back, he was awesome.
  • 10/10 Supperb

    No words - It's F*cking Awesome
  • One the best shows on TV

    This is one of my favourite shows on TV right now.

    Great performances. Great characters. Strong personalities.

    Not good characters but not bad either. Friendship and honour where you least expect it.

    Lucas is the main character but i really love Job. Kai Proctor is bad ass.

    LOVE IT.
  • Such a good show

    This show is soo good. I hope it will maintain the high level till the end
  • This show is too much

    Only on the 1st season.. but I can't seem to stop thinking about the next episode. This show has so many twists and turns and when you think Lucas is going to lose.. He comes out triumphant.. Its like a roller-coaster meets a well written soft core porn... I love it. Keep up the good work Cinemax.
  • amazing

    awesome tv show,i cant wait for season 4
  • Good Guys/Bad Guys

    There are three types of people in this series, there are the bad bad guys, the good bad guys and the good guys.

    What a fantastic series, can wait until the start doing a 24 episode series.
  • I LUUUUUUUUUUV this show!!!!!!!!!!

    My review is simple;

    Not since Spartacus has there been a show this good on TV! Every night i stay up too late watching Banshee and have trouble waking up in morn is worth it

    Enuf said....
  • Incredibly intense

    This show doesn't hold your hand. Doesn't babysit neither.

    I am absolutely stunned by some of the fighting scenes. Unlike the typical quick messy half sec edits where you don't even have any idea who is punching who, we get to see a masterfully orchestrated choreography in many of the key fights.

    Some of the scenes are so intense that I don't remember watching anything at that level in neither movies or tv. And that apply to both fighting or non fighting scenes.

    This is triple A show, even underlined by the fact that key actors do come from many different places of the world.
  • Titles = pressure.

    Today, you can tell the quality of a program by its kill scenes, lol. The fight scenes, kills, and general action on Banshee is superior to most TV programs and Movies. Excellent.
  • Entertaining, Great Acting and Intense Action

    I just can't stop watching this show. The locations, actors, is great. The plot is a good one and the action is really intense, while not overdone. I am amazed with how they keep coming up with great plot twists without making the show hard to follow or enjoy. Not really another show like it on TV.
  • my favorite show period!!!

    this show gives the fans what we want week in and week out. the story lines keep progressing at a great pace, I hope the writers can keep it up. my tv experience is ruined by banshee because nothing comes close it, especially from an entertainment aspect . its just on another level. lucas hood is the coolest character on tv today and his enemies are some of the best villains tv has to offer from proctor to chayton to albino to just name a few. the action and fight sequences are top notch stuff I hope this show can go for a long time!!!
  • oh my god!



  • awesome show

    love the show has really good violence in it makes it interesting hope it keeps going and doesn't get cancelled so they can put some stupid lame sitcom

  • Lot of Blood & Sex - Great Direction

    Although Lot of Blood & Sex but the story is strangely amazing and different and the director did a great job.
  • boom!!!wow!!!boom!!!

    So sad to see the path of alan ball. Its pretty much simple, he traded great quality/no shiny action in six feet under for the exact opposite in banshee. Already true blood was a good indicator of the downward line he chose to take in terms of quality. But in the end it probably works out for him, wanted a larger audience and what a better way to do it, than a primitive action series with mediocre acting and dumbed down script. Sooooooo kudos to him, i guess.

    Btw creators should really learn how human muscles work and what kind of effect a sharp object tearing them, does on the human ability to control certain actions. But yeah follow the motto - doesnt matter how *** shit is, if it brings me da moneyh, riiiiiight?
  • Madness Banshee

    Wow... What amazing show, non stop madness. This is just awesome. Getting better and better

    Can't wait for next episode. Excellent work from everyone, great plot, great acting and awesome madness situations. Renew from now for season 4 and 5 please. Keep on going...
  • WOW Awesome Show

    Never saw a show like this. It is OUTSTANDING, great actors, explicit language, violent action and drama, lots of blood and guts, raw sex. Much better than Breaking Bad or 24 and they were excellent. The writers are doing a great job on this show. I love it. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!
  • Something for everyone!

    This show has an atmosphere about it thats independant, DIY feeling yet suberb acting and seriously intense visuals. The quality of that alone keeps me captivated. Fans of drama, romance, action and horror films and shows can all appreciate elements of this series. It feels so down to earth and real though at the same time.

  • Awesome!

    A masterpiece.
  • Not for me

    Everyone their joy I would say And I see this show is wildly embraced by a lot of you but I am at episode 6 and I will lay it to rest I started watching it cause someone said about Ray Donovan that that series was a "Banshee light " Since I loved Ray Donovan I was full of anticipation but..... this is not good enough for me. The acting is rather bad Every episode must have one or two fight scenes He pulls through cause of memories of prison ( homeland ) Needless to say everyone wants to get laid No not for me
  • when is it comming back?

    Seriously when, i was [as Eliseer said in his comment] "jonesing" after seasons 2 i knew i had to wait, you can't rush perfection).

    (i write this at October first '14) iI can't wait anymore, I watched and re-watched the season "binge style" like you do.

    Can anyone tell me any information on dates of 3rd season. or if is any new content in "welcome to banshee" site [looked up

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